I’ve been meaning to post about my bedroom for a while now and I’m finally feeling happy with how it is. I was wanting to create a space where it was like a safe haven that I could relax and unwind in, and I think I’ve got it down to a tea!

This room has been my childhood room with pink and yellow colours and plenty of Barbie merchandise. It’s grown with me to a wonderful relaxed space where I can read a book, binge-watch Netflix, experiment with makeup before work or get a good night sleep.

The main feature in this room of course, is my bed! I’ve been after the Brimnes Double Bed for years and I love it. I brought it when I moved into my flat and really wanted to bring it back, I’m super happy that I did. I love how much storage it has: the sides can fit an array of things in such as books, glasses and TV remotes whilst the drawers underneath are home to sentimental things and bedding.

On the sideboard, I usually have a range of cups, glasses and empty yogurt pots but I thought I better have a bit of a tidy for the images. I keep my Company magazines and Penelope the plant alongside some sentimental pieces that I fit think the aesthetic of my room. I was kindly gifted the piano from my Grandma before she passed away and the old Dairy Milk tin was from a Christmas years ago which had little Cadbury chocolates in. I’ve tried to keep it quite minimalistic so I don’t feel as though it is cluttered.

Down from my bed, I keep an array of cushions, my Build-A-Bear from Mark, my special teddy from my Grandma and a microwavable teddy which is perfect if you have really bad cramps. I keep them at the bottom of the bed because it means they very rarely go down the side. It’s just laziness and saving myself some time in the mornings because I hate doing my bed. I usually have some pastel, geometric Primark bedding on however this particular set is actually something I picked up from New Look in the sale for £7. They are usually about £25! 

The one thing I’ve always dreamt of having in my room is a beauty vanity desk – it’s like the piece of furniture that I never knew I needed until I got it. I saw this CherryTree Dressing Table with Stool and Mirror Set and I was sold! Not only does it fill the space perfectly but it is a perfect home for my makeup brushes and my everyday makeup that I try and switch up a little bit, hair accessories and medication. It wasn’t even that difficult to build because the instructions were so clear.

The heart decoration is made by a lovely lady called Rebecca who owns Seaglass Jewellery & Art. I met her at the Whitley Bay Carnival, it’s made out of sea glass and jewels. I picked up the Honey Bee Jar from Next last year and keep my Winnie The Pooh collection in. If you haven’t watched The Tigger Movie before then I highly recommend it. I’ve stored my face brushes in a Starbucks London Mug whilst my eye makeup brushes are kept in my Chip Mug that many people have brought from Primark.

Alongside from my vanity table, I have a bookshelf with plenty of DVDs that I can watch when I want to relax before bed, a floor length mirror that was super affordable from The Range and a bedside table that I covered in Marble Self Adhesive Film from Wilko. I think it’s a great way to up-cycle a piece of furniture! On my windowsill, I keep family photos and a tin full of shells that I’ve collected from plenty of beach walks. The rug is actually from B&M Bargains which I think goes lovely with the colour scheme of my room.


Underneath my TV storage I keep my Playstation 4, Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys collection which I got whilst in New York, the Harry Potter book collection, all my fragrances and some Pandora bags that I just can’t get rid of, my Harry Potter Chess Set and the Spiderwick Chronicles and Narnia book collections. Similar to the rest of the room, I’ve tried to keep it simple and not cluttered full of things.Above my Alex drawers is my Crosley Player which I am so in love with. I also have a white wire frame which I clip Instax prints, blogger event photos and some images that I got from Printiki. Don’t forget you can also use my discount for free delivery:7S74Q57. My recent addition to this collage of prints is the Whitley Bay print which I got from Sea Tern Prints that was at the Whitley Bay Carnival. Again, the company is run by a lovely lady called Michelle who specialises in etching and monoprint.

Along the wall is some cube storage with another chess set however this is one I brought back from a holiday in Greece, a Jo Malone bag with various samples in, a fake succulent plant and an Egypt hieroglyphic glass ornament. I tend to keep photo albums, candles and other sentimental things in the first two cubes and the others are used for storage. My prints are from Desenio which you can read more about here.I think I’ve created a perfect space which I love. It’s definitely not minimal but I like that it’s tidy and not too cluttered so I can easily relax and unwind in my space. Personally, I can relax easier when things aren’t so messy but I still like to have a bit of ‘life’ around my room. Considering it is such a small space, I think it works really well together.

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my bedroom! Has this post given you some ideas for your room?

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