I know, I know – 2016 felt as though it was months ago but in reality it wasn’t. I didn’t want January to pass without posting my 2016 Lifestyle Favourites. I’ve seen many other bloggers do this but for me, I needed a little bit more time. Last year wasn’t the best year that I have had. In fact, I would go right down to saying it was probably the worst however there has been some good things that came out of it.

Firstly, I have really enjoyed the films that came out last year. Once upon a time, Edd and I was going to the cinemas twice a week at one point but that has slowly reduced due to saving money for a house. The Good Dinosaur, Zootropolis, Deadpool, Bridget Jones’s Baby, Girl On The Train and Batman vs. Superman are just some of the ones that I have enjoyed watching over and over again. It’s the same for TV series too! I have really enjoyed watching Humans, Westworld, Stranger Things, Pretty Little Lairs and the classic Geordie Shore. This year, I really want to read a lot more. I have already finished We Were On A Break by Lindsey Kelk but I hope to find a love of reading books. They are a good way to switch off and it also means that I am not sat in front of a TV or laptop for hours on end. Do let me know your favourite book recommendations.

At the beginning of 2016, I went on holiday with Edd and his family to Center Parcs and I can’t begin to explain how amazing it actually was. And yes, this is coming from a girl spends the majority of her life in comfy clothing or pyjamas, typing away on a laptop and beauty products that she loves whilst sipping a hot chocolate or two (or three). The whole weekend made me feel so relaxed and content. I got to know Edd’s family more and it was nice not to be attached to my phone or laptop all the time. You can read more about it here if you would like. I can’t wait for Center Parcs this year, we will be going Monday – Friday so slightly longer and it will be Whinfell Forest in the Lake District. I am super excited!

2016 was the year that I fell in love with York too. It’ such a lovely and picturesque city with lots of little winding streets to get lost in. I was thinking of talking about the York Chocolate Story on Sunday because it was so informative. Another place that I have fell in love with last year was Kielder Observatory. Edd and I travelled up their for our anniversary and it left me speechless. There’s a whole new world that we don’t know about thousands of miles away in the sky and it just felt so magical being able to experience 4 hours of in-depth information on all stars and the moon. I would highly recommend the experience, even if you just manage to do it once. This year I really want to explore more. I want to learn new things and go to new places.

So what’s to come for 2017? I’m currently doing a course to help get a job at the local airport and I’ve got another one lined up with a possible permanent job at the end of it. That’s exciting! I want to be able to own a house next year and hopefully make it all homely with refreshing and personal interiors. I’ve already decided that I want a feature wall full of books, DVDs and Blu-rays in the living room which I think will look amazing! I hope that 2017 will bring lots of exciting adventures for me to talk about over here.

Have you got any lifestyle favourites of 2016? What did you enjoy the most? Let me know if there are any other cities that I should visit.

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