Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween



So it’s Halloween and I wanted to do a bit of a mashup this year before we bring out all the Christmas Gift Guides and festive posts. Firstly, Edd and I decided to carve pumpkins last night and it was so much fun! I attempted the Disney Castle whilst Edd went for a simple but rather effective Jack O’ Lantern design.




Unless you have been really sneaky and checked out my Twitter throughout this month then you probably didn’t know that I was involved in Hannah’s #DisneyHalloweenGE (you can read more information here).

So I was given the lovely Jordan who I think is rather new to blogging. The idea of the gift exchange was to make sure that the person who you were buying for doesn’t know who is sending the gift until they have received the Halloween trick or treat box with a little note including your twitter username. When we were signing up, we were asked a couple of questions and one of the main questions asked was your top three favourite Disney films. Jordan’s favourites were The Little Mermaid, Tangled and The Lion King but I later found out that she likes anything that is Disney related. It didn’t have to necessarily be all Disney or all Halloween related as long as there was some kind of theme to it.



For Jordan, I decided to create a Halloween Care Package and thought it would be quite cool, hoping that she has received it, to blog about what I included in her gift. Firstly, I decorated a beauty box with orange and black tissue paper. I laid some shredded black tissue paper on the bottom and added some plastic spiders that I’ve used previously in images for my old blog. So what did I put in the box?

For those of you who know me by now, I couldn’t not included something Lush related. I thought it would be nice to include the new Pumpkin Bath Bomb for Jordan to try when she wants to have a relaxing evening in. It made the whole box smell amazing! Next up, I included some little foodie treats: Starburst Scare Edition Share Bag (we all know that you don’t really need to share them with anyone but yourself) and a little chocolate ghost. Edd’s mum was a star and made me a Pumpkin Worry Eater. I didn’t know whether Jordan deals with anxiety but I use mine all the time. Even if she doesn’t, I think everyone deserves a worry eater for times when you don’t really want to talk to anyone about things that are worrying you or making you anxious. This is the present that I am really worried about her enjoying but hopefully she likes it and found it cute. Lastly, I included some Disney watercolour prints that I found on Tarnya’s shop, Sweet Allure. She is super talented and the prints arrived really quickly. On one side is Ariel from The Little Mermaid and on the other is Rapunzel from Tangled.

I received a lovely ‘Ohana’ necklace from the lovely Rachel who blogs at Mermaids & Magic. I have worn it every day since receiving it because I absolutely love it. She also gave me a Jack Skellington Tsum Tsum which makes me want the whole set now. I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time the other night and absolutely love it too, definitely one of my favourite Halloween films.

On the subject of Halloween films, if your the type of person to stay in on Halloween and binge watch scary movies. I would highly recommend The Little Vampire, The Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I don’t know why but I just love watching the second Harry Potter film around this time of the year. Other films I would include would be all of the Paranormal Activities, The Conjuring, Insidious and the Scream TV series on Netflix.

How will you be spending Halloween tonight? Are you going out and getting dressed up or are you a home bird who likes the comfort of candles, chocolate and Lord of Misrule scented baths?


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Happy Halloween

Four Little Things #SnackingEdition


I’m probably not the only one who struggles with eating healthy at work let alone being a vegan as well. As soon as the biscuit tin is broken into at work, I am immediately on the lookout for something to munch on. However, now I have been in this situation many times, I think I have narrowed my favourite afternoon snacks down that won’t leave me (nor you) feeling sluggish and ready for an afternoon nap.

I finally managed to try the Alpro Go On yogurts and they taste amazing! For any of you living under a rock, they are soya based yogurts with a fruit coolie underneath. I usually eat the fruit part separate to the yogurt but many people really like stirring it altogether. My favourite is most definitely the passion fruit flavour. If your following a diet like me, they are really low in syns too so perfect if you are wanting to lose weight.

Cereal bars aren’t just for breakfast you know! At around 90 calories per bar, they are a lot more filling than your colleagues’ digestive biscuit. For those of you who are vegan, the Alpen Light Jaffa Cake flavour tastes so good! Two of these little bars also class as a healthy extra ‘b’ on the Slimming World diet too.

If none of these tickle your fancy, then you can have a look at Citrix GoToMeeting’s infographic, 15 Snacks to Boost Energy and Productivity, where they share some amazing snack ideas. The other day I created a vegan friendly version of the Turkey Roll-Ups by using V Bites Cheatin Ham Style slices and wrapping them around breadsticks. Not only was it really quick and easy to make but it tasted amazing! The other idea I really like the sound of is the kale chips. Not only is it full of nutritious vitamins but they seem as though they would be really quick and easy to take to work.

Last but not least is fruit. Bananas are my favourite because they are an easy, pick up and take to work kind of fruit. They taste delicious and provides you with a source of energy that is much better than a bar of Dairy Milk. I usually take a punnet of Strawberries, Raspberries or Blackberries to have on my desk too as they are really easy to dig at when you’re feeling peckish.

What snacks do you usually reach out for when your needing a boost of energy or an afternoon snack? Let me know your favourites.


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Compensation was provided by GoToMeeting however all opinions, thoughts and photography featured within the post are my own.

Happy Halloween

Lush Monsters’ Ball Review



Monster’s Ball was most definitely the one I was intrigued by when I first saw the release of the Lush Halloween collection this year. Not only is the bath bomb bright and colourful but it looks so cute too. I have saved this one until last because it was, hands down, my most favourite bath bomb from all the new releases. Of course, I have been using Lord of Misrule but I actually think this one is my new Halloween favourite.





The scent of the bath bomb is rather sweet but quite fruity too. It’s definitely different compared to Pumpkin and Autumn Leaf that I have previously talked about. The bath bomb has lime and neroli oil which give the bomb a lovely citrus scent whilst the cream of tartar and cocoa butter soothes dry skin, moisturises the body and gives it the added sweetness. It also has olibanum oil within the formulation which covers the skin with a protective film that softens and minimise the appearance of fine lines, reduces spots and blemishes and is effective of de-hydrated skins like eczema-prone and dry skin. Personally, I think this is why it has quickly became my ultimate Halloween favourite from Lush this year.

The bath bomb fizzes quite quickly at first and then it begins to slow down as it reveals lovely shades of purples, pinks and blues which reminded me of the cold morning/evening skies during the winter months. Once the bomb has finished fizzing, it leaves with bath with a lovely navy blue/deep purple shade much like the night sky. If I was to recommend any of this years Halloween bath bombs, it would definitely be this one. It brightens your mood and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

Have you tried Monster’s Ball yet? What’s your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.


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Happy Halloween

ColourPop Haul And UK Customer Experience

I am probably not the only one saying this but it was so frustrating when ColourPop didn’t ship to the UK however when they offered free international shipping at the start of this month I knew I just couldn’t miss out. Most of their products are brilliant for those on a budget, they are all cruelty free and most are suitable for vegans as well. What is there to complain about really?! I thought I would write a first impressions/mini review post to help any of you out.


ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick ($6.00)

The first product I added into my basket was an Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in the shade Baracuda, which is a lovely, warm rose shade. Surprisingly, the shade is quite like one the Lippie Stix that I brought but has a lovely satin finish. The first thing I noticed was the incredible intense colour. I didn’t expect for the price that I paid to have a lipstick that was so pigmented. The only negative point I have to say about the Satin Liquid Lipsticks is that they are quite sticky. They don’t fully dry which can be a love or hate factor about a lipstick. The formulation is really moisturising on the lips and long-wearing so I don’t have to worry about re-applying the product ever hour or two.

ColourPop Lippie Stix ($5.00)

There was no doubt that I was going to pick up one or two of their Lippie Stix. I have heard so many people rave about them across social media that I couldn’t wait to try one for myself and they have really exceeded my expectations. I picked up: Grunge, which is a lovely matte brown, I Heart This, which is a cool-toned fuchsia pink and LBB, which is an autumnal plum shade. I’m so impressed with the moisturising and creamy formulation of the lipsticks. The formula contains mango, avocado and shea butters which is brilliant for the autumn/winter season when the cold weather is the ultimate villain when it comes to dry lips. The three that I picked up all have a matte finish however you can pretty much pick up any of the Lippie Stix in your required finish. They are really easy to apply, feel so comfortable on the lips and you can more or less get a full day wear from them. I could apply the lipstick at about 8am and the colour will still be going strong at 5pm.


ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick ($6.00)

Recently, I have developed a love for liquid lipsticks so it was only right to pick up at least one of their Matte Liquid lipsticks. I picked up Mama, which is a lovely burnt orange, and Notion, which is a wintery dark plum shade. They both dry completely matte and apply really easily with a doe foot applicator. Unfortunately, they didn’t last as long as the Lippie Stix which I was a bit disappointed about however they do last a lot longer than other lipstick brands found in the UK. I used a lip balm under mine to add extra moisture. ColourPop do suggest using a lip pencil in a similar shade to prevent the lipstick from running off the lips however I didn’t think it was necessary.


ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow ($5.oo)

Finally, I just needed to get my hands on their famous eyeshadows. Although I have far too many eyeshadow palettes, I treated myself to the KaePop Palette($18.00) because the shades looked as though they would be something I could wear on a daily basis for work. One factor that I do love about the palettes is that you are essentially getting four single pots of goodness rather that a small amount of each pigment. The formulation feels so creamy and moussey compared to other eyeshadows that I own. You can also buy the shadows singularly if need be. The shades included are:

Wilshire – a warm, beige shade with a matte finish.

Crenshaw – a warm, brown matte shade, this one is great blended out with Wilshire for a smokey eye.

Beverly – a deep blackberry shade with a matte finish.

Sunset Blvd – a warm, golden bronze with a lovely pearl finish. This is the one I have used the most when I have wanted something with a bit of shimmer.



Overall, I found the customer service from ColourPop brilliant. I made the order directly from their website and it took between 7-10 days to be delivered in the UK which I think is rather impressive considering the company is based in America. I was lucky enough to take advantage of free international shipping which saved me quite a bit of money however there was a pretty hefty custom charge of £16.80. According to their FAQ, it depends on the weight of the package and the destination. My order came to $51.00 and although that seems expensive, I did manage to pick up 6 new lip products and 4 new eyeshadows which are all really good quality and I have been switching up ever since I ordered them. Would I order from ColourPop again? Most definitely, I think for the price and quality the custom charge isn’t too bad. It’s definitely a company that I would buy from in bulk because we don’t have access to it in the UK. Next time I order from them, I would love to try one of their Sculpting Stix because I have heard really good things about them too.

I hope that you have found this helpful for any of you considering ordering from ColourPop. Have you tried anything from ColourPop? Is there anything I should pick up next? Let me know in the comments.



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Happy Halloween

The Sunday Post: Yo Sushi!, Bellingham And Weight Loss Update

So it’s that time of the evening where I am snuggled in bed with food being prepared by Edd and I am sat watching Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. Can anyone remember watching it?

Last week, Edd and I went to see Girl On The Train and coming from someone who hasn’t read the book yet, I would highly recommend going and watching it. I like the type of film that keeps your attention from start to finish and that’s exactly what it did. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but it was basically about an alcoholic who is trying to re-trace her steps when her ex husband’s baby sitter goes missing. I really want to read the book now as I have heard that it’s even better than the film.





We also attempted Yo Sushi! for the first time last week and I think I am addicted. Firstly, you can make an order from the menu or you can sit and pick the plates up from the ramp that goes round the main table. The plates are priced through a colour coded system. I think this varies depending on the restaurant but at the Metro Centre the green was the lowest and the light silver was the most expensive. My favourite dishes were the Cucumber Maki and the Apple Gyoza. This kind of brings me onto my next point.

This week I didn’t think I was the best at Slimming World however it was my surprise when I jumped on the scales and found a -4.5lb appear on the screen. This isn’t the exciting news though! I managed to get Slimmer of the Week and my 1 Stone Award which I think is amazing. I told myself that I wanted to lose 10% of my body weight by Christmas and if I work super hard then I could probably lose more than that. I feel so proud of myself and feel so much healthier although I still can’t notice much difference when it comes to looking at my body.












Yesterday we went up to Bellingham for the day and it was so lovely despite the rain. It was nice to not be on the internet all day. It was nice to listen to the sound of nature. It was nice to just spend quality time with Edd without needing to think about other things. We stopped off at the Fountain Cottage and Cafe for something to eat before heading home.

Have you been up to anything this weekend? Can you believe that it is November in just over a week? Where has 2016 gone?! Let me know in the comments what you like to do with Autumnal days.


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