Hello again!

I’m Yasmina and this is the obligatory ‘about me’ page.

I’m a Freelance Digital Content Creator & Photographer. Freelancing has given me an amazing opportunity to explore an assortment of skills and techniques, if you would like to check out my work or browse my services please visit; https://yjmcreative.com/

As for me personally, I’m a Northern lass in my late twenties and a chippy tea is a staple dinner in my household. I am dyslexic and have completed my FdA in Fashion Retail & Enterprise which taught me a huge deal about managing my learning difficulties and thriving in a creative environment.

Since this blog’s conception in 2014, my site has seen a consistent ebb and flow of weird and wonderful musings on society and my experience of it all. From beauty reviews to body confidence mantras and everything in between, this online space has been a little slice of happiness, honesty and self-indulgence (although I hope my readers get some enjoyment out of it too!).

Being open about my personal struggles on this blog has been incredibly liberating and I’ve found speaking honestly about issues such as depression, anxiety and my experience of coming out has opened my eyes to an incredibly supportive community – and for that I can only say thank you. 

I would love for you to become part of this support network and feel like this site is a safe space for you and me to relate, escape or confide in each other. If you read anything on this site and would like to talk further about it please drop me an email (hello@yasminamagdy.com) or DM me on my socials (@yasminamagdy_). 

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What to do next?

My "day job" is YJM Creative. This is where I offer social media management and digital content creation including photography and editorial print design. It's also home to my portfolio which I like to share with prospective employers. If you would like to find out more about how I can help you or your business or perhaps you just fancy a browse at a couple of things I've been creating, head on over to YJM Creative