I have never heard of Allard’s Lounge until one of Edd’s friends mentioned it as a place to go to celebrate Christmas and New Year. When looking at the menu, it’s safe to say there is a wide range of foods for everyone and all reasonably priced too which makes the place even more inviting.

Situated in Tynemouth, the restaurant looks modern but vintage chic with a touch of class from the outside and the aesthetic continued on the inside also. With high ceilings and gorgeous decor, it made the restaurant feel welcoming, friendly and a tiny bit edgy.

After spending a reasonable amount of time eyeing up just about everything on the menu I decided to go for the Sweet Potato Fries with Crumbled Feta and Honey and the Crispy Mac ‘n’ Cheese which came out sizzling hot. They were both from the Vegetarian Tapas menu and both tasted delicious! Edd went for the Exotic Burger which he really enjoyed and a couple of Edd’s friends went for the Vegetarian Paella which was enough for a group of four people and suitable for vegans. I have to admit it did look pretty tasty and if I was to go again, I would probably try that.

For dessert, I went for a Rich Chocolate Kinder Creme which was layers of vanilla cake mousse with chocolate sauce in between. It was delicious but I think there was other options that I would go for in the future which are much more indulging.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal out with Edd and his friends to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. I really do get quite nervous when these things occur but in the end it’s always such a great night with a lovely atmosphere and some really nice people.

Have you ever been to Allard’s Lounge?

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