I’m usually standing right next to the coast with freezing toes even if I have two pairs of socks on and god knows how many layers but this year I’ve moved far away from the coast. It was still freezing cold though! Mark and I headed to Shrewsbury’s Firework and Bonfire Spectacular at Greenhous West Mid Showground and let me tell you it was a completely different experience. Firstly there was an option of two firework displays; one at 6.15pm and the other at 7.45pm. We did want to go for both however we stayed for the first one because it was rather cold and it meant we could catch the last bus back home.

The display was aimed for families and young children however it contained so much colour and was spectacular. It apparently had less bang but I thought it was really good. Not only was there firework displays but there was also a bonfire which I personally haven’t experienced. It was nice to have somewhere to stand which warmed you up a little.

As well as fireworks and the bonfire, there was a tent which had sparkler’s for children, a live music stage, funfair rides and plenty of food stands to choose from. There was a small fee to pay to get in however all the proceeds went to the Shropshire & West Midlands Agricultural Society Charity “The Rural Charity”. Overall I really enjoyed doing something completely different to celebrate fireworks evening.

Are you doing anything special for bonfire night? Do you enjoy watching the fireworks?

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