It’s January 2nd 2019. The start of a new year and at first, I thought about not doing one of these kind of posts but after looking back at last years which you can read here and wasn’t so terrible after all; I think it is semi-important to reward yourself with the things that you have actually achieved in a year. Similarly, to last year, I am still not in the best frame of mind mentally although last year was much worse and this year I have finally found help.

I’ve spent the past couple of days hiding away from the world to get myself mentally prepared to what 2019 has to bring. I’m currently waiting for the reunion episode of the Inbetweeners with a hot chocolate and Bailey’s cause why not?! It’s like a little reward to myself for completing a nearly 5hr cross country journey without feeling anxious. So, let’s have a bit of a reflect…

Last year I set myself a couple of goals: eat healthier, push myself out of my comfort zone and start a YouTube channel, read at least one book per month, meet new friends and feel more confident in front of the camera when it comes to taking outfit photos.

Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way: eating healthier has failed but tonight I am heading to Slimming World in the hope to lose a stone before that holiday I’ve booked in May which I have promised myself for the past four years. I’ve not started that YouTube channel yet, but I have something planned for 2019 so just make sure you are prepared for that.

Although I haven’t done the YouTube thing, I have spent the past couple of months deciding what to do with my blog and where I want it to go so prepare yourselves for some new content.

I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone but not in the way I wanted to. I started 2018 off in Shrewsbury which is why I wanted to make new friends and not long after I moved home. I made some amazing friends before I left which I still talk to regularly nowadays as well as that I also have my University girls that are great for advice, support and a lot of laughs making stressful deadlines a bit less dull. I volunteered as an NCS Support Worker for two weeks of the Summer which was challenging but I felt as though I achieved something, and I also went back to education to study something that I am really enjoying.

There was a time where Alice and I were taking many outfit photos more or less on a weekly basis and I would love to do that again especially because I am so passionate about fashion at the moment, it’s all I like talking about these days. I want to experiment with my photography and get a little bit more creative with the images that I am taking so any North East bloggers out there who are needing outfit photos, holla at me!

Anyway, here’s a list of some more good things about 2018: I have learnt to enjoy reading, I have started doing things for myself and concentrate on taking time out for me, the people I have around me at the moment are great, I have saved £36.61 which I know isn’t much but it’s a start.

Okay, maybe 2018 wasn’t so hopeless after all.

My one and only goal for this year is to be a lot more content with my life than I am currently. I have set myself some little goals that I have written down in my bullet journal, but I don’t want to share them until I have completed them or perhaps this time next year. This year is the one where things are going to be different and I am going to start doing things that I want to do. I’ve even found a way to save a bit of money that seems quite realistic. I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around these past few months. I know I have been a rather bad blogger recently, but this is only my hobby and sometimes I have to remember that. I don’t get paid for a lot of the content that I publish on this little corner of the internet and it is not my full-time job. I hope you stick around for 2019 because this gal is going to be pumping up her social media game because I enjoy this so much and I want to give the internet back something that it gives to me and that is happiness and friendship. Say goodbye to all that edited content cause that can be found on the full-time bloggers websites and magazines and prepare yourselves for better and more journal style posts cause that’s what I like.

Are you excited for 2019? What are your goals?

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