The Monthly Gratitude List | January

The Monthly Gratitude List | January

This month I have felt really down in the dumps which is rather unusual for me as I am usually such a happy person rarely having ‘down’ days. A lot of people have said something similar when I’ve been talking to other bloggers and people in my life. After reading India Robyn’s post, I thought I would begin a new series on my blog. Welcome to the Monthly Gratitude List! It’s essentially a list of positive things that have happened within the month for me to be grateful for and look back on to see what I’ve achieved.

I suppose I should start with one of the biggest changes and that is finally getting a job with one of my favourite brands. Everyone knows how much I loved New Look clothes and now that I work at my local store I am just wanting every new trend all the time. I’m aware that a lot of people aren’t keen working in retail however I am loving it. I love being on my feet surround by clothes. My team are slowly turning into friends and not just work colleagues. It’s just been a really good month as far as work is concerned.

Fresh flowers. When I came back from Newcastle, Mark brought me a bouquet of flowers and they have lasted a solid month. It’s now going to be a tradition that my flat will always have flowers in. It makes the tiny little flat look a bit more homely and as though Spring is on its way despite the cold, windy weather outside.

I’m so grateful to the amount of opportunities I have been given this past month with brands and PR’s regarding my blog. I’ve been able to step away from my usual content and post about other things that I enjoy. It’s been really good to me so far and I really hope it continues throughout the rest of this year.

Is there anything you’ve been grateful for this month? Let me know in the comments!

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The Monthly Gratitude List | January

Decorating On A Budget With Printiki*

I am always on the hunt for inspiration of how to decorate my rented property on a budget but also to make it feel homely. Everyone knows that displaying pictures can turn a house into a home and what better way then to have them delivered straight to your door thanks to Printiki.

Printiki are an affordable, photo printing service that allows you to choose a selection of images from your computer, social media or Dropbox to print them in various sizes and mediums for them to be delivered straight to your front door within the space of a week.

I was allowed to print out 30 photos* and that was a lot more than I actually needed. I couldn’t decide which ones to pick so I have some spare for family and friends. You’ll probably see a couple of ideas that you can use them for across social media.

I went to Dunelm and treated myself to fairly big photo frame. I then covered the back of it with marble sticky back paper which I brought from Wilko’s and used tape to stick the prints on the board. I found some gold glitter letters which I thought looked pretty cool and made a couple of different words with them.

I love how it turned out looking. The photos look amazing as a feature in my living area. Printiki was extremely easy to use. It took a few minutes to pick and upload all the photos. You can add text and symbols to your prints if you wish and then they were so quick to arrive.

Fancy bagging yourself free shipping on your order? Head on over to the website and use this code: 7S74Q57

You can find a lot more inspiration on how to display your pictures over on their instagram too. You could even use this project as a gift for a friend if you wanted to.

How do you display your photos around the house? What’s your thoughts on my polaroid project?

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The Monthly Gratitude List | January

The Frogurt Pot Launch

I love desserts. In fact, there is nothing I love more than browsing down the dessert menu after a lunch or a dinner. I’ve just got such a sweet tooth.

The Frogurt Pot has recently opened up in Shrewsbury town centre and it offers a healthy place to have a sweet treat. It’s selling point is Frozen Yogurt with various toppings and sauces to choose from however there is also options to have smoothies, waffles, crepes and hot drinks.

Sinead, the manager of Frogurt Pot, came up with the idea as she wanted to bring something healthy and delicious to Shrewsbury. It has brought something unique to the little town of Shrewsbury and I reckon it’s going to become one of my favourite places to go to.

The environment was really vibrant, colourful and lively which made the atmosphere even more appealing.

I was kindly invited along to take a couple of pictures and was gifted a couple of things from the menu. I went for the chocolate flavoured frozen yogurt with chocolate buttons, strawberries and strawberry sauce along with the Pash ‘n’ Shoot smoothie that contained passion fruit, pineapple and mango blended with fresh apple juice. Overall I really enjoyed the Frogurt Pot for a refreshing and healthy treat and I am definitely going to be trying out a lot more of the menu.

Do you enjoy frozen yogurt? What’s your favourite flavour?

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The Monthly Gratitude List | January

My Favourite Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

Hands up if your addicted to your Netflix account! *slowly raises hand*

I’m so bad when it comes to binge-watching Netflix series. There’s just so many good ones at the moment that I am more than likely found with one of them on whilst I am having dinner, writing a blog post or cleaning the flat. After re-watching all seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars over the past 5 weeks, I’ve actually managed to find some new ones to watch that I highly recommend to you.

The Good Place

If I was to use one phrase to describe The Good Place it would probably be weird but addictive. Eleanor, the main character, dies and finds out she has made it to The Good Place. She ends up getting into a lot of awkward and funny situations in her effort to become a good person to stay in the good place. I was hooked after the first episode. It’s a weekly series but Mark and I binge-watched the two seasons and we are now waiting for the next episode to be released. It has so many brilliant actors and actresses and I am pretty sure you will love it just as much as I do!

Stranger Things

If you have not heard of Stranger Things then you have probably been living under a rock and I feel quite sorry for you. It’s a dark science-fiction series with fantastic acting and thrilling scenes. Again, it’s another show that I have binged-watched over the course of the weekend when it was released because it was just so good! If you haven’t watched it already then I’m begging you to add it to your watchlist.

13 Reasons Why 

Out of all the series that I have recommended, this one is the one that hits home the most. It’s about a teenage girl who has left behind a range of tapes after committing suicide for Clay to play back. I was repeatedly crying through many of the episodes. It’s been nearly ten years since my best friend committed suicide and watching this gave me an insight into how she must have felt at the time. I think a lot of the topics that is covered within the series is something that all young people go through and by young people, I don’t just mean teenagers. I am talking about those who are in their early twenties too. It’s a lot more serious compared to the others and I think if you are feeling mentally low, it’s probably not a good time to watch it.

Black Mirror 

Finally, I wanted to mention one that I’ve actually started quite recently. I actually have it on in the background of writing this post. Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology that explores future innovations that collides with dark instincts. I think you can more or less start on any episode from all the seasons as it’s not a series that follows on from one another. It kind of reminds me of Humans that was on Channel 4 but a little bit more dark. If you are into all the sci-fi programmes that it might be worth taking a look at it.

I would love to know if you have watched any of these. Let me know what I should be watching next!

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The Monthly Gratitude List | January

Three More Tricks For Newbie Bloggers

You may have already read my first post about starting a blog (read here) so I thought I would come back with three more tips that may help you get started. These tips, I feel, are aimed towards those who have started blogging and find themselves wanting to create more a brand for themselves. Let me know if this helps and if you have any tips to help each other out.

I’ve talked about having a Media Kit before. If you are wanting to start working with brands then this is vital to many brands and PR companies. A Media Kit is a document that has a bit about you and your blog, your social stats and important figures about your demographic. If you do have any other questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter and I could help you out! It is useful if you are wanting to make a professional impression. It’s worth sending one of these out when writing an email pitching to a brand.

Congratulations – brands are starting to notice you! Always declare in your posts, Instagram images or tweets whether it is sponsored content. I usually have a little message underneath my blog post letting readers know whether the post was written in collaboration for a brand. Why? Firstly, there is legal reasons behind it and secondly your followers will not care especially if your content is good and that they enjoy it. Alongside this, don’t get greedy and accept everything. There will be companies who may contact you asking to advertise or promote something which doesn’t fit with the theme of your blog. Readers appreciate honesty and if they notice something like this they will stop reading your blog and engaging with you. From a brands perspective, their money could be spent on another influencer who could promote it better on their blog. You could get extra brownie points if you suggest other bloggers who they could get in touch with.

I would highly recommend having a stash of photography props to keep your photography style similar in each post. I have attempted this during Blogmas last year and even wrote about my favourite festive photography props here. In all honesty though, anything in your bedroom, flat or house can be used as in photos. My favourites are blankets, books, magazines, makeup brushes and artificial flowers.

I hope these will help you up your blogging game. Of course these are just a few tips of my own but I would love to know what you suggest to. Let’s make this a helpful post for new bloggers.

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