Instagram is by far my most favourite social media channel so naturally I was intrigued to see how well my profile has done this year. For those of you who are interested, I’ve posted 558 photos so far this year and racked up 26,847 likes! You can find out what your best nine are by visiting the site here.

1. The first one was when I rearranged my books so they looked like a rainbow. Since then I have added many more books to my shelf and they look so colourful. I am surprised that this one got so many likes that it ended up in the best nine.

2. A Lush Warrington haul when I went to see my sister for the weekend in August. Noel had trouble with bath time ever since he was born but I knew that Ickle Baby Bot would help. He was so intrigued with the fizzing of the bath bomb that my sister and I managed to wash him in the sink without him crying his eyes out which believe me was an achievement.

3. This was the first time I used the Halloween exclusive bath bomb, Monster’s Ball and I am praying they will bring it back next year. I wrote a review which has a lot more information in but it smelt so good and made my skin feel so moisturised.

4. I have always been envious of Polly’s illustrations so I just needed to pick up her ‘I Trust The Universe’ Print. All of her products are such good quality and really affordable. She also puts in so much effort in creating a lovely collection of products that all of her customers will like. Her website is Sighh Designs and I honestly could not recommend her work enough!

5. I always try and get down to my local Lush on release day so I obviously had to share my Lush Halloween haul on Instagram to promote their new products. Autumn Leaf was such a nice bath bomb too.

6. This was my first festive bath of the year. If you haven’t tried Bubbly and Never Mind The Ballistics then I highly recommend you do before they disappear from the shelves. They both smell so amazing and fruity.

7. Who remembers when Alpro brought out the new Dessert Moment yogurts. I managed to find the Chocolate Hazelnut flavour in my local Morrisons and they tasted so good! Imagine Nutella but as a vegan friendly yogurt version – that’s exactly what it tasted like. Since then, I haven’t actually been able to find any though.

8. This was an image I took at the start of the year sharing my bookcase. I can’t believe I have had double the amount of books, brought my vern own Lush storage unit so my shelf isn’t crammed with paper bags and my Tsum Tsums now fit in most of the cube.

9. I have had many Lush Kitchen orders this year, so much so that I have filled my wardrobe doors with polaroids. Just how it should be I think. Ginger was a huge hit with everyone in my household and Avoshower, I keep for special occasions.

What does your best nine look like? Let me know which one is your favourite.

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