Reading for me isn’t something which comes naturally. I struggle with dyslexia on a daily basis, so having to deal with university and the amount of reading which goes into it just sucks the fun out of other books. However, over the years I have done my fair share of book shopping and fell under the trap of wanting to read it. While some have managed to read them within a day or two, maybe even a week, it’s took me about a month and a half read it and understand what the book is trying to tell you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading as much as the next person. Today, I will be sharing with some of my favourites.
  • The Fault In Our Stars by John Green – How can this book not be in my top four?! It’s probably the first book which I managed to sit and read all the way through over the course of two weeks while attending college. I loved every minute of it even though I did need to go and re-read bits of the book. I went to see the film on my birthday and again loved that. Me and my cousin’s girlfriend, Rachael, were both in tears at the sad parts.
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo – When I have tried to explain this one to my friends, they just didn’t know what I was going on about. I found the book thrilling and enjoyable and was a really moving read. It took me away from reality and as though I was in a completely different world while I was reading it. I really would recommend this one!
  • How To Speak Dragonese by Creddida Cowell – Again, another childhood favourite! I remember going through an “I love dragons” stage at one point in my life. This was one of the books which I got along with a how to draw a dragon which included lots of step by step guides on painting and illustrating a dragon using computer software.
  • Girl Online by Zoe Sugg – Okay, so this one is cheating slightly as I haven’t quite finished it but I am getting there slowly. Since the release date on November 25, I have been deep into this book, working my way though the pages slowly. I have recently reached Chapter Five and can really relate to some of things which is happening in the book which makes it all the more interesting.
What are your favourite books? Do you have dyslexia too?