I am not really the one for changing up my shampoo, or conditioners for that matter, although I know it’s good for your hair to have a change of products now and again. So when I received a shampoo sample through the post from the lovely girls at SVPR I didn’t really have any expectations for it however to my surprise I have enjoyed using the shampoo and re-purchased another bottle the other week. I’ve worked with SVPR in the past when I’ve reviewed the Organii Shower Gel and I’m now a regular customer of Organii too.


Khadi Hair are an ethical brand made with natural ingredients including sweet almond oil and wheat proteins that help to repair damaged hair and promote growth. All of their products are vegan and free from peroxide, ammonia, preservatives, synthetic and artificial colours or dyes. Khadi Hair are also organic and BDHI certified. BDHI is an European certification that ensure their products only use natural and organic ingredients and ensures that animal testing is forbidden during the stages of production. As an ethical brand, they follow the fair trade guidelines to ensure there is no child labour in its supply chain and are committed in helping to grow the rural employment in India without harming nature.


I received a full sample of the Khadi Amla Ayurvedic Shampoo (£11.90). The first factor I noticed was the scent and to be honest it did put me off using it at first because I really didn’t like it. The scent smells really natural but not sweet or floral, luckily it doesn’t linger on the hair that much and after using Lush’s Veganese Conditioner its not so bad. There are five natural shampoos to chose from all with specific factors to help a range of hair related problems.

The shampoo I received was specifically aimed at providing volume and adding shine back into the hair. Although it promotes and support hair growth, I haven’t seen a difference but I have noticed a difference in hair breakage. Before introducing this shampoo into my hair care routine, my hair used to fall out a lot. I have noticed that it feels a lot stronger and breaks a lot less. The sweet almond oil contains vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which help strengthens the follicle roots. It also has almond and aloe vera to help soften and condition my hair. Although it can condition my hair, using a separate conditioner after washing makes my hair feel a lot softer and cleaner.

Have you tried Khadi Hair or any other natural shampoos before? What’s your thoughts?

 The shampoo was sent to me to review however this does not effect my thoughts of the product and the brand themselves.