Revolution Soph X Extra Spice Palette

Revolution Soph X Extra Spice Palette

When it comes to makeup everyone has products which is their weakness and for me that is a good old eyeshadow palette. There is just something special about lifting up the lid to see an array of untouched, shades of mattes, shimmers or glitters for you to experiment with no matter what the colours are. You may remember how excited I was when I finally got my hands on the Revolution Soph X Palette (which I still use daily), you can read all about it here. So when I watched her video about the her new collaboration with Revolution, I knew that I needed it in my life.

As you can probably see from the photos, the palette is heavenly and screams Summer nights. It’s a collection of 18 handpicked shades with a variety of shimmers and mattes that are suitable for everyone. Not only did the shiny rose gold packaging catch my eye but the price is super affordable for what you are receiving too. If you are creating a day time look there are plenty of shades to choose from however there is many shades to take your fancy when creating an evening look as well. It is just another palette jammed with a variety of different looks.

I’ve been playing around with the palette since I brought it and the pigmentation of the shadows is absolutely fantastic and the colours come off really bright and colourful. I feel as though the top row of shades are perfect for transitioning whilst the other two rows are for creating the eye looks that you are after. My favourites are definitely: Twenty One – cherry pink matte, Aurora – khaki green shimmer and Sweet ‘N’ Sour – electric orange matte.

Overall, I am highly impressed with this palette (as I thought I would be). The pigmentation is fantastic and it is budget friendly for anyone looking to add a little something to your make-up stash.

Have you got your hands on the Revolution Soph Extra Spice Palette? What’s your thoughts?

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Revolution Soph X Extra Spice Palette

Taking Control Of Your Life Like A #GIRLBOSS

So your probably coming across this blog post thinking I am talking about creating a business for yourself and some ways I am but not in the style you think. There are so many opportunities available for everyone to grab the hands around that sometimes its difficult to know which is the ‘correct‘ path to take. But how do you even begin to work out what’s the right one for you?

When I left school, I felt as though connextions pushed me into making a decision to stay and do my A Levels even though it may not have been the right decision for me. At the time I kind of wanted to go to university but more importantly I had no clue what I wanted to do at all and that’s okay! Skip forward nine years later and I’ve been a university drop out twice and had plenty of jobs that I have either enjoyed or had to talk myself into ‘it’s giving me money’ mindset to get me to actually go to work. It’s so important to be able to try new things so you can figure out what you enjoy and what you definitely don’t want but its also okay to take a long time in figuring this out because it’s YOUR CAREER.

Top, Trousers, Coat, Sandals – New Look, Dreamcatcher Necklace – Lovisa

For those regular readers and followers, you will know that I’ve been working as a sales assistant for a high street store and in all honesty I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it – that in itself has surprised me. I’ve made some friends and learnt so many new experiences with them. I’ve surprised myself with how much I love being able to speak to customers and deliver a service that they will hopefully remember. I also know that I really enjoy the styling, trends and visual merchandising of the store which I would love to learn more information about hence why I’ll be going back to studying the subject at a College close to me.

So your probably going to be shocked to hear that I am actually leaving my retail job over the summer to support my local NCS programmes. I’ve always suffered with low self-confidence and esteem but working with the Prince’s Trust on a number of courses has helped me feel a lot more confident about myself and my decisions which is why I’m looking forward to this experience. For those of you wondering what it actually is; the NCS is a voluntary personal and social development programme funded by the government for 15-17 year olds. I’ve been given the opportunity to become a Support Mentor across the whole of the Summer which I am super excited for but also quite nervous as it will give me a lot of new challenges. It’s something completely different to what I have done before regarding jobs but if I can help one young person come out of their shell this Summer then I would have done my job and that’s what matters.

Okay I realise I’m probably speaking a whole load of garbage so if you have read up to this point congratulations you deserve a cuppa! The point I am trying to get to is that it’s okay to not know what your doing with your life. Yeah, it is important that you need a form of income to live or just buy products to review and feature on your blog or for the internet allowance so we can keep up to date with social media but your happiness should come before that. Not happy with that retail job? Do something about it! Even if it’s voluntarily offering your experience in something that you are interested in alongside your current job because you never know where that will lead. Fancy giving up your job to travel? Do it! You only have one life, your career can wait a couple of months if that is what you want to do. No matter what you chose to do in life you will always be gaining some sort of experience or learning new skills that you may not have picked up previously. A part of us do just want to settle but what’s the fun in just settling.

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Revolution Soph X Extra Spice Palette

Four From The Body Shop

On my last pay day I decided to have a little bit of a splurge on The Body Shop website. I feel like there has been a handful of new products that have been thrown about the internet recently and I wanted to get my hands on some of them myself.

The first product I picked up was the British Rose Body Yogurt. I’ve seen so many bloggers and YouTubers chatting about how amazing the body moisturiser is so I obviously had to pop one in my basket. At the time of making my order most of the scents had actually sold out but I decided to go for the Rose scent. It’s a classic floral scent that I had tried in an advent calendar one year so I already knew I liked the scent. The formulation is a lightweight gel-cream that absorbs onto the skin almost instantly. It left my skin feeling super moisturised after a bath or shower for longer than 24hrs. My skin felt smoother and it surprisingly didn’t feel sticky. Does anyone else really struggle with moisturisers that don’t dry that quickly? The product is 100% vegan and made with rose extract and organic almond milk.

Next I picked the Drops Of Youth Gentle Foaming Wash as I’ve never really heard anyone talk about this facial wash before. I was after a new one as my beloved Soap & Glory Peaches ‘n’ Clean had ran out so I thought I would give this a go. Another vegan friendly product, the face wash is enriched with plant stem cells to leave the skin feeling fresh and nourished. I’ve used it for the past couple of weeks and really like it. You don’t need a lot of the product to wash your face either as it comes out as a foam rather than a liquid. I’ve got extremely sensitive skin so I’m happy that it doesn’t make it feel worse or come out in red rashes which has happened previously.

Lastly I picked up the Banana Hair Mask and the Grapeseed Glossing Serum to improve my hair care routine. I recently trimmed the ends of my hair at Curlz in Whitley Bay therefore decided to take it upon myself to look after my hair a little better. I’ll start with the Grapeseed Serum; it’s designed to moisturise and smooth dull and frizzy hair with the help of grapeseed oil. Firstly the product smells amazing! It comes out in a gel-like formulation to rub in between your palms and apply to the ends of your hair whether that be dry or damp. I usually apply it whilst my hair is still damp. Before my haircut, I could see that the serum was preventing spilt ends however I’ve not really seen much difference. It has, however, left my hair feeling a lot more healthy and nourished compared to before.

The Banana Hair Mask is one of those products that I didn’t know I needed until I have my hands on it. If you are the kind of person who religiously uses a hair mask then I really do take my hats of to you because I always seem to forget after a couple of weeks but I always get super excited to treat my hair to this on a Sunday night. Formulated without silicones and mineral oil, it leaves my hair nourished and so shiny. The added bonus is that my hair is much less frizzy for the whole week after using this hair mask.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop products that I’ve mentioned? What should I try next?

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Revolution Soph X Extra Spice Palette

My Journey To Summer Fashion Body Confidence

Are you excited for Summer? I know I am especially with the weather trying to warm up a little in the North East but not quite matching the rest of the country. I can’t wait to spend the Summer with BBQs, ice cream, beach walks, family time, my birthday and perhaps a holiday. The one thing that I am nervous about is my Summer fashion.

I’ve talked about my body confidence before and it is a rollercoaster of a ride. Just like every other person on this planet there are days I feel really unhappy and want to change everything and then there are days that I can put on that outfit from my wardrobe and feel invincible. Not going to lie, after watching this year’s Love Island for the past two weeks and seeing all those stunning girls in the villa with their slim and beautiful figures, well, it has left me feeling a little bit frumpy. However I am here to tell you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Numbers have no relevance to you. It has no relevance to your style and it shouldn’t affect your body confidence. I’m guilty of “wanting to be a size 10” even nowadays but why do we do this to ourselves? what is a “size 10”? It’s just a number. I have had many conversations with various customers about how we used to be able to get the same size across a number of stores but nowadays that is not the case. You only have to watch Lucy’s video where she tested size 14 jeans across ten different brands to see what the high street stores on doing to society. Just in New Look alone, I’m across three different sizes and in Primark I can only fit into something that is two sizes bigger than my usual size.

Did you know that my friend and I are the exact same size in clothes stores but we have different body shapes and there is nearly a 2 stone difference in weight between the two of us. What looks flattering on you can look completely different on someone else. That’s because every piece of clothing is made different to the other garment. Sizes don’t matter. Do you love the look of those trousers? Buy them and flaunt them!

I have spent so many years avoiding certain clothes including shorts because I was scared of how I looked rather than appreciating my body and just enjoying the Summer months. The other day when I tried on the distressed Mom style shorts from New Look I immediately felt confident and as though I could slay those girls in Love Island because everyone loves a little bit of curve. Yes, my legs aren’t lovely and slim like those that you see on Love Island or even Instagram but I’m never going to look like those girls.

As Alice mentions in her recent blog post; Summer fashion is daunting but do you know what? I’m going to get my sticks of meat out, my arms and legs, and enjoy every moment of Summer for what it is worth. I’m not going to sweat it out in a hoody because I’m scared that people are looking at my arms. I’m not going to wear thick jeans because I am scared of not having those thigh gaps. I am going to forget about the labels and grab the clothes that I feel comfortable in.

If you take one piece of advice from this blog post, let it be:

Buy the shorts or that vest top that you like, flaunt it and feel comfortable in what you wear because you are amazing and Summer memories is much more important than stressing over how you look. Your size doesn’t matter but loving yourself and feeling body positive definitely does! 

Are you anxious about Summer fashion? How are you going to combat it?

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Revolution Soph X Extra Spice Palette

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe Father’s Day is next week?! That’s right on the 17th June, it’s the day to celebrate your Father, Dad, Grandad and everything he has done for you. I don’t know about you but anything that involves presents for men have me baffled every single time. I thought I would give you a couple of ideas which might be a little helpful to you not just for Father’s Day but for any celebration.

The easiest gift that is perfect for Father’s Day is something personalised. There are so many different options available to you, not only online but in-stores as well. I’ve recently talked about a uniquely designed watch from Gifts Online 4U (read here) that I will be gifting this year however they have released a selection of new products including cufflinks, bottles of alcohol, personalised tape measure and even an a homebrew kit. I encourage you to have a look on the Gifts Online 4U website because they do have some wonderful options. The wrapping paper is from Pretty Gifted whom I have used plenty of times before.

Personalised by Ryman is a new range of unique and bespoke gifts that is designed to make someone feel special. You can personalise a selection of notebooks, frames, wrapping paper and stationary. I was kindly gifted a soft cover notebook*, a Parker Jotter pen* and a personalised mug*; the customer service was fantastic and the products arrived quickly which is what I like when ordering personalised products. If you are a student, you can also save yourself 10% with your student discount which I think is brilliant if your on a budget. The products which I received are such good quality for the price especially the notebook.

If your father is into skincare and pampering himself then you could opt for some cruelty free skincare. I know that Nivea, Dove and LYNX are quite popular however non of these brands are cruelty free. Superdrug offer the B. Men range which, personally, I think is quite underrated. The Volcanic Cleansing 4 In 1 Wash* is a brilliant product because it is suitable for multiple uses. You can use the wash for face, beard, hair and body as well as being suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Charcoal products are all the range this year so you could treat him to the Charcoal Face Scrub*. It’s a 3-in-1 product that deeply cleanses, purifies and smoothes the skin.

Bulldog Skincare and LUSH are other brands that are cruelty free. The Prince Shaving Cream is a good option if you know your father has quite sensitive skin. Whilst Bulldog offer a range of products including deodorant, shower gel and moisturisers. You could create a shaving kit in a basket or wash bag to gift on Father’s Day. For an example, it could include: an electric shaver and the B. Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm*.

You can’t go wrong with a mix of food or drinks. Previous years I’ve gifted food hampers with a selection of his favourite foods and coffee. The best thing about this is you can really tailor it to what your dad likes. If your dad is a coffee drinker I recommend looking at Bird & Wild as it’s sustainable, eco-friendly coffee that gives back to charity as 6% of sales are donated back to the RSPB to help protect wildlife and restore woodlands. At the moment Bird & Wild comes in two delicious flavours: Seasonal Blend is medium roasted with dark chocolate tones and bright floral aromas whereas the Espresso Blend is medium dark roasted with a tang of cocoa and fruit ideal for more espresso and milky drinks. You can buy them on Amazon or Ocado so they are super accessible and a really good company to support.

WAKEcup is aiming to end single use cups and bags by introducing reusable, sustainable options. They are made from farmed bamboo, Tryek paper and BPA free plastic which makes it ideal to add into your food hamper present. If you can get to Selfridges London, WAKEcup is offering personalisation of the range from the 15th – 17th June or alternatively you can order personalised products on Not On The High Street too. The WAKEcup includes a bamboo coffee cup, water bottle and tea infuser whilst the WAKEbag include a polypaper bag, tote bag and wallet. They even partner up with eco charity partners, the Marine Conservation Society and A Plastic Ocean, where 10% of all the profits go to.

Another safe present worth looking into is getting your dad or grandfather a pair of slippers. Lazy Dogz are a British designed leading e-tailer of slippers who have also released Beach Dogz for sandals. All their footwear have memory foam insoles and toughened soles. What I love most is that from £1 from every purchase goes to the Manchester Dogs Home. Of course, there are a range of different styles to suit anyone including women if you are wanting to grab a pair yourself. The pair I chose were the Milo Black Sandals*.

Finally you can’t go wrong with a pair of socks. You can walk into a supermarket, clothes store or get a pair in your weekly ASOS order and just know that he will not be disappointed. Is socks just the one thing that men seem to forget or are they just too lazy to buy a couple of pairs themselves? I’ve recently discovered Critically Endangered Socks who are such a lovely company. The company was founded by a lovely man named Dom Desmond who met an NGO called Friends of the National Parks Foundation who protect areas of the rainforest and help critically endangered animals. Last year, he created the company to support some of those endangered animals including: dolphins, leopards, elephants, turtles and orangutans. The socks are made from cotton and bamboo. Bamboo is biodegradable and natural which means they are certified free of any harmful chemicals and kind to allergy prone skin.

The socks above are the Sumatran Elephant* and the Maui Dolphin*. Each pair comes individually packaged in a box with a card to give you a bit more information about the endangered animal which just leaves you feeling as though you’ve done something good for the planet.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for what to get your dad. Have any of these taken your fancy? What have you got in store for your father this year?

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