What better way to kick off a Sunday morning than with my own Christmas List. I have had my eye on a lot of beauty and non-beauty products for about three months now, secretly saving links to the boyfriends computer and jotting things down for friends and relatives.
Not only does this list include some beauty favourites but also some techy bits too! I thought I would get the boring (or not some boring) bits out the way first. Lectures can be a difficult task for me when it comes to writing notes. Recently, I have been having my phone out to write notes but I feel really ignorant to the lecturer. I feel like an iPad Air 2 might be the way forward in this problem. I have seen many people have them out in lectures to write their notes down and I think it would be a really good idea. It also means travelling will be a lot lighter than it usually is with a million books.
Now onto the beauty choices including the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set. I think nearly every blogger has a set of these and likewise I have been dreaming of adding them to my collection. They look so beautiful, and as a brand I have heard excellent things about them. Another dream product of mine is Theirry Mugler’s Alien Perfume Gift Set. I received a sample size at one of the events I have been to and fell in love with it more or less straight away. The other perfume which I have been eyeing up quite a lot is Chanel’s Coco Noir. The two fragrances are completely unique in their own way and I really don’t know which one I prefer. A girl can never have to many perfume’s though right?!
It is now a lot colder in the UK than November was and I always like a good bath around this time of year, especially when it involves some Lush favourites! The Wow! Christmas Gift Box which they do contain nearly every single Christmas Edition product which Lush create including Golden Wonder, Northern Lights and the Magic Wand (all my favourites). To go along side this, burning candles is what makes a relaxing bath even more perfect. Fireside Treats is such a sweet, calming scent which I have wishing over since I found it in Clinton’s the other week.
Apologies for the long one! What’s on your Christmas list this year?