You have probably guessed by now that Lush is my favourite shop ever! I could actually spend hours in there if I had the time. Unlike some of you lucky girls and boys, I wasn’t able to get onto the Lush website for the Boxing Day sale so over January I have been treating myself to a fair few of my favourites.

Lush Collective Haul

Whilst at the Newcastle store, I managed to pick up a couple of the Cinders bath bombs from the Christmas range. Cinders is one of my favourite bath bombs because it picks you up out of a rubbish mood, the popping candy helps with this. I also picked up Blackberry, Avobath, Sakura, Yoga Bomb and Ickle Baby Bot. I haven’t had Ickle Baby Bot for such a long time but I can’t wait to use him. Even Edd thought he was rather cute. I also treated myself to the Big Bang Bubble Bar. I haven’t tried this one yet but I can imagine it is really refreshing as it has lemon and grapefruit oils as well as avocado butter to make your skin super soft.

Lush Collective Haul

The other day I had my five black pots ready to take back to my local Lush store. Any Lush fanatics will know that you can trade them in and get yourself a free Fresh Face Mask. I decided to go for Cupcake because I have had this one for a long time and I remember it making my skin feel super soft, hydrated and cleansed. I also repurchased the R&B Hair Moisutriser because this stuff helps with taming my frizzy hair.

I also treated myself to a few new products to try so let me know if you want any reviews. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub smells amazing and helps with the cold, dark mornings. The formula has refreshing and uplifting lemon oil and orange flower absolute. The scrub claims to add shine and volume to hair which I am looking forward to trying out. Happy Hippy Shower Gel is another morning saviour with grapefruit juice and bergamot oil that help to uplift your mood. Finally, I have wanted to try Retread Hair Conditioner for quite some time now. I have used the Jungle Solid Conditioner before but haven’t fell in love with the product. My hair is so thick and dry that it needs some little extra love. Retread includes jojoba, avocado and extra virgin olive oil to add moisture and shine. Cantaloupe melon is mixed in the formula for its cleansing enzymes while yogurt and soya milk give protein to the hair and add extra shine. All of these ingredients should help strength the hair.

What’s your favourite Lush product at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.