Today is my birthday! I can’t sit here and say that I’m thrilled about being a quarter of a century this year especially when it felt like only yesterday where I was sipping cocktails on a beach for my 19th birthday but life continues. I thought I would take this time to create a list of 25 things. It’s like a little bit of a recap of what I’ve achieved, things that I have learnt and perhaps a couple of things you might not know about me. It’s definitely a little bit cheesy but hopefully we can get to know each other a bit better…

I started my blog. It’s definitely one of my favourite things that I have achieved to date. When I say it has changed my life, I honestly mean it.

There’s so many places on my bucket list but I’m an anxious traveller especially when it comes to flying.

I am definitely a stay-at-home type person. After moving to Shrewsbury and back up to the North again, I’ve learnt I love my home comforts too much. There’s nothing better than being around your family and living less than a minute away from the beach.

I’ve always had body confidence issues but I’m learning to overcome them now. It’s something that I have struggled with right from an early age but I have curves and I do have places I don’t particularly like about my body but this is me and I’m slowly learning to love it.

The Greatest Showman is the best film that I have watched to date. I’m a complete film buff especially since I treated myself to the Odeon Limitless card. My favourite film used to change on a daily basis but ever since seeing The Greatest Showman it has changed my outlook on life.

I’ve overcome school bullying. I left school nearly nine years ago this year and it’s took me that long to overcome the horrible comments and remarks that I received. In the end, I’m such a stronger person compared to what I was back then and I am so proud of it.

I am a Prince’s Trust award winner. Last year I won the Rising Star Award for the North East. At first I didn’t think it was that much of a big deal but the fact that I’ve won something for how strong I have become as a person is rather fantastic. It has literally filled me with so much confidence.

I’ve taught myself how to use a DSLR. Nowadays I feel pretty confident with my camera skills but when I was younger I had no clue. I never studied photography so I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to use a DSLR.

I’ve learnt to cook meals which don’t actually taste too bad. I’ve always enjoyed baking but I’ve never really been a strong cook until recently.

Social media has always been something that I’ve enjoyed. I would spend hours designing and creating my Bebo and tumblr profiles.

I got into University twice. Okay so I’ve not achieved a degree but I’ve successfully went through the University process two times. I’m actually going to be studying for a Foundation Degree starting this September. I’ll be studying Fashion Retail and Enterprise which I am super excited to start learning about. I might seem a little old for it but I have finally found something that I enjoy.

I have taught myself to enjoy reading. I was diagnosed with dyslexia whilst I was at school and it has always put me off reading until I read The Fault In Our Stars and since then I’ve read some amazing books. Okay, it might take me a little longer than others but I’ve started to enjoy reading books in my spare time. I’m currently reading Wilde Like Me which I am really enjoying.

Mark and I met on a website called Tagged when we were 15 and we’ve talked ever since. We used to send each other love three times a day for two and a half years, cringe!

I have an unhealthy obsession with Spotify. There’s nothing better than finding new music to listen too and Spotify is my favourite app to do this. There are some amazing music artists on the platform that I just love.

My style used to be pretty basic until I started working at New Look. I used to always wear black jeans, converses and some kind of top but nowadays there are a number of different styles I enjoyed wearing including pinafore dresses and jumpsuits which I used to avoid like the plague.

I am such a sentimental person. Do you know those cocktail sticks that you get on holiday? Well I’ve got plenty of them in my memory drawers. I’ve got four under bed storage drawers which are full of cards and childhood memories that I just can’t go through and sort out because I want to keep everything.

99% of my wardrobe is from New Look mainly due to the staff discount but also because it is the only place that I can actually buy clothes that I enjoy wearing.

My dogs have helped me to overcome my social anxiety. When you are out for a walk so many other dog owners come up to you and talk to you about their dogs. It has helped me improve my confidence talking to other people which has helped me grow as a person.

Hareshaw Linn in Bellingham is my favourite place to be. I love how calm and relaxing the walk is to the ‘big waterfall’. As a family, we used to have a caravan and spent every weekend in the countryside.

When Mark isn’t staying at mine I still sleep with teddy bears. I alternate between my build-a-bear that Mark got me which smells of strawberries and one I received as a present from my Grandma when I was three years old, cheesy I know but I actually don’t care how childish that sounds.

I really don’t like the feeling of being drunk or having a hangover now. Don’t get me wrong a love a cheeky little drink now and again but the feeling of being drunk actually scares me and at the tender age of 25, I just can’t hack the hangovers no more.

I love anything related to Harry Potter although I’ve only been to the studio tour in London once and I have yet to see the Cursed Child play – something else which is most definitely on my bucket list!

I’m hopeless when it comes to budgeting and saving money. Anyone who knows me personally will understand that when I have a little bit of money, I struggle to save it. Now that I’m 25, I would love to be able to save and budget for grown-up things like a mortgage and stuff.

I love Greece. There are so many beautiful islands just waiting to be explored. The last time I went on holiday was to Zante and I had such a lovely time. I really want to visit Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes…

Lastly, I am so proud of who I have become. I find myself feeling so much more comfortable in my own skin which is a huge thing for me. I don’t find myself wanting to hurt myself and wishing I was someone different. I am actually a nice person.

This was actually ridiculously difficult to do although it has been something really good for my mind! Even if it’s not your birthday grab a pen or open up your laptop and write down a couple of things you are proud of or achieved during your lifetime. It’s definitely a post I am going to be able to look back over when I am having a shitty day.

I would love it if you could leave one thing you have achieved in your lifetime. Let’s all inject some positivity into each others lives.

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