Nowadays writing a blog is popular however when I started reading blogs it wasn’t heard or spoken of. I started The July Journal out of a passion for beauty and skincare, mainly from Lush and Barry M however Behind The Student was started out of force. It’s not really something I would like to carry however it is something I am rather interested in including over here. In case you didn’t know what goes on at Behind The Student, it is a blog aimed a PR and media students talking about a number of different topics including social media and various campaigns. Personally I think it is something many bloggers are interested in, I know I certainly am.

On the flip side, there are so many amazing bloggers who inspire me. Their work ethic is full of passion and I find these are the best kind of blogs because their hard work really does show. They spend their time engaging with their audience and enhancing their skills whether that be photography or writing (perhaps even both). Today I wanted to give you some words for thought on why I love the blogging community and why you should be apart of it…

1. It is a place to share your passion, whether that is food, travel, beauty or photography. You can create unique content any day of the week.

2. There is no rules in what to write, say or do. Your blog is your personal space. Write whatever you want, include whatever you like to include and make it yours.

3. Bloggers are taken seriously! The amount of opportunities that are available are amazing and so exciting. Bloggers are dedicated to their work and that’s why brands know they will get the promotion they need in the right way.

4. There is space for everyone. Even though there are 1000+ of blogs on the internet, there will always be space for new people.

5. It’s hands on experience for improving your skills. I know that I am a terrible writer especially when it comes to academic essays but I have found writing my blog has made it easier. It’s the same for reading. I hated reading a book when I was in my earlier teens but reading blogs on a Saturday morning is my new favourite thing!

6. Blogging can lead to further creative opportunities. You only need to type in to the search bar ‘Zoella’ and it will bring up her skincare line and latest book news alongside her YouTube channel and blog name. Ella from ‘Deliciously Ella’ has created her cookbook and even the smaller vegan YouTube channels have brought out ebooks full of delicious recipes. It’s like their is no limits to blogging. Use it on your CV, it might even get you that dream job your after.

7. You can meet some amazing people who are there for you through thick and thin. I am one of those girls who have more blogging friends across social media who I talk to daily then real-life friends. That might seem weird at first but they are truly experts at giving advice. It is definitely one of my favourite things about blogging.

Have you got some favourites that inspire you? Is there any blogs you read that really shows their passion? Why do you love blogging? I’d love to hear your thoughts!