The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Range

The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Range


I have been jumping for joy ever since I found out that The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada range was going to be hitting the stores this month. I love a good old Piña Colada anyway so it was pretty much guaranteed that I would fall in love with the scent. I’m not a massive drinker and don’t usually go out drinking like most young people so being able to live the cocktail life through beauty and skincare is possible one of the best things ever. I applied the Body Butter and with one sniff I was sold. The pineapple, coconut, tropical goodness smells incredible!


Of course I didn’t just order the body butter. That is what most sensible people do, right?! I grabbed a tub of the Body Scrub, a bottle of the Shower Gel and a tube of the Body Sorbet too. The exfoliator has left my skin feeling strangely moisturising instead of itchy and red which is what most other scrubs tend to do. The texture was really creamy and a little goes along way so it could probably last me a good couple of months. I followed this with the body butter and the overall experience left me smelling as though I had just walked off a tropical beach. I have always love The Body Shop’s butters but this has just rekindled my love for them a little bit more. It has left my skin feeling super nourished and smelling good all day.


Shower Gel – £5


Body Sorbet – £8


Body Scrub – £15


Body Butter – £14

Overall I am pretty thrilled with the whole collection, seriously get yourselves on the pineapple and coconut bandwagon. Everything smells AMAZING! The formulas are perfect as per. Next up is the flight to a tropical-filled holiday – the sipping on piña coladas on the beach kind…*sprints off to Thomas Cook*

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The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Range

The Sunday Post: Centre Parcs Photo Diary

Last weekend I was having breakfast with the woodland animals, enjoying the nature sounds and watching Edd windsurf. Yes, I went to Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would probably go right towards saying it was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. At first I was really anxious about going because I didn’t really know Edd’s family all that well but I am also not really the sporty person. I am most happy when I’m snuggled up in bed watching Netflix, YouTube or blogging and this was just completely out of my comfort zone however I am so glad I agreed to going because it was amazing! We all had a lovely time and are planning on going back next year. My favourite part of the holiday was just being able to feel calm and relaxed but also the swimming pool with the rapid slides. I thought I would put together a photo diary to share with you some precious moments. Grab a cuppa, relax and enjoy this rather picture heavy post.








The view outside our villa was lovely. We had a gorgeous pond that the ducks loved swimming around in and constantly saw squirrels and moorhens come exploring around our garden.







When Edd and Paul (his sister’s husband) went off to do their windsurfing lesson, I went on a walk around the lake with the rest of his family. It was so lovely and calm. I saw a lot of lovely flowers, baby animals and swans. It was also nice the get to know the rest of his family without Edd being there.











Before heading home, we had a look around the Nature Reserve and saw a lot of animals including fish, ducks with their ducklings, more squirrels, mice and rabbits. Did you know that nettles are a rather special plant too? They support over 40 species of insects including caterpillars, butterflies and moths. Once cooked, it loses the sting and surprisingly has more iron in than spinach!



The food was nothing to complain about either. Before heading to the villa to unpack, we had lunch at Café Rouge. I had the Fromage baguette which was camembert, plum tomatoes, gem lettuce and chutney which was then served with chips. The chips were delicious and not too salty which was a winner in my book. Café Rouge was lovely but the Pancake House was outstanding! Edd and I actually went their twice. The first time I had the savoury Goat’s Cheese pancake with caramlised onion and sun-blushed tomatoes which was rather delicious. The second time we went, I had the Chocoholics American Stack pancakes which had chocolate and toffee sauce, whipped cream, crushed Flake, Rolos and Munchies. I was in heaven! It was divine!

Overall I had a lovely weekend and could quite happily do it all over again. Bring on #CentreParcs2017!

Have you ever been to Centre Parcs? Let me know in the comments where your planning on going this Summer.

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The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Range

Too Faced ‘Sweet Peach’ Eyeshadow Palette Review


Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve probably been eyeing up the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I, like many others, caved and brought it and never looked back since. Here’s my review…


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Too Faced; they are a cruelty-free cosmetics company specialising in lovely packaged and good quality makeup. This was a limited edition eyeshadow palette and when I’ve looked over the internet it doesn’t seem to be available anymore however if you head to your local counter they might be lucky enough to still have it. The palette is made of eighteen shades which I have been using separately or blending a couple of shades together for a wide range of spring/summer looks.


One of the first things I noticed about the palette, other than the gorgeous packaging, is the scent of the eyeshadows themselves. The shades are infused with the juicy scent and antioxidant-rich essence of peach. As soon as you open the palette the scent wafts into the air that immediately puts me in a happy and positive mood. Too Faced believe in the fact that makeup is so much more than applying a number of different colours to your skin. “It’s a mood booster and powerful ally.” The names of the shades are really individual and inspired by summer and peaches, for example: ‘candied peach’, ‘just peachy’, ‘summer yum’ and ‘bellini’. The colour range is unusual to any other palette that I own. It has a lovely mix of lights and darks, shimmers and mattes. They are also really good at blending to create the perfect smokey eye for any occasion.




The pigment is stronger on the darker shadows however that may just be my skin tone that makes working with the lighter tones a bit more difficult. The texture of the shadows are lovely. They aren’t chalky and don’t go everywhere like some of the Urban Decay shadows that I’ve used in the past. The photos above show each colour after a few brushes on the skin and as you can see some have a really lovely finish. My current favourites are: ‘nectar’, ‘peaches n cream’, ‘caramelized’ and ‘bless her heart’. I find that these have been working really well on a day-to-day basis. However I have used some of the darker colours for evening events such as a date night with Edd or a family meal. The eyeshadows aren’t tough to remove with a makeup wipe which makes me wonder how they are going to perform on a summer holiday.

Overall, I love Too Faced’s Sweet Peach palette and think it is really good value for the money. I have loved experimenting with different looks and the shadows last much longer than any others that I have used. I love the range of colours and the palette has been a lovely addition to my collection. Personally I wish that the palette did come with a brush but it just gave me an added excuse to treat myself to some new eyeshadow brushes as well. I’m excited to continue playing around with the different shades in the future. It’s also made me really keen in trying any other Too Faced products too.

Did you manage to get your hands on this palette? What’s your thoughts? Let me know what your favourite shade is in the comments below.

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The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Range

A Walk In the Parcs


I thought I would share with you one of the outfits that I worn whilst at Centre Parcs last weekend. I have fell in love with this kind of outfit so much and it makes me feel so confident. The wellies are a classic for a break away in the forest and were worn the majority of the time. Luckily enough the weather was on our side so we didn’t really need to layer up with coats during the day as it was so warm. You’ll be hearing more about what I got up to at Centre Parcs at the weekend but for now here is my outfit!


Pinafore Dress – New Look, Top – New Look



Necklace – Primark, Bracelet – Thomas Sabo, Sunglasses – Sainsbury’s


Tights – Primark, Wellies – Joules


What do you like wearing during Spring? Have you ever been to Centre Parcs before? Let me know what your favourite piece is from my outfit.

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The Body Shop’s Piñita Colada Range

A Massive Lush Collective Haul

Could there be a better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than a Lush haul of all your favourites? I don’t think so! I was running low on my Lush stash recently; all my drawers were looking quite empty so I thought I would stock up on a few of my favourites. It has a variety of bubbleroons and calming bath bomb to haircare and sweet scented shower creams – let’s just dive straight into the deep end, yeah?!


I really did push the boat out when it came to stocking up on bath bombs. I picked up my all time favourites; Intergalactic, Blackberry and Avobath. Experimenter was next into the basket as this was one of Oxford Street’s new releases last year which I was most excited for. I love the colours that fizzes away from the unique bath bomb but as a fair warning the final colour display is a bit disappointing. I also picked up the Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon. Jessica, a lovely sales assistant at the Newcastle store, suggested the Green bubbleroon with Avobath so I couldn’t not pick one up to try with it. I’ll let you know my thoughts. All of the bubbleroon’s have cocoa butter in the formula making them super moisturising on the skin and leaving it feeling soft and silky.


Next up is American Cream Conditioner. I had the small bottle of this conditioner to try out before committing to buying a bigger bottle and fell in love straight away. I have tried a fair few Lush conditioners including: Jungle, Veganese and Retread and non of them quite pushed the boat out for me until I tried this strawberry milkshake scented goodness. Not only does it smell so good but it has left my hair feeling soft and nourished over and over again. I have heard those with thicker hair really struggle to get on with it but luckily enough that’s not the case for me. I also picked up The Comforter and the Yuzu And Cocoa shower creams because they are my all time favourites and smell as though you have just walked out of an old village sweet shop. Are you sensing a theme yet?! Mask of Magnaminty was another product that I picked up however I left it in the fridge while photographing all these. Oops! If your someone who breakouts in horrible pesky spots or deal with red skin then I would highly recommend you giving it a go. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and does wonders to breakouts.

Finally, I picked up Monsters And Aliens. This is something that I have been wanting to try for ages, not really this one in particular but one of their Fun bars. You can use them for literally everything; whether that be washing your hair and creating bubbles in the bath to cleaning yourself in the shower or making funny little creatures out of them – much like Play-Doh. This one has vanilla absolute, patchouli oil and black pepper oil making it a really warming and uplifting but still quite a calm scent to use in the bath.

Have you picked up anything from Lush recently? What’s your favourite out of my collective haul? Let me know what your favourite products are from Lush.

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