My Chakra Care Experience

My Chakra Care Experience

2018 is the year that I am going to say yes to more opportunities and that started with a back massage which is something that I’ve never had before. Kelly Jones, a massage therapist who runs an at home massage clinic called Chakra Care, kindly treated me to one of her treatments so I thought I would blog about my experience.

Kelly offers massages and relaxing treatments to her customers using crystal healing and products that are chemical free and safe. The products that Kelly uses are all natural, suitable for vegans and cruelty free, her favourite being Hemp Seed Oil which I talked a little bit about here.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never had a massage before so it was a whole new experience to me but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. As you walked into her massage room, it was calming and inviting with fairy lights, candles burning, Himalayan salt lamps and soft, gentle music playing in the background. She made me feel so welcome and relaxed from the moment I entered her home.

I was lucky enough to have the Back to Bliss Massage which is described as an invigorating back massage that focuses on back, neck and shoulders which works deep into stiff, tired and aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension at the same time as easing a stressed mind. She went out the room and asked me to take the top half of my clothing off and go in between two towels. Unusually I felt extremely comfortable which I didn’t think I would. When Kelly started with the massage, I didn’t know what to expect but she was so gentle with me and asked whether the pressure was enough really early on. As the massage went on, I closed my eyes and tired to relax my mind and just think about my breathing to help me unwind. When it was all over, she placed the towel over my back and told me to get up in my own time as she brought a glass of water through.

As well as massages and treatments; she also sells Reiki infused stretch bracelets from Amanda’s Reiki Jewellery. It works on an energetic level and makes for a great healing supplement when used in conjunction with psychological treatments such as the ones that Kelly offers. I was given the Daily Positive Affirmation bracelet which helps with self-esteem and enhances positivity. Each of the bracelets is given with a card that you read to activate its energy.

Overall the experience is one that I could only describe as relaxing and unwinding. If you have never experienced a massage before then I highly recommend giving it a go yourself. It gives you a couple of minutes to just think about you and nothing else which I believe everyone needs from time to time. At the moment, Chakra Care has a selection of offers available for Mother’s Day which I highly recommend treating your mother to – trust me, it’s just what every mother needs right now!

Have you ever had a back massage? What’s your experiences like?

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My Chakra Care Experience

The Monthly Gratitude List | February

February has had so many ups and downs. However after much deliberation I managed to make some massive life decisions. It’s scary but I think it will be a positive experience and means that I can achieve quite a lot with different aspects of my life. I don’t really want to talk about it a lot yet but I’m sure you’ll find out in time.

I have been working for just over a month now and it’s been going brilliantly. I’m actually going to be starting an apprenticeship which I am really looking forward too. The Monthly Gratitude is something that I’ve created for little moments that have happened throughout the month that has been a positive experience so I wanted to talk about a comment that I received from a customer. Just a little bit of a background story; she was trying on dresses and wasn’t sure about the sizes and wanted my opinion so obviously as a sales assistant I told her what I thought. After she had chosen the size of the dress, she came out the fitting room and said: “Your the nicest, smiliest and friendliest sales assistant I have met in such a long time. As long as you keep doing what your doing, I think you will go extremely far.” She passed the comment onto my manager but the amount of self-confidence that I felt after hearing that was so valuable especially because I lack in self-confidence a great deal.

Okay so this is probably extremely cheesy but I just want to give a little mention to my boyfriend. I am so thankful to have him in my life. I love the moments we share together. I love how supportive of my decisions he can be. This year has enabled us to grow so much as a couple even in this short amount of time and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. If your reading this, just remember I love you.

The one thing that has cheered me up is finding a whole selection of new blogs to read. My favourites have been Laura Hadley‘s beauty reviews and her photography is just so good, Beauty and the Bird for her list posts, E L Feelgood’s Vintage who has many posts on supporting bloggers, Rebel Angel who talks about fashion and lifestyle bits and A Literary Cocktail whose book reviews have really encouraged me to start reading again. I highly recommend checking all the girls out if your wanting to refresh your blog reading list.

What have you enjoyed this month? Have you got any goals for March?

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My Chakra Care Experience

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day well and truly out of the way, it’s time to get ready to celebrate how amazing your mother is! In the UK, Mother’s Day is on the 11th March but it’s slowly creeping up on all of us. I thought I would provide you with a little gift guide that might be a little helpful for you. Last year, I had flowers delivered to the door with a balloon and treated my mum to a lovely Indian meal. She loved feeling number one for the day so sometimes it can just be the little things.

Jewellery is always a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with a lovely pair of earrings such as this pair of daisy earrings from Daisy London. I love how cute and dainty they are; and not to mention they are a perfect addition for Spring/Summer. This bracelet is actually from ChloBo and can be the perfect gift for mothers who prefer wearing a little something on their wrist along with their watch but not into statement jewellery. I love how it looks a lot more expensive than the bracelet actually was. I think the pearl elephant bracelet* is just so unique and something different to the usual heart or flower that you tend to see throughout jewellers. I encourage to you have a look on the Browns Family Jewellers website because they really do have some beautiful gifts, especially for Mother’s Day.

If you are on the look out for a bit more of a luxury Mother’s Day gift then you could always opt for her favourite perfume. I think you tend to have two types of mothers: the one who has an array of perfumes that she likes to mix up or the one who sticks to that particular scent and doesn’t really change it up that often. Chanel No. 5 is a popular choice however if your looking for a cruelty free option then I highly recommend checking out the Eden Perfumes. You can actually search which scent would be similar to a non-cruelty free contender on their website and it automatically comes up with one similar. For example when I wanted a cruelty free option to my mother’s favourite it came up with Eden Number Five Floral Aldehyde* a timeless and legendary fragrance made up of a floral bouquet of flowers.

Another perfume line that you could also look at if your wanting something a bit more luxurious is Clive Christian. They have a range of exquisite fragrances crafted with rare and precious ingredients. I had a bit of a look into them and realised that they are actually cruelty free. You could also take a look at The Library of Fragrance, my personal favourite cruelty free perfume brand. They have a lovely selection to choose from. My current favourite is Fresh Laundry however I have tried and tested plenty of their scents.

If your mother is into beauty and skincare and your rather confident with what she likes then you could treat her to a Latest In Beauty ‘Build Your Own Box’*. They kindly let me try out their Beauty Guru Package which meant I got to choose nine products to put into a perfectly gifted box. They have three monthly options available: The Beauty Guru (£18) for 9 products, The Beauty Enthusiast (£15) for 6 products or The Beauty Novice (£9) or 3 products. It’s free delivery on all of the box subscriptions and you can cancel at anytime. Rather than subscribing to a monthly box, you can also pay as a one-off payment which can be a lovely treat for Mother’s Day.

There’s a lovely range of products available and after some research I manage to choose nine cruelty free products. The products I went for were: Being by Sanctuary Spa Makeup Bag, The Green Parent Natural Beauty Bible 2017, MUA Twelfth Night Winter Shades, Lord & Berry Crayon Lipstick in Fire, Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blush Basin, The Library of Fragrance Spray in Gin & Tonic, Weleda Pomegranate Body Lotion, Amie Purifying Facial Wash and Amie Matte-Finish Moisturiser.

Finally you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. There are so many options available for mother’s so it’s about choosing one of her favourites. A classic option that you could go for is an indulgent box of Guylian’s Belgian chocolates. They are so creamy to taste and melt in your mouth texture that your mum would love with a glass of wine in the evening or with or morning cup of tea. There’s an option to go for the classic Sea Shells* or you could try the Guylian’s Mater’s Selection with some rather unusual flavours such as ginger-lime, or caramel with Costa Rican pineapple. Guylian’s Belgian chocolates are available from most major supermarkets.

Hotel Chocolat always have amazing special occassion chocolates too. I picked up their Mother’s Day H-Box which has 14 of the best-loved chocolates including: Champagne Truffle, The Brownie (a personal fave) and Cherry Deluxe.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for what to get your mum. Have any of these taken your fancy? What have you got in store for your mother this year?

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My Chakra Care Experience

How To Dress For The Office

If there’s one thing that I find most difficult, it’s dressing for work especially now when I am working in retail. However, when it comes to an office role I found it rather interesting and I found a couple of ways that I could portray my own personal style in an office environment.

Over the years, professionals have relaxed their work wardrobes, scaling back from power dressing suits and monochrome colours. As our lives have become busier, we now need a wardrobe that can do it all — taking us from the office to drinks with the girls effortlessly.

With greater freedom than ever before, how do you nail the perfect professional yet stylish look? Dresses retailer QUIZ is on hand to offer their expert advice.

Dress*  (similar here) – | Boots (similar here) – New Look | Watch – Primark | Bag – Sainsbury’s

The Dress because they are so versatile, dresses are a key part of any working woman’s wardrobe. Dress them up or down for guaranteed style.

Still working with a formal dress code? A midi dress is your go-to style. Stay away from lace, bold prints or bright colours as they can make you look like you’re dressed for a night out instead of a day in the office! Stick to plain styles or subtle prints for versatile looks you can work throughout the year.

If your dress code allows, choose a casual dress. Jumper dresses will work well through autumn and winter when paired with tights and heeled ankle boots. Shirt dresses are another great choice, as their collar will naturally make them feel smarter.

Mustard Striped Top – New Look | Checked Trousers (similar here) – New Look | Bag – Sainsbury’s

Trousers are another option to go for. We might have moved on from the power suit, but that doesn’t mean we’ve ditched tailoring all together. Trousers are having a moment right now, so make sure you have a few great pairs in your wardrobe for those days when you need to look effortlessly chic.

For the chicest cut, choose tapered trousers. They’ll hug your figure and subtly show off your shape, and will look great with both smart flats and heels. Wear your flats day-to-day and switch them for heels for that all-important meeting. Trust us, your feet will thank us!

When the finer weather makes a return, culottes and frill hem trousers can all be worn to the office. Just like dresses, shy away from bolder prints and colours and stick to classic checks and stripes.  

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to pairing with your trousers. For a more casual look, wear them with a loose-fitting plain t-shirt and slouchy cardigan or plain jumper. Loosely tuck the hem of your top into your trousers at the front. To create a formal look, swap the t-shirt for a smart blouse — an embroidered shirt would be the perfect choice for an on trend look.

Floral Print Shirt – New Look | Jeans – New Look | Coat – New Look | Bag – Sainsbury’s

Jeans, believe it or not, there is a place for our favourite denims in our workwear wardrobes. If your dress code is relaxed, slip on those jeans!

Of course, to maintain a professional look, stay clear from more eccentric styles like slashed jeans. Keep it classic with plain, rip-free denim. It’s wise to choose a darker wash to give a more formal vibe.

To keep it professional, pair your jeans with a smart-casual shirt or blouse and wear with formal flats and a chic blazer.

Always double check what the policy is on jeans to avoid making a major fashion faux pas come your first day!

Black Flats (similar here) – New Look | Floral Print Flats (similar here) – New Look

Flats, boots and heels are your three go-to shoe types for the office.

Flats have always been a popular choice, thanks to their comfort and versatility. Loafers are a huge trend at the moment, which is good news for all you professionals! Smart yet stylish, they’re the perfect work shoe that can be worn with trousers, dresses and jeans. You’ll definitely need black loafers, and it’s wise to invest in a nude pair too.

In the cold weather, boots are a fantastic option. Over knee boots teamed with a jumper dress and tights is an on trend look for winter 2017. Heeled boots are also a great option, as they’re both formal and versatile, although flat boots can also work.

Tricky to master but oh so good when you get it right is heels. You’ll need to choose a sensible heel, so leave the sky-scraping platforms at home for work. That doesn’t mean you have to wear kitten heels though; mid-heeled, closed-toe shoes are the perfect choice. Strappy sandals are your perfect day to night office choice – team with wide leg trousers for a chic daytime look.

Follow the above advice and let your new colleagues know about your style queen status!

What’s your favourite look for the office?

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My Chakra Care Experience

My Thoughts On Adulting

I’m writing this after a bit of a stressful week, not in terms of physical stress but more mentally. Does that even make sense? I am currently sat in my extremely cold flat with my heated blanket on full pondering about life on a Sunday afternoon. There’s a mix of red roses and yellow and white flowers on my table with a candle burning. The flowers definitely don’t go together but I like them. I’m not really sure what to write about but I have a couple of things to talk about which don’t really belong together but they are getting put into this post because I need them off my mind. Grab {insert drink of choice}, sit back, read and relax…

I’ve now lived in my little nook for half a year. A lot of things can change in six months but do you know the biggest lesson that I have learnt? No one really has their sh*t together! Surprising, right. I’ve found living on my own extremely hard. Yes I have my boyfriend closer to me now I’ve moved but things aren’t particularly perfect. We argue like every other couple but we have finally started to talk about feelings in a healthy manner rather than shouting and giving each other the silent treatment for a couple of days. There are days which are spent day dreaming that I get along well with his family and we can all live happily ever after together but as I mentioned that is just a dream – things don’t really work out like that. Partner’s parents don’t need to like you, they may not think their son or daughter is suited to you but guess what? That’s their opinion and what matters is how happy you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I am lonely however I have friends; internet friends who help on those evenings when I feel a little bit down and work friends who make my shifts at New Look rather amazing.

Adulting is a dangerous journey with a rollercoaster of emotions that everyone including me and you go through. No one knows what they are doing. There’s no guide book that tells you how to do this, that and everything in between. It’s a bit like cooking and no I haven’t gone mad. Just hear me out. It’s around 18.30 and you’ve just got home after a long day at work, you have a meal plan that you have been told to write down from a million of these “how to budget” blog posts that you read so you decide to try out one of these recipes. It’s either going to go amazing and taste delicious so your going to live off it for the next week or it will end up in the bin either uncooked or burnt and you will be blasting your favourite tune whilst your Pot Noodle is heating up or your favourite Domino’s pizza is being delivered. I obviously prefer the pizza but funds might mean you live off Pot Noodles quite a lot.  And truth be told this cooking malarkey is much like adult life. There are going to be things that work really well and then there are also going to be things in life that you are going to learn from whether that be decisions to do with relationships, friendships, career choices or even cooking. It could even be personal situations like your goals of what you want to achieve or how to organise your income and expenditure. Just to let you know I have no clue what I do with my money every single month, #fail but I am learning and that’s the important thing. I have even started writing things down in a notebook.

If you follow me across social media then you might have seen my rather ruthless clear out of makeup, clothes and god knows what else was included. I think it was a sign of a quarter life crisis but after watching Leena’s video about her wardrobe clear out. I realised that we are all wrapped in a world of consumerism. A place where it is promoted and advertised to always jump on the new makeup palette bandwagon or the latest fashion trends but I’m not going to do that anymore. Well, try not to. I like my makeup collection to be small and full of all my favourites. I like having my wardrobe full of mix and match items that enables me to explore my own personal style. Not only this but as someone who is living on their own, independently I don’t have the money to spend £100s on new makeup, skincare or clothes as much as I love a good Charlotte Tilbury lippy or shopping in Debenhams rather than Primark. If you do then good on you, go treat yourself but I’m presuming 99% of you reading this might be on the same page as me. Well, I hope I am not the only one.

I guess I need to round this post up a little so here it goes. I’m not saying adulting is easy because it really isn’t and there will be a lot of obstacles thrown at you but I reckon together, The July Journal family are able to pass as a kind-of functioning, internet-socialising adults who can make everyone else around us whether that’s your big sister, non internet friends, partner, parents or grandparents believe that we know stuff and everything…

What’s your thoughts on adulting? I would love to know.

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