You would just need to take one look down my Instagram page to understand how much I love a good bath but nothing is better than a lovely bath product whether that be bath bomb, salts or bubble bath to put in to make it bubbly, glittery and smelling amazing. Naturally, I was jumping for joy to find out that there was a Bomb Cosmetics stand in one of the cute gift shops when I went to Centre Parcs earlier this year. You can read more on that here. I couldn’t help myself and ended up spending quite a bit of money…


The first thing I noticed was the Cherry Bakewell Candle and oh my it smells amazing! Can anyone remember those cherry drop sweets? Well that’s what I think about every time a sniff the candle. I have started to burn this every time I’m feeling a bit down as the scent is so uplifting and lingers in the atmosphere for so long. Usually I can wake up the following morning after burning the candle on the evening and still smell the sweet, cherry scent in the air.

The bath mallows is what caught my eye next. I love how cute and dinky they were and found them extremely softening on my terribly dry skin. Chasing Rainbows has a lovely mix of pure butters, patchouli and clary sage essential oils as well as fruit notes of blueberries and black grapes whereas Sweet contained ylang ylang and chamomile essential oils which made the bath really relaxing after restless night sleep or a busy day. The bath mallows contain cocoa butter which means they are brilliant for dry and sensitive skin and fizz slowly in the water.

I also picked up Cherry Aid Brûlée which is similar to a bubble bar from Lush as it can be used up to six times, however I just dropped the whole entire thing in. Similar to the bath mallows, it had bergamot and chamomile essential oils to help you relax and drift of to sleep after having a bath as well as natural butters to soothe sensitive skin. Although it didn’t do much in the terms of a stunning bath display or anything, it left my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. The scent was extremely creamy and it felt very luxurious on the skin.



Cherry Aid Brûlée – £3.49


I picked up four of the bath blasters which were: Bomb-Jamin Button, Night Owl, Raspberry Pav-lover and Strawberry Sunrise which all smelt so good.



Raspberry Pav-Lover Bath Blaster – £2.99

Raspberry Pav-Lover had a lovely raspberry, fruity fragrance with cocoa butter to make your skin feel moisturised and soft. The ylang ylang and bergamot oils uplifted your mood and the sweet scent lingered in the bathroom all day after I used this one. It fizzed really quick and made my skin feel soft however unlike the Lush bath bombs it didn’t make a huge performance in the bath.


Bomb-Jamie Button Bath Blaster – £2.99

Bomb-Jamin Button had clary sage and cedarwood essential oils that help uplift your mood. Much like Raspberry Pav-Lover, it made my skin feel super soft and nourished and this one turned the bath water a beautiful shade of lilac.

I haven’t used Night Owl which has rosemary and lavender essential oils which I think will be amazing when I am struggling to sleep. It also has a white musk scent to it making you feel relaxed. Nor have I used Strawberry Sunrise which has much more of an orange scent with the pure mandarin and neroli oils to help uplift your mood. I picked this one up as I thought it would unusual to the bath bombs that I usually get from Lush however I was a little bit disappointed that it didn’t smell of strawberries. I will be sure to let you know my thoughts when I have used both of these.

Overall, I really liked the bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics however personally I would choose Lush over them. I think any of their products would make a lovely gift for someone as they don’t just offer customers bath bombs. The candles last for such a long time so I would definitely consider buying another one in the future. They are a really affordable brand so they would be your best friend if your on a budget like me and their customer service team is lovely too. Oh and did I tell you that they were cruelty free? Well, they are.

Have you tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before? Let me know what your thoughts are.

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