Have I ever told you how much I love Poundland? Probably not. Since moving Poundland has become one of my favourite shops, not only for food basics and household things but they have a really great range of Christmas treats this year. I thought I would set myself a challenge. I took ten pounds into Poundland to see what I could buy either for my flat or presents for people and this is what I came up with…

Firstly, I found the Naughty Elf who you have probably seen quite a lot on my Instagram. I have been taking part in the Elf on the Shelf challenge and will more than likely do a round up on my blog later this month if that’s okay with yourself. He has been named Bernard, don’t ask why!

The next pieces I found were for my Christmas tree. A beautiful red, glittery star because every tree needs something at the top and some wooden Christmas tree decorations. How cute are they though?! I can remember when I was younger, my grandparents had a stash of these and they were my favourite decorations so when I saw some similar in Poundland – I just couldn’t help popping them into a basket. Can you really complain about 12 decorations for £1 either?!

I found a pack of present decorations which I thought would be brilliant for blogmas photos so you have probably seen these quite a lot on this little corner of the internet. With blog photography in mind, I also found some peppermint candy canes which just scream Christmas in my opinion. I would like to think that it was for blog photos but my stomach was also craving them as well. You could even pop some in with presents or decorate your tree with them.

Lastly, the last pieces were for Christmas presents. I found this record player frame where you can put your own photo in the middle. I think it is such a unique idea and perfect for any music lovers. I also picked up a stocking for Mark’s presents this year. I thought it would be so cute to put his presents in a stocking to keep them all together. Finally, I picked up some cherry liquor chocolates for my aunt cause I know she loves them.

What festive treats can you found lurking in Poundland?

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