I know that I am late to the party but I finished reading It by Alexa Chung the other day and realised how much of an inspiration she actually is! Not only was her book down to earth and such an easy read but she is one of my new favourite style icons.

She writes in her book that there are five items in her wardrobe that she can’t live without which included a navy blue jumper and ‘boyfriend-fit’ jeans so I raided my wardrobe and found something similar. I think this style of outfit is perfect for the weekend. Most of us have two days off to enjoy spending time with family, friends or alone time so you probably don’t want to spend half the morning getting ready. You can’t beat just throwing on a pair of relaxed fitting jeans and a jumper or tee. Grab your essentials, hopefully that will include a pair of sunnies, and you are ready to enjoy your weekend. Speaking of which, have you got any plans for this weekend? I’m off to see Toy Story 4 at some point and I bet you that I am going to cry but it is a childhood favourite so I just can’t miss it!

Photography: Ciara Armstrong

Did you know that she has recently collaborated with the British heritage label Barbour? It’s re-discovering the brand’s classic outwear resulting in coats, raincoats, a hat and tote bags that are a creative mix of traditional design and Chung’s personal style and humour. Personally, I think the collaboration couldn’t have came at a better time with festival season just around the corner.

What’s your thoughts on Alexa Chung? Do you find her an inspiration or is she one of your style icons? I really want to start writing more fashion content on my little space so let me know if this kind of thing takes your fancy.

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