Could there be a better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than a Lush haul of all your favourites? I don’t think so! I was running low on my Lush stash recently; all my drawers were looking quite empty so I thought I would stock up on a few of my favourites. It has a variety of bubbleroons and calming bath bomb to haircare and sweet scented shower creams – let’s just dive straight into the deep end, yeah?!


I really did push the boat out when it came to stocking up on bath bombs. I picked up my all time favourites; Intergalactic, Blackberry and Avobath. Experimenter was next into the basket as this was one of Oxford Street’s new releases last year which I was most excited for. I love the colours that fizzes away from the unique bath bomb but as a fair warning the final colour display is a bit disappointing. I also picked up the Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon. Jessica, a lovely sales assistant at the Newcastle store, suggested the Green bubbleroon with Avobath so I couldn’t not pick one up to try with it. I’ll let you know my thoughts. All of the bubbleroon’s have cocoa butter in the formula making them super moisturising on the skin and leaving it feeling soft and silky.


Next up is American Cream Conditioner. I had the small bottle of this conditioner to try out before committing to buying a bigger bottle and fell in love straight away. I have tried a fair few Lush conditioners including: Jungle, Veganese and Retread and non of them quite pushed the boat out for me until I tried this strawberry milkshake scented goodness. Not only does it smell so good but it has left my hair feeling soft and nourished over and over again. I have heard those with thicker hair really struggle to get on with it but luckily enough that’s not the case for me. I also picked up The Comforter and the Yuzu And Cocoa shower creams because they are my all time favourites and smell as though you have just walked out of an old village sweet shop. Are you sensing a theme yet?! Mask of Magnaminty was another product that I picked up however I left it in the fridge while photographing all these. Oops! If your someone who breakouts in horrible pesky spots or deal with red skin then I would highly recommend you giving it a go. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and does wonders to breakouts.

Finally, I picked up Monsters And Aliens. This is something that I have been wanting to try for ages, not really this one in particular but one of their Fun bars. You can use them for literally everything; whether that be washing your hair and creating bubbles in the bath to cleaning yourself in the shower or making funny little creatures out of them – much like Play-Doh. This one has vanilla absolute, patchouli oil and black pepper oil making it a really warming and uplifting but still quite a calm scent to use in the bath.

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently? What’s your favourite out of my collective haul? Let me know what your favourite products are from Lush.

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