Well it has certainly been a hot minute but life has been rather hectic since the Summer. I can’t believe the last post was about my anxiety and how I coped in Manchester on my own for a week. I thought I would start my return back to my old little blog with a bit of a catch up through photos on my camera roll.

September started off with going back to University. My tutor asked me to do a couple of the things with the new Level 4 class including a talk sharing what they can expect for the modules and what I had done last year. It felt so overwhelming at the beginning of this year whilst I was trying to do them but when you look at my work laid out on a table in front of me I am so proud of what I achieved. I also went into a couple of their lessons to introduce them to InDesign and Illustrator.

I made a new friend this month too. Jess is another local blogger who writes at Jessie Loves This. You probably already know her because she is actually the insta-queen out of the two of us. We’ve met up a couple of times and have so much in common with each other which I love and find refreshing. Polly, the owner of Sighh, released new tote bags. I’ve featured the ‘My Everyday Tote‘ but my favourite is definitely the ‘Art Student‘ one. They actually fit an A3 notebook in there as well as the usual rubbish that I have inside mine.

I also went to the Alchemist for the first time ever. There was so many nice cocktails there but I had the Caramelised Rum Punch which looks a bit like the Butter Beer from Harry Potter. It tasted amazing! It was actually a really special date. I had been dating someone since the start of September and this was the night he asked me to be his girlfriend which so was cute. I’m not going to be sharing much of him because I like how private my love life is at the moment for the future references we will call him Mr C.

My cousins birthday is at the end of September and we surprised him with a trip to Ghetto Golf. I came 5th because I kept wanting to take photos instead of concentrating on golf. I absolutely loved the whole set-up of the place. You can tell that so much thought was put into making the crazy golf game really fun and entertaining. The drinks are a bit expensive so if you are on a budget I recommend having one or two to save on the old pennies.

Not much really happened in October but I decided to treat myself to some Dr Martens. I’ve been after them for a while now so I caved. I thought for the price it is going to be an investment. I’ve heard online that most people struggle to break them in but I’ve had no problem and I can honestly say that they have not come off my feet since. They are super comfortable and go with basically every outfit I wear. The ones that I have are the Vegan 1460 Felix Rub Off. They also do student discount if anyone is interested in them. At first I was a bit wary on how they would perform in the rain with them being a vegan friendly leather however I’ve not had any problems at all.

I was also lucky enough to go behind-the-scenes at Pink Boutique. Alice was really struggling for money so she lent £45 off her mum to buy a pack of six dresses. She recruited a friend for the model and listed them on eBay where they sold really quickly. She kept reinvesting the money and did that until Pink Boutique was created. She used her lunch breaks to post orders until it got too much. Alice teamed up with her mum, Jackie, and went full time at Pink Boutique using YouTube tutorials and a lot of googling to get her head around buying, selling, marketing, admin and finances. I would describe her as a Newcastle version of Sophia Amoruso and you all know that I love her. It was such a motivating trip and I felt so lucky to get the insider knowledge. Personally I’ve never bought from Pink Boutique before because I am not a type of person to dress up like the usual stereotypical Geordie gal however they do have some really cool trainers.

One of the reasons I’ve not really had the chance to blog much over the past couple of months is due to the amount of free time that I don’t have any more. Alongside my degree this year, I’ve been doing three different placements. One has been with S Walton Eyecare where I’ve rebranded their social media accounts and made a leaflet and the other two have been fellowships within my University. A fellowship is something that can give you experience whilst at University and you get paid for it. It is a bit like becoming a student rep for your course but it is targeted towards the one you’ve applied to. I’m so incredibly lucky to be doing two this year; the first one is the Fashion Retail & Enterprise Social Media one where I basically manage the instagram account for my course and the other one is with the social media and digital marketing team at Newcastle College. I’m thoroughly enjoying both of them and can’t wait to be able to work in industry to do this as my full time job. I’ve managed to interview some incredible people and some rather skilled and passionate students whilst doing my fellowships.

And in the blink of an eye it was November. November was an extremely busy month! There was an exciting launch which will be featured on my blog sometime soon and there was many good things. First up was the annual fireworks display on the Links in Whitley Bay. Without a doubt, November the 5th is by far one of my most favourite days of the year. I just love fireworks so much (but only when they are used and enjoyed in the correct way)!

I also had the chance to go to Leeds too. Leeds has been a city which was on my wishlist of places to visit for a while. I only went for the day with my degree but thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I was the only student from my class who went so it was nice to spend some time with new people. I fell in love with the different vintage stores and the street art was so cool too. I definitely want to go back to Leeds again to explore some more of it like the art galleries that they have there.

Durham Lumiere came back this year too. I remember going in 2015 where it was extremely wet and rather muddy. I only saw a few of the installations last year but this year I made the most of it. Mr C and I walked round the cathedral and stumbled across a rather interesting and unique musician who looped music. I think you had to be there to get the vibe of what was going on. There was some amazing installations this year but my favourites were: End Over End – a giant, glowing slinky toy, The Stars Come Out At Night – a revolving projection of stars, Spirit – fire alchemists that were in the grounds of the Cathedral, Echelle – a pink stairway into the sky and Mysticète which was a video projected onto the river water showing the story of a whale. Durham Lumiere only comes around every two years so it is a shame I won’t be able to see it until 2021 but I highly recommend going if you are into light and arty things.

In all honesty, I think I’ve struggled to come back because I feel like bloggers are on somewhat of a pedestal these days. It just isn’t like the good old days where you can write because you enjoy it. There just seems to be competition to provide the best photography and get the better brand relationships. Don’t even get me started with the numbers game! I don’t want The July Journal to be apart of that. This was and always has been just a hobby for me. I’m not the best photographer in the world and I’m certainly not the best writer but I want my blog to share aspects of me, my life and what I enjoy whether that’s a cool personal style outfit, a product that I’ve been loving or somewhere that I have been recently.

I love this little space on the internet that I’ve created and although many of you have probably unfollowed or don’t tend to catch up with my posts any more, I created this space for me and no one else. I’m going to really try my hardest to post a lot more on here because this is my favourite thing to do. And for those of you who still pay attention to The July Journal, please bare with me. I’m a year two undergraduate student with dyslexia who also has two placements and a 20hr job but let’s try and recreate my little blog again. I’ve got a couple more posts planned which I’m going to share in the next couple of days but if you have any requests of what you want to see over on these parts then please send me a tweet or an instagram DM.

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