I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is approaching. Surprisingly, I am rather organised and mostly finished all my shopping especially cause I started less than a month ago. October is probably the best time to start. I don’t tend to buy much online but when it comes to Christmas shopping sometimes it’s the easiest way – you avoid all the shops and the hour long queues. I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Amara and asked if I wanted to feature some pieces as part of a gift guide. They are a company that sell luxury gifts and homeware pieces and have such a wide range of items. You can basically do all of your Christmas shopping on one site if you really wanted to. I hope you enjoy the gift guide and let me know what is your favourite product I picked up.

I have been looking for a table to oven dish for a while now so when I came across this one on the website, I completely fell in love with it. The pattern is so gorgeous! I have been using it to make lasagne, pasta bakes and enchiladas but I also think it would look lovely to serve other foods in too.

I am so in love with the Christmas decorations that Amara have on offer at the moment. They have such a cute selection so I obviously had to pick a couple of pieces up to add to my tree decoration collection. The ones included above are: a cotton candy bauble which has a cotton wool top, a cinema popcorn bauble and a coca-cola truck bauble. It’s just something completely unusual to add to your tree this year. I really want to collect loads of different food ones for when I am able to have a Christmas tree in the kitchen.

Finally, I saw this wooden toy gift set which I thought would be perfect for Noel’s Christmas/Birthday present. All of the wooden vegetables and fruit pieces are really good quality and aren’t too big for his tiny hands. It also comes with a little chopping board and pretend knife for imaginative play. I just thought it was such a lovely set which he will get so much use out of for the next couple of years. There are other sets available to like; tea party play set and tool play set. 

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*The products were gifted to me as part of a collaboration with Amara however this does not affect my opinion on the products or service itself.