I Took A Break And Here’s Why

I Took A Break And Here’s Why

Blogging and I have a relationship much described as a rollercoaster. It has those moments where I feel super confident and proud of what I have achieved and then those times where I don’t feel as good as anyone else within the community. I’m not the best photographer or writer out there however I enjoy blogging and that’s what I need to remember. I’m not a competitive person although I do feel guilty when I haven’t stuck to my schedule. I enjoy just sailing through life without a care in the world and that’s why I find it difficult to motivate myself when it comes to writing sometimes but at the same time I feel as though I need to be organised all the time.

I’ve took an unintentional break but I am back now and I just thought it’s about time I filled you in on a couple of things.

The past couple of months have been hectic. March was filled with house things and adjusting to being back home. I had transferred stores and had a whole new team to connect with. I still don’t feel fully myself yet but I’m getting there slowly but surely. The good thing is…I PASSED MY PROBATION! This probably doesn’t mean a lot to some of you but the last retail job I had my manager wasn’t particularly that supportive and my confidence within the retail sector was below 0% so having worked at New Look for four months now I feel so much more confident.

And on the news of adult life things like my job, I decided to start learning how to drive again. I’ve spent many evenings and early morning revising on numerous Learning To Drive apps for my theory. I’ve decided to take lessons in an automatic car as I previously struggled with the clutch, accelerate and break. There is just too many things for my dyslexic brain to handle. I’ll be starting my lessons as the beginning of May with the goal of passing my test by the end of this year. I’m so excited to be able to actually drive at the end of it all and being able to drive to places without relying on public transport all the time.

The next elephant in the room to address is my relationship status. In a recent post, I talked about a break up with Mark but I think what we really needed was a bit of a break. After a week or two of hardly speaking to each other we started texting and having long night Skype sessions again, just like the old days. He came for a couple of days and we decided to give our relationship another go. In the weeks that we didn’t speak I found it super difficult. I suppose anyone would when you’ve known someone for nearly ten years. Right now, I’m as happy as a child on a sugar rush. I can’t imagine my life without Mark in it. The distance is just something that we are going to have to work on in order for us to be together.

Anyway, in short, life is slowly coming together. I feel comfortable being back home and Mark and I are on good terms again, I’m enjoying my job and can’t wait to see where my future lies with New Look, I’m learning how to drive and I have finally came out of my blogging slum.

Here’s to new things!

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I Took A Break And Here’s Why

4 Years Of The July Journal

Four years. Nearly 500 blog posts written. Countless of online friends made. Thousands of photos taken, many deleted. Amazing opportunities and many memories made. It has definitely been a hell of a journey and I still can’t quite believe it.

When I started a blog, this was well before The July Journal, things were a lot different. I was taking photos on a Blackberry phone, never really spell checked my work and had a really rubbish brand/design and blog name. I didn’t have a clue but then again, who really knew what they were doing?! I had a fair few readers, god knows how…

Skip forward a few years and I created this internet place, The July Journal. A place where I can ramble on about everything and anything. An archive of blog posts with many memories and a small readership that I’ve grown to love. I’m so grateful and thankful for every ounce of support that I receive from you guys. I can’t quite believe that something which was created in my university bedroom with my best friend, Sabrina and a couple of house mates has led to opportunities with various beauty, skincare and lifestyle brands. I love it!

Nowadays, my blog posts range from beauty and skincare features, product reviews, lifestyle posts about restaurants, cafes and days out with friends and family. There’s even some motivation and fashion posts thrown in. I love being able to share parts of my life with you and be really honest with you guys about how I am feeling. I want to just be your average girl who you can talk to about anything because I’ve been through a lot myself and I just want to be there for others. This little corner of the internet is my place to create amazing friendships, talk honestly about things that bother me or that’s on my mind without being judged and for you guys to feel happy whilst your here. If there is anything you would particularly like to see more of please do tweet me. 

This blog has changed my life for the better. In all honesty I was such a quiet, shy young person who kept quite a lot of thoughts and feelings to myself. My blog has taught me to open up to people. It has taught me to trust people. It has gave me a hell of a lot of self-confidence. I’ve met some amazing friends along the way including my best friend Alice who also writes a blog at Alice’s Wonder Emporium. It has gave me something to talk about and to enjoy. I can’t remember what I used to do before writing a blog. It has taught me to be my own person instead of ‘following the crowd’. It has taught me that it is okay to have a break from something you enjoy if it’s getting too much. It has taught me that it’s okay to not feel okay all the time.

This blog means the world to me and I’m so bloody grateful for it!

I hope you can come along for the next four years and see even more exciting journeys from me.

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I Took A Break And Here’s Why

My Suitcase Essentials For A Weekend Away

I’ve spent quite a lot of weekends away travelling to and from different places however I have never talked about my travel essentials. The bits that I always pack within my suitcase and never seem to forget. Don’t forget to check out Matalan’s holiday shop for other travel friendly suitcases too. I thought it was about time I share these with you as I’ve just returned from spending a couple of days at my sisters.

The first thing that I always pack is something to read. Reading for the past year has helped me with a lot of things including travel anxiety and relaxing my mind before bed. Whether it’s a magazine, usually Cosmopolitan, or a good book or sometimes both. I’ve been really enjoying John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down recently and the Blogging Made Easy has helped motivate me with blogging recently too.

Headphones are a must for me. I love listening to music on train journeys, before I fall asleep, when I wake up, walking somewhere.

No matter where I am heading, I always pack a bath bomb with me. There’s no better way to feel at home than having a hot bubble bath. This particular one is the bubble spinner; it has lemon, lime and grapefruit oils that help to uplift your mood. I thought it would be really nice for my nephew to help me run it under the bath too as it’s much like a fidget spinner.

A lot of people say that a fidget spinner is overrated but in all honesty I find it so helpful. If I am ever feeling anxious, I like to grab it out and play with it until I feel a little bit less anxious. Having something to fiddle with in my hands completely takes my mind of everything around me. I also recommend the fidget cube too.

The final thing that I always pack is my Canon EOS M10 Camera. It’s such a handy camera that I personally believe everyone should have. You can attach various lenses, it’s lightweight and the screen can be adjusted. I rarely get the chance to see my sister and nephews so capturing moments on camera is one of my favourite things to do whilst I am there.

What are your travel essentials for a weekend away?

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I Took A Break And Here’s Why

Decorating My Room With Desenio

As you guys probably know, I’ve recently moved back home and I have spent the past couple of weeks creating an office/walk in wardrobe space full of creativity and a calming, stress-free bedroom to chill in. The bulk of the decorating is done with just a few more finishing touches to add but it’s lacking a little bit of a personal touch. It’s like it needs the cherry on top of the cake or some art on the walls! I took some time out one evening to add the finishing touches to my little spaces using wall art by Desenio.

If you fancy buying your own, the code “thejulyjournal” gives 25% off posters* between 3rd-5th April. You can follow @desenio for more inspiration! *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months then you will have definitely heard of Desenio. They have hundreds of photos, quotes, wall art prints and a selection of frames to chose from which can inject any wall with a bit of personality. They make the whole selection process of products so easy that it was hard for me to narrow down my choices! One of the website features that I really like is the Perfect Pair feature – it automatically gives you some inspiration of what prints work together and suggests a matching frame, ensuring all your wall art comes prepped and ready to hang. Super handy for those new to DIY or not so good at it like me

The first two prints that I chose from the site were for my office/walk-in wardrobe. The room itself is full of motivational quotes and inspiration to create a work space that I love. I’ve also wanted to go for a slight feminine theme as it’s also my walk-in wardrobe with plenty of inspiration for outfits and styles. I really like the idea of having two prints that sit side by side; one smaller than the other on the top shelf of my desk.

The first amazing photo art print, is a photograph called Black by artist Anna Subbotina. I wanted to portray my love for beauty in some way and I think is was the perfect addition to my office. It’s definitely something that is either a love or hate kinda thing but in my case I think it is amazing and so simplistic! I got this in the 50x70cm however there is an option to buy it in four other sizes.

I’ve had my eye on something similar to the Girl Power poster for such a while now. I love conveying my love for all things girl power so it was only right to get the GRL PWR quote print to go side by side to the Anna Subbotina image. It’s so simple but powerful at the same time  and that’s what I love about it. I wanted to keep the images quite simple as I have a selection of other images above my desk and the room is full of clothes due to my open wardrobe.

My bedroom has a strong calming theme and to coincide with this I wanted to chose a range of prints that I could look at when I wake up or go to bed and immediately feel at peace and relaxed. The Hygge definition quote that I have put above my bed was the perfect choice. The definition, I feel, describes my bedroom perfectly.

The final two prints I brought were the Green Banana Leaves and Green Palm Tree for the wall as you come in my bedroom. I chose these because I feel as though nature is the perfect addition to create a calming atmosphere. The colours within the prints even represent calm and peaceful which immediately changes the feel of the room. They were all super affordable with the prices starting at just £2.95 for the smallest size. Bargain!

If you are on the hunt for some affordable wall art to update your room, flat or home then I highly recommend checking out Desenio for a variety of photos, quotes and prints. Remember you can use the code “thejulyjournal” gives 25% off posters* between 3rd – 5th April.

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I Took A Break And Here’s Why

The Monthly Gratitude List | March

A lot can change within a month as I mentioned in my previous Monthly Gratitude List, you will know I was making some pretty massive life decisions. Well, I moved back up north due to financial and personal reasons. It was quite stressful but at the same I feel like a weight as been lifted. I’m so happy to be around my family and friends now.

Shall we get the terrible news out the way before moving onto the good things? Last month I mentioned how important my boyfriend as been over the past year. This month, it hurts me to say that we’ve recently broken up. Heartbreak is horrible, long and upsetting. I’ve kept off social media for the past week and really struggled to start writing blog posts as well. The words just aren’t coming to my head. With the break up also comes the end of a 10 year friendship which personally I think is the difficult part in all of this. I suppose time really is the best healer.

Okay let’s move on from the sadness. Happy Easter! It’s actually Easter weekend. I’m currently writing this with a breakfast of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and Malteser Bunnies, oops! I think there’s going to be a family dinner later and perhaps a good old Easter egg hunt but I really don’t know what the plans are. I was out for drinks on Friday and Saturday #partyanimal but I’m really suffering for it now. Both nights were really enjoyable and memorable as well. I managed to bond with my new team and had a lovely night out with my cousin and his friends.

Some other little things that have happened this month are: a new walk-in wardrobe/office, lost nearly a stone since returning to Slimming World, started looking at Summer holidays and started to feel a bit more relaxed thanks to the Lush Easter range.

What have you enjoyed this month? Have you got any goals for April?

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