Happy New Year!

To put it bluntly, these past two years have been difficult. My anxiety has been up and down and I am feeling quite uncertain about 2022. In order to inject a bit of positivity into the year ahead I am writing a list of things that I want to achieve over the next twelve months. Here it goes…

1. I’m currently writing this list in November, jobless and not feeling very positive hence why my first one is a job. I would love to be able to have an apprenticeship or just to be able to work in marketing, social media or PR. It’s what I am the most interested in and I am ready to kickstart my career. I’ve worked in many different places for work experience within the industry to the point that I know what I am looking for but the industry has been super busy over the Christmas season that hardly anyone has been hiring, fingers crossed that this changes now that we are saying hello to January.

2. I really want to work on my blog a lot more. I have been quiet on this space ever since I started my degree but I have really enjoyed getting back into writing on my little space. Now I am not promising anything spectacular but I am stripping it back to 2014 when numbers wasn’t a thing. I am going to enjoy posting what I like and hopefully some of you might find something you enjoy reading or find useful. I’m not setting myself a goal because it is just going to be my little space to ramble about my thoughts.

3. I want to live more in the moment. I’ve spoken about this before on my blog but since all the lockdowns have lifted I feel an amount of pressure to publish everything on social media and to say yes to absolutely every opportunity when really you just want to live in the moment sometimes. I’ve stopped taking my phone out on dog walks because I would find myself flicking on social media when really I could be enjoying what is going on around me.

4. I am learning to be kind to myself. I have been keeping a good things journal since March last year and it has done wonders for my mental health. Whenever I have felt a little bit down or rubbish about myself, I have been reading them all and straightaway feel ten times better. Since dealing with depression and anxiety, I’ve realised that even the smallest of things such as getting dressed for the day.

5. I am the worst when it comes to impulsive spending. If I want something, I just need to buy it straight away but I’ve been trying to work on this and want to continue to do so this year. I’ve been putting £15 into my Help To Buy ISA each month which I know isn’t a lot but it is teaching me to save money. Just before December I opened up a savings account and I am currently working out how much I can afford to save each month. I’ve been seeing all these TikTok videos on my for you page with different money saving ideas or challenges so I will probably pick one of them.

6. I want to meet my online friends and explore new cities at the same time. There’s a lot of people who I speak to online who I would love to meet in person. I’ve been planning on meeting my online bestie, Sarah, for months now and I would love to make this happen in 2022.

Have you got any goals for this year? Let me know what you would like to achieve over the next twelve months.

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