Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! I hope your all going to have a good day if you celebrate the day. I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Charlotte’s book and have a Spooky Slumber tonight. I used to go out in my young teenage years but this year I’m chilling and relaxing.

Having a boo-blicious bath! 

See what I did there? Okay, perhaps it wasn’t that funny. I picked up the new Ectoplasm Bath Bomb from Lush at the weekend as soon as I arrived home. It’s no surprise that I have fell in love with it! Ectoplasm is one of the jelly bath bombs that they have invented this year. I’ve had a couple before and find them so much easier to use. They are double moisturising and create plenty of bubbles as well as leaving your skin feeling super duper soft. Ectoplasm has brown seaweed that softens the skin whilst the citric oils (tangerine, grapefruit and litsea cubeba) uplift and refresh your spirits. I used the classic Lord of Misrule Shower Cream to wash my body with and treated myself to a face mask too.

Once I jumped out the bath, I applied The Body Shop’s Virgin Mojito Body Butter. I wanted to pick up the Vanilla Pumpkin scent because I love the shower gel but I just haven’t had time to pick it up. It is ideal for this time of year but at least I brought the Virgin Mojito scent which is just as lovely. I like to let the body butter sink in before snuggly up in pyjamas…

Freaky Film Marathon

Halloween is the perfect excuse to get a group of friends round and watch some freaky films. I love a good old horror so there’s many that I will probably be watching tonight. My choices this year are Suicide Squad, Dark Shadows, Riverdale and, of course, Stranger Things. Honestly, there’s nothing that I love more than grabbing a hot chocolate, laying next to a burning fire and watching something a little bit scary in the dark. When I was younger trick ‘n’ treaters used to scare me when they knocked on the door which kind of added to the films however nowadays I usually buy double the sweets – some of me, some for the trick ‘n’ treaters.

How do you spend Halloween? Are you someone who goes out and enjoys yourself or do you prefer the cosy night in?

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Happy Halloween

Five Places I Want To Visit This Winter

For someone who can’t afford a Summer holiday every year, I spend the majority of my time during Winter browsing for holiday places and now I’m in a relationship the lust of going on our first holiday together would be a dream come true. Hopefully next year we might be able to tick off a couple of these places but for now I’m going to chat to you about some of the places I would love to visit this Winter.

Zante, July 2012

If you follow me on social media, my dream of travelling to Disneyland Paris has been no secret. I first went when I was eight years old but I have blanked most of the memories because it was a rough patch as far as family is concerned. I would love to re-visit it again soon and feel that Disney magic. I’ve heard the best time to go is the Winter months because it is less busy and more affordable.

The next place that I would love to visit is Amsterdam. It has been on my wishlist ever since I watched The Fault In Our Stars but more recently became a lust when Alice told me what an amazing time she had there. There’s just so many nice places to visit culturally, the top of my list being the Anne Frank museum and wouldn’t it just be so cute for me and Mark to add a love locket to the bridge.

Somewhere that hasn’t been on my wishlist for long but I would love to go is Dubai. It’s probably a bit of an unpopular opinion but when I was flicking though the Holiday Gems website I found there was a place called the Gold Souk. It’s similar to Aladdin’s Cave with many stores that sell jewellery, gifts and ornaments – to me it sounds perfect and so unique. The only thing that puts me off is the long flight. I’m not the one for flying so I don’t know how I would feel with nearly an eight hour journey.

Mark and I have regularly discussed going to a country to visit the Christmas markets and after doing some research, I found the best place is actually Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It has themed events, similar to Winter Wonderland that happens in London, which take place in the streets and squares surrounding the city centre. I can imagine it would be like a winter wonderland in itself for any Christmas lover.

Finally, the one that is probably on the top of my list – Iceland. I haven’t researched much into it but the one thing I do now is that it would be an experience of a lifetime to see the Northern Lights. If you know me, I am an emotional person. I cried when I saw the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo and I cried when I saw all the stars at the Kielder Observatory last year so going from past experiences this is probably going to be one of those ones that I cry my eyes out at but it will all be worth it. Now the difficult part is to try and convince Mark…

Where are you favourite places to travel to during the Winter? Have you visited any of these places? Link me your travel posts below!

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Happy Halloween

My Favourite Autumn Makeup Products

I can’t believe that we are nearly in November already! Over the past week or two it’s definitely got colder and is starting to feel more like Winter never mind Autumn. Despite the fluffy socks, hot chocolate filled evenings and beautiful shaded leaves, my favourite part is the change in makeup. I always pull out the darker shades in my makeup collection, the shades that my skin tone suit the most. This is the post dedicated to this year’s favourite Autumn makeup picks.

Left to Right: Copper Coin, Festive Flame, Pumpkin, Extra Bitter, Faith, Lockout & Cyprus Bronze

I can’t write this post without mentioning the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette. This is a lovely combination of matte shades that is perfect for any season. I haven’t wrote about this one much on the blog but I am having a love affair with it at the moment. I particularly love the shades: Extra Bitter, Faith and Lockout. They are just so beautiful when they are all blended together.

Next, on the list of eyes is the Makeup Revolution Soph X palette. I wrote a full review here so I am not going to go into to much depth. Again, the palette is a lovely mix of matte and shimmer shades ranging from brown and golden tones to orange and red tones – it makes for the perfect makeup treat. My favourite colours are currently Copper Coin, Festive Flame and Pumpkin however these change on a weekly basis.

Finally, I have recently dug out The Body Shop’s Eye Colour Stick in the shade Cyprus Bronze and I can’t believe I haven’t been using it. On those days where I have wanted to spend more time in bed rather than blending eyeshadow for days, this is the one a usually jump for. The colour is truly gorgeous, looks lovely on the eye lid and glides on so easily. I’m so tempted to go back and pick up another shade just because of how simple they are to use.

Left to Right: Flushed, Boss Lady and Grunge

I’m usually the lipstick queen when it comes to Autumn. I always switch them up on a daily basis however this year there has only ever been one of two on my lips. The first is ColourPop’s Lippie Stix in Grunge. I have talked about the love of this lip product before but I am still so in love. It’s a lovely chocolatey brown colour and even smells like chocolate too. The other lipstick I have been loving is the Makeup Geek Plush Lip Matte in Boss Lady. I don’t know anyone who isn’t partial to a warm, red-toned lipstick once it’s reached the autumnal months and this year it is Makeup Geek that has stole my heart. They are similar as they are both matte lip products however compared to Grunge, Boss Lady feels a lit bit more sticky and takes a little longer to dry but other than that I have been pairing both with just about everything I wear these days.

Since my makeup clear out, I managed to find my extremely old Sleek Blush in Flushed that should really be re-purchased because of how old it is but I’m so in love and I don’t think they sell the shade any more. The blush goes so well with Boss Lady too. Update: they sell Flushed so maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

Similarly to lipstick, I haven’t been wearing much nail varnish either. Although I have narrowed down my collection so it fits in one box instead of taking up a whole draw which for me is rather brilliant. The two that I have been loving have both been from Barry M. The first is a Gelly Hi-Shine in Chilli and the other being a Matte Nail Paint in Crush. Both are gorgeous colours however one is obviously matte and the other gives a nice sheen to the nails. The other reason why I love them is that both formulas dry super quick so you don’t have to be waving your hands in silly directions waiting for your nail varnish to dry.

What have you been loving this Autumn? Anything I should pick up?

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Happy Halloween

July Journal 2.0

Over the past week I have been working really hard on my blog. As you can see it has kind of all started with a new design which I hope you are liking. I thought it was about time that I sat and write about what’s happening over on this corner of the internet. Introducing ‘July Journal 2.0‘…

It seems like moving to a new area and, finally, settling into a new lifestyle has given me a bit of a ‘get up and stay organised’ attitude. I’m settling in well with my college course which I am really enjoying by the way and I’m so happy that I have stopped feeling anxious about a lot of little things – that’s all down to moving I think. I’m slowly starting to get used to living on my own but do struggle some nights.

Oh and I have also won a Prince’s Trust award recently which you will hear more information about in another few weeks. It’s all kind of just gave me the inspiration to get back into blogging regularly again but this time I want to take the July Journal seriously. No more messing around and thinking that I am no good.

I wanted something new and clean. Something that feels more personal to me but also somewhere my readers could come and feel as though they are talking to their best friend or sister. I wanted something for you guys to navigate around these parts a little easier. Obviously, I had Phil from Pipdig to help me choose a new layout and Alice has been amazing and designed a new header for me – it’s beautiful isn’t it?!

I hope my blog website continues to blossom as I attempt to build up my ever growing photography and writing skills. I’m going to try and post every Wednesday and Sunday so that I can concentrate on the quality of my posts rather than the quantity that is on my website. If there’s anything you particularly want to see, don’t hesitate to contact me across social media channels.

Oh, I might even have a little something up my sleeve for my YouTube channel too but don’t hold me to that one.

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Happy Halloween

Why You Need The Make Revolution Soph X Eyeshadow Palette

I used to be one of those people who brought all the YouTubers books even if I didn’t really watch them but then YouTubers started bringing out other things including clothes, phone cases, skincare and makeup. That’s when things got confusing. I lusted over the Zoella Beauty items and always found the Tanya Burr makeup range intriguing but I’m still confused on the cruelty free status of both. This all changed when I found out that Soph has collaborated with Makeup Revolution, possibly one of my favourite cruelty free brands.

Without even reading the current reviews, I knew I wanted to pick up both the eyeshadow and the highlighter palette so I can give it a go myself. I don’t actually watch her videos but I’m intrigued with the vibes she has gone for. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think and now I find myself reaching for this one over any others in my palette collection and these are the reasons why.

Firstly, the rose gold lettering and nude packaging is Instagram friendly, the palette has 24 shades which are generous in size and suitable for any time of year, it also has a massive mirror which is perfect for doing your makeup on the go. Thanks Soph. I appreciate you for creating such an amazing palette. You don’t get a brush but I’ve been using a mix of my Real Techniques brushes to apply the shades.

There’s a lovely mix a shimmer and matte shades as well as a range of darker and lighter shades. Did I mention how cute the names are? My particular favourites are: Copper Coin, Pumpkin, Tiramisu, Iced Coffee and Pancakes however I do see myself using all the shades. The shades are all really pigmented similarly to the Urban Decay Naked palettes although that’s a personal opinion.

So, is it worth a tenner? Personally, yes! If your looking for an affordable palette that you can use all year round with pretty good pigmentation then I would highly recommend treating yourself to the Makeup Revolution Soph X palette.

Have you got this palette? What’s your thoughts?

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