Life update: I have a work experience placement! I know it’s all very exciting and so far I am enjoying it so much. Last week I got the chance to attend Chloe’s workshop to see what it is like being in her shoes for the day and I honestly felt so motivated and inspired. Already Chloe has made me realise that I definitely don’t want some boring office job experience where they ice it as being a PR internship but your learning how many people have sugar in their tea/coffee or what type of biscuits is the teams favourite. However, today’s post isn’t about me. It’s about what I have learnt at this workshop.

As guests walked in, they were greeted with these lovely welcome menus explaining what the afternoon will include, some wild flower seeds (I found out that these were to represent how to make your marketing strategy grow), a lovely display of flowers and of course Haribo sweets.

There was a lot of people from various business backgrounds that attended the event. I certainly wasn’t used to it but I felt comfortable. The workshop was funded by the Skills Funding Agency who plan events like this one to improve skills for the workforce.

So let’s move on to what I learnt at the event:

  • You only need four words: creativity, resourceful, credibility and visibility.
  • The art of marketing is letting a specific group of people know about your business by telling its story using websites, social media, blogs, email, newspapers, magazines, leaflets etc.
  • Success differs depending on the person. It can be anything from thriving social media, brand experience, brand reputation or higher sale figures.
  • Marketing can be fast paced! So use what you love to help your brand, have fun with it!
  • Your social media brand voice can build followers and wins like-minded clients however you need to think about the character, tone, language and persona that you decide to post on social media.
  • Always have a plan B target market because there’s always a demand for your product and services.
  • Content Is King” – The content that you publish is going to help build credibility and visibility. You need to put out content that is worth something.

During the workshop, Chloe also shared two other pieces of information which I thought I would share with you as they have really left me thinking recently. One of them is a video similar to this one which I urge you to watch. Some of statistics are rather interesting I believe.


The next is a little infographic which describes social media down to the tea (or in this case the donut).

What’s your thoughts on social media? Is there anything that you agree with from what was taught at the session? I would love to know your thoughts!