Four Cruelty Free Brands That You Can Trust

Four Cruelty Free Brands That You Can Trust


When was the last time that you bought make-up and checked that the brand was cruelty-free?  When buying groceries most of the time it is easy to determine what is suitable for vegetarians and what isn’t however it is much harder to get this information about beauty products. Certain brands widely advertise that they are cruelty-free and do not test on animals, but others do not.

Brands that are widely known for their cruelty free products include Lush and The Body Shop.  These brands market themselves as being ethical in their approach to beauty products so people know what they are buying.  The problem is that other than these brands how do you know if your make up was tested on animals?

Big name beauty brands are not required to advise if they test on animals or not which makes it much harder for people like us to determine if the are ethical or not. In the UK, animal testing by cosmetics companies has been illegal since 1998 but with global corporations creating their products outside the UK it is difficult to know for sure about any product – just look at the situation with SLG whom create the Zoella Beauty products. They are usually sold in Superdrug stores however when you look on their website there is an office in China where they are required to test on animals. I have put together four brands that you should definitely take a look at buying from this Christmas so that you can avoid those who test on animals.


Soap & Glory is a company that is very adamant about cosmetics being cruelty-free.  None of their products are tested on animals and they fund an organization called ‘FRAME’ or the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments.  They have even created a list on their FAQs which has listed all their products which are suitable for vegetarians. It includes products such as their oh-so-famous Hand Food, Righteous Butter and Supercat Eyeliner.

Barry M is my go-to budget friendly cosmetics brand that has never tested on animals and a lot of their products are vegan. They are well known for their humongous nail varnish collection however it’s worth having a look at their other makeup too because it’s just as good. My favourites have to be That’s How I Roll Mascara, Afterglow Light Bronzer and their Matte Me Up Lip Crayons.

GOSH is another cruelty free cosmetics brand that doesn’t test on animals. Similar to Barry M most of their products are vegan too and you can easily pick them up in Superdrug stores across the UK. I don’t hear them being talked about as much as other brands from the drugstore however their X-Ceptional Foundation is a god send if you’re wanting something that is full coverage. I have recently tried their lipstick too and the lasting power is amazing. They are so creamy and moisturising. My favourite at the moment is this lovely dark red toned lipstick called Raisin.

The Body Shop is one of the biggest well-known brands that does not test on animals although owned by L’oreal. They have a lovely range of makeup, skincare, and products that men would love too. If your an O2 customer than you are able to pick up many deals with money off coupons or you can use websites such as WOWFreeStuff to claim a free mascara. Other favourite products of mine include their Camomile Cleansing Butter, Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner and Vitamin E Night Cream.

What are your go-to cruelty free brands? Let me know if any of these are your favourites in the comments.


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Four Cruelty Free Brands That You Can Trust

Error 404 Bath Bomb

I can’t quite believe that this will be my last blog post before Blogmas begins. Yes, I have dedicated my time and efforts into producing 25 days worth of content for you to all dig your teeth into so make sure your following me on Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with everything. For today’s post I wanted to talk to you about the new Error 404 bath bomb that Lush released across the stores on Black Friday.


They created the bath bomb as part of their #KeepItOn campaign that is raising awareness of how the government is controlling what we are able to see and half the time we are not getting the full picture behind a story. For example, since November 2015, Brazil has experienced three shutdowns of the messaging service WhatsApp. This is an app that I use to communicate with my family and friends every day and without it I would have no way of keeping up to date with my baby nephew, Noel. Businesses use the app to communicate internally and with clients as well as socially. More than 100 million users were affected by shutdowns that lasted between 12 and 48 hours.

Governments around the world are instructing internet service providers to block internet access – during protests, elections and even school exams. The #KeepItOn campaign is encouraging us to break the silence. The world’s governments are gathering to discuss the future of the open internet and more than 3,000 participants will join the meeting. This critical moment is to urge leaders to speak out against internet shutdowns and now is the time for our voices to be heard.




You are probably wondering where the Error 404 bath bomb comes into it all? Well, Lush are wanting us to spread the word by explaining why the internet is better left on. It is fighting internet shutdowns as all the profits from this exclusive product goes to the Digital Fund. Every £4.04 that you spend on the Error 404 will support the legacy behind Digital Fund, a pot of money to support the grassroots of digital activists who are keeping the internet free, open and safe. Access Now is one of these groups that defend and extend the digital rights of users whom are at risk around the world. They use the policy, advocacy and technology to fight for secure and open communications for all of us.




The bath bomb itself is incredible. The main ingredient that comes from the bath bomb is the vanilla absolute which leaves a sweet, seductive scent that will brighten your mood from a cold winter’s day. As the golden lustre melts away, it releases beautiful teal and green shades that in turn leaves your bath looking gorgeous. I highly recommend stocking up before they disappear of the shelves because I know I will!

Have you tried the Error 404 bath bomb yet? I would love it if you can sign the petition too.


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Four Cruelty Free Brands That You Can Trust

The Sunday Post: Goji Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe

I can’t believe that later this week we will be heading into December. The final month of 2016! I fancied writing a bit of a chilled blog post this Sunday as last weekend was pretty busy. I wanted to share with you one of my favourite discoveries whilst I was in York and that is the Goji Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe because it was honestly delicious.



Inspired by the vibrant and colourful goji berry, Goji strives upon bringing customers a lovely experience and that is exactly what we received. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming with the heaters on full blast as we walked in from a wet, rainy morning in York. They are passionate about the quality of their dishes by using only natural ingredients from local suppliers and organic produce.

As you walk by the cafe and once you have stepped inside you are greeted with colourful dishes, and delicious looking cakes, that gives you a taste of what you can order before you are shown to your table.




The food was served promptly and after much deliberation I went for the Goji Hotdog which is a tofu hotdog in a baguette with ketchup, gherkins, onions and side salad. It was delicious and much needed after a trip around York’s Chocolate Story. Edd went for one of three Tortilla wraps with mixed green salad and chutney – I think it was the spicy mixed bean and spinach but whatever it was, it also tasted delicious. To share, we went for the Sweet Potato Wedges that was served with a lemongrass mayo and let me tell you, they were heavenly!

After reading other reviews and stalking their social media I was all for trying a slice of cake but I was just so full that I couldn’t possibly fit any more food into my tiny stomach – it just means I will have to come back someday soon.

Have you ever been to the Goji Cafe? What’s your thoughts?


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Four Cruelty Free Brands That You Can Trust

So White Bath Bomb Review


Although we all crave the warm and cosy evening environments during the winter months, I can’t help but love the fresh, crisp morning air. Not all the time but at least some mornings it is nice to have a breather. It’s probably one of the reason why I quite like the So White bath bomb too.

For a long time now, So White has been one of my favourites when the Lush Christmas collection comes out and I have to admit, I am thrilled to find a new and improved version on the shelves again this year.





Unlike the sweet scented goodness of Snow Fairy, this bath time treat fills your bath with apple-scented waters. It fizzes quite slowly at first until beautiful shades of blue, yellow and green start coming out of the bath bomb. The bergamot and rose absolute help to keep the mind calm whilst the neroli oil and orange flower absolute uplift your mood and release a fruity fragrance whilst you relax after a busy day at work. It’s not your usual festive scent but it is definitely unique. It leaves the bath with fluorescent green waters, rather like a fresh apple.

What are you most excited to try from this years collection? Have you tried So White yet? Let me know what your thoughts are if you have tried this one before.


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Four Cruelty Free Brands That You Can Trust

Pinafores & Winter Walks

Anyone who has been following my little corner of the internet for a while will know that I am no fashion blogger. I am so awkward in front of the camera that I don’t actually know how Alice managed to put up with me posing in front of a camera all afternoon. However, if there is one thing that I do love, it is Autumn/Winter fashion. There is just something about layering up and keeping warm that makes me want to get in selfie mode.




I have been loving the pinafore dresses at the moment. They are just so simple to dress up or down with a pair of boots and a printed top underneath. I think this particular one is from New Look and was super affordable from what I can remember. Denim pinafores just remind me of when I was a little girl jumping around in puddles with odd wellies on because I didn’t want to be different from my cousin, Matthew. Fun fact: we used to switch wellies so we both had a red one and a blue one each.


My top is from H! by Henry Holland and I just love the Autumnal print. I think it looks really nice underneath the pinafore as well because the print stands out from the denim. I have paired the outfit with a lovely cable knit cardigan because we don’t all walk round pretending it is Summer in the middle of November. Seriously, I take my hats off to the girls who can walk around with bare legs and knee high boots, and still look all glam!

The cardigan is so lovely and warm but it goes with absolutely everything! Are you looking for something to just throw on to pop round for your milk on a Sunday morning? This will keep you warm. Wanting a cover up for a cold date night but don’t want to take your 27lb parka? This will more than likely do the trick.


TopH! by Henry Holland

Denim Pinafore DressNew Look

*Black Cardiganvia Lovethesales (Anna Field)

Ankle Boots – Tu at Sainbury’s

The cardigan was kindly gifted to me by the lovely people at Lovethesales. They present sales from hundreds of online shops so that you can shop them all in one place, including a Converse sale and a perfume sale too. Not only does this save you rummaging through the sale racks in your local New Look and getting pushed here, there and everywhere but it also saved a lot of time and money. It was nice to do it from the comfort of my own bed on a Sunday morning rather than having to get dressed to go out in the freezing cold. The service was incredible as the garment arrived within a week of ordering which makes it a brilliant site to turn to for any last minute Christmas outfit ideas. As for the brand, Anna Field, I have never heard of them before but I would love to try a couple more pieces from them including this lovely Dark Rose Backpack for any Autumnal adventures to the Christmas markets.

You can have a browse at the Lovethesales website here or follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with all their latest sales.

What’s your go to staple outfit during the Autumn/Winter months? Are you a pinafore gal or do you prefer the casual jeans and a hoody?


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