So your probably thinking “Yasmina, it’s not even Christmas day yet” but it isn’t the kind of post you think it is. Unless you have a really good relationship with plenty of PRs and brands, most of us bloggers don’t get a whole load of gift sets to feature in many gift guides. Most of us bloggers are probably working on a budget, am I right? I’m also guessing that most of you have probably over-worked yourself and will probably be doing mad dashes to the shop at the weekend to buy the last fews bits. Well, I thought I would share with you what I have actually got for friends and family this year. So if you know your on my immediate friends and family list – please DON’T read any further. You have been warned!

This year, I have made the most of the sales. My local Whittard had a sale on during October and I managed to find the perfect tea pot for my Aunt. It’s a perfect tea-for-one style pot as it has a cup and saucer underneath the pot. I think she is definitely going to make the most out of this pot as she can easily carry up to bed for the weekends when she is wanting to relax a little longer too.

Books are always a great idea to get for various different people. I know my best friend Alice, always loves reading so I’ve treated her to something from her reading list. It’s the same with my mum too. She usually gives me a list of authors that she is enjoying at the moment and gives me the titles of the books that she already has so I can do my own research and find some similar or other books by the same author. I highly recommend The Little Book of Lykke, Everything, Everything and Secrets of The Mad. They are a couple of my favourites!

New Look recently had a buy one, get one free offer on the makeup so I made the most of it and treated my cousin’s girlfriend to a couple of pieces. In the end, I chose a mascara, eyeshadow quad, lipstick and a nail varnish. It was such a good deal because it came to less than £7 which is great for those shopping on a budget.

Another beauty/skincare related present I brought was for my sister. Whilst in the midst of panic mode that the present I originally got her wasn’t going to arrive I decided to treat her to a box of Bomb Cosmetics treats. Considering she doesn’t usually take baths, I found the Shower Mixers extremely useful. They are basically like bath bombs but for your shower and you’ve guessed it, you can mix the scents to the Strawberry and Citrus scented mixers as I think they smell similar to The Body Shop shower gels. I also popped in a bar of Santa Baby Soap as, again, it smells quite fruity. The whole package came to around £8 which I think was fantastic.

You can’t go wrong with chocolate coins. They are the best addition to any Christmas present. On a more serious note though, a nice box of chocolates is always a good shout. I usually go for a generous box of Hotel Chocolat or Thortans Create-Your-Own. If they don’t take your fancy then everyone and their gran loves a classic box of Maltesers. When I was younger Lindt Chocolate Santa’s used to be one of my favourites to receive in a stocking too. There’s plenty on the market when it comes to chocolatey treats!

If there’s one thing that I love gifting friends and family, it is something personal to them. For the longest time now, I have been wanting to give my sister a ‘big sister’ necklace as she got me one years ago for my birthday. Ever since October, I have been on the hunt for the perfect one. I found one on Etsy by a lovely company called Izabellasilver Design a couple of weeks back and I knew a just had to order it. It was personalised with her initial and the birthstone as well as the beautifully designed ‘sister’ pendent too.

I’m hoping this post has given you some ideas. I would love to know what presents you like getting for other people are.

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