As part of my holiday, Phill and I got to spend some time in London. This is definitely one of the parts of the holiday which I was most excited about. We had a whole day to spend in London which I will go into more detail about this week. For now I thought I would show you some snippets of where we stayed.

Phill’s dad was kind enough to let us stay there for two nights. It had a lovely balcony which I sat on every morning and evening when we were there. I literally felt like I was living my dream while I was there. The weather was on our side as well providing sun for us both all weekend. Thanks Mother Nature! On the Saturday night, his dad cooked us all some delicious salmon, rice noodles and broccoli with that Philadelphia garlic and herb sauce. It gets a massive thumbs up from world’s fussiest eater aka me!

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Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!