I like July. July is definitely my favourite month. It used to be down to the fact that school finished for the Summer holidays. All of the coursework for college needed to be handed in and you didn’t need to think about it again until September. But all of that is insignificant because my birthday is more important! It’s on Friday, by the way...

I’ve had my eyes on a lot of things this year but for the past two weeks, I have stopped myself from spending any money unless I really needed it like deodorant or chocolate. Every girl needs chocolate, okay?! Of course all I really want is to spend the day or, in this case, weekend with my family and Edd having a lovely time and eating a lot of cake but your not human if your not wanting something materialistic. I thought I would put together some kind of wishlist of all the expensive things that I really really want but probably won’t have the guts to ask for because I’m nice like that.

Birthday Wishlist

Of course the first thing that springs to mind is a holiday somewhere in Greece where it’s lovely and hot and I can spend my time sipping cocktails alongside the pool but I reckon this is a long shot as I’m saving every spare penny to move out or to finally learn how to drive. I’ve never really been a reader up until this past year or so when I have really loved buying books and reading them. Most of you are probably going to be shocked by this statement but I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. I remember getting them when I was younger but never read them. The ones I have currently are really old and worn out so I’ve been after a new box set for a while now. The other miscellaneous item that I have on my wishlist is the Little Miss Blogger mug, I don’t know why but I just love it. There’s quite a few makeup bits that is on my wishlist too. These include the oh-so-famous Better Than Sex mascara, the Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette and the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set.

I have been wanting a watch for as long as I can remember! I did like the classic rose gold Michael Kors style watch until I came across this little Olivia Burton number back in March. I love the woodland bunny illustration on the face of the watch but the next best thing is that it has a vegan friendly synthetic leather strap. It’s absolutely beautiful! The other watch that I have been looking at is, of course, Rose Gold iWatch. This is probably the gadget side of my personality coming out but I just love the idea of being able to pay for something with your watch or text someone form it. I’ve been told you can even look down Twitter from you watch! I can remember talking about it last year in a seminar at University and not being to keen on the idea but for the past six months, I haven’t been able to go into an Apple store without having a play around with one.

Finally, I’ve been thinking of investing in a new camera for quite a while now. I love my Canon 600D but I’ve had it for the past three years now and it’s really starting to show. The automatic flash doesn’t work. I’ve lost the cover to my original lens and the viewfinder is all horribly dirty. I’ve been thinking about simply upgrading it to the Canon 700D but I’m not sure whether I’m ready for that yet. Over the years of running my blog, I have fell in love with photography and learning more about using manual settings so it might be worth the investment.

Is there anything on your wishlist at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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