I have gone through my fair share of writer’s block. When you have been on the blogging seen for so many years it can be challenging to come up with some fresh and exciting new content for your readers so I thought writing down a bank of ideas will not only help yourself but me too!

So grab yourself a drink, your favourite notepad and a pen and get writing down some post ideas. Happy blogging…

  1. A Recent Shopping Spree – Share what new cruelty free treats made their way into your shopping basket…don’t forget the prices and links too, it may just lead to an exciting opportunity!
  2. Monthly Favourites – A classic post to write letting your readers know what you’ve been loving.
  3. Evening Skin Care Routine – Share your fave lotions and potions that you use before you catch up on your beauty sleep…
  4. Morning Skin Care Routine – and of course you can do the same for your morning routine too!
  5. Wishlist – On a budget? Wishlists are brilliant one for your readers. Not only is it letting them know what your lusting over but it is also giving them a chance to find something for them to buy too.
  6. Face Of The Day (FOTD) – My personal favourites – it also adds new products to my wishlist daily!
  7. Reviews – Share your thoughts on your favourite products that you’ve been brought or sent.
  8. Brand Focus – Found a new cruelty free favourite brand? Let your readers discover them too. Don’t forget to include social media as well.
  9. New Collection – Whenever something new is released in Lush, I want to get my hands on it straight away so I can share my thoughts on my blog too.
  10. Empties – You could even add a mini review of the products that you’ve used up!
  11. Seasonal Favourites – Share  your holy grail products for certain seasons, every beauty blogger looks for new products too.
  12. Shopping Your Stash – This is another good one if your on a budget or running out of post ideas. A lot of bloggers sometimes write these a week before payday when they have ran out of money.
  13. What’s In Your Travel Makeup Bag – Share your travel essentials…you could even split this into skincare and makeup
  14. Haircare Routine – Do you have certain staples that your hair can’t live without? Share them with your readers!
  15. Your Favourite Cruelty Free Bloggers – There are plenty of us #cfbloggers now, share your favourites because it’s always nice to be kind and whoever you mention will make sure to return the favour because we are all so supportive!
  16. What’s In Your Shower – Share your favourite shower treats.
  17. Skincare/Makeup Tips & Tricks – Have you been taught something from your relatives or friends that has changed your routine? Share them with your readers, they may even thank you for it!
  18. Answer The Questions From A Tag – these are really good for starting you off or…
  19. Create Your Own Tag – don’t forget to share it on social media, with your bloggers, with your dog/cat!
  20. Subscriptions – Share what’s inside your subscription boxes, or perhaps your favourite articles in the magazine your subscribed too.
  21. Beauty Dupes – Found something on the high street which is just as good, if not better than the high end product you brought a couple of months ago? Share it! The same could be send for cruelty free vs. non cruelty free products too.
  22. Disappointing Products – Admit why you didn’t like products you’ve previously brought. It’s also a good chance to share products you’ve replaced them with. No one wants to read a fully negative post!
  23. Host A Giveaway – Not only is this really fun to do but it gives you a chance to make a reputation online. I’ve gained a handful of followers that have came from previous giveaways and they have stayed with my blog until this day.
  24. Pamper Evening Routine Essentials – We always love a good pamper, share your ultimate favourites!
  25. How-To’s – This could be anything from: creating the perfect brow or your favourite eye look to a nail art tutorial or a celebrity inspired makeup look.
  26. Your Favourite Nail Polishes, Lipsticks Or Eyeshadows – Round up your all-time favourites or your favourite colours of the season and get swatching!
  27. Interview A Blogger – Don’t be afraid to interview your favourite bloggers, I am sure they will be more than happy to get coverage from you and they will help spread the word about your blog too.
  28. Guest Blogger – A great way to introduce new cruelty free blogging buddies to the scene of blogging.
  29. Share Your Favourite Cruelty Free Posts – Gather your favourites posts from your favourite bloggers and share them in a post on your blog. You could even have a certain theme.
  30. Cruelty Free Resources – Talking about how you find cruelty free products, make a list of the brands that you buy from or want to try in the near future.

Do you suffer from writer’s block? What’s your top tips for fresh new content? Don’t forget to add any of your suggestions below!

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