The Sunday Post: Strawberry Picking At Brocksbushes

The Sunday Post: Strawberry Picking At Brocksbushes














Summer is finally here!! This also means that it is officially strawberry season. The other day I headed to Brocksbushes to pick my own strawberries in the British fields and brought along my camera to capture some of the moments. I thought you would like them just as much as I do. I also reckon you should make the most of the Summer and go strawberry picking whilst they are still in season. As for Brocksbushes, it is such a lovely place to spend the day with a farm shop, mini plant centre, a cafe and a playground for children (as well as the choice of fruit to pick from).

The Sunday Post: Strawberry Picking At Brocksbushes

The Experimenter Bath Bomb Review

The Experimenter

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have been lucky enough to explore the Lush Oxford Street store. One of the products that I was intrigued to know more about was The Experimenter Bath Bomb. I have heard a lot of people talk about it and now I understand why!

Firstly, the hexagon shape is completely different to the usual both bombs as well as the bright multi-colours. I think the product really speaks for itself when looking at the pictures of the product in the bath. It fizzes away quickly at first, slowing down as it enters the middle. Once it first touches the water it explodes out in various shades of pinks, oranges, yellows, blues and greens – much like a rainbow. The popping candy starts popping right up until it reaches the middle of the bath bomb where it calms down into something more subtle.

I haven’t got the exact ingredients with me but you can definitely smell the Vanilla Absolute which gives it that sweet smell. It much reminds me like a sweet smelling incense stick. After fizzing the bath does look like a deep purple almost grey colour but that is just because of all the colours blending together.







Overall, I really enjoyed using the bath bomb. I loved the colours and it did release a calming and relaxing scent when it had finished fizzing. The glitter made it extra special however you do need to clean your bath out after using it. The scent stayed on my skin as well as leaving my skin with a lovely array of glitter but not so much it annoys you.

Have you tried The Experimenter yet? What’s your thoughts?

The Sunday Post: Strawberry Picking At Brocksbushes

Lush Oxford Street Exclusives

Okay, hands up if your a Lush lover! That will be me and most others reading this post. As some of you know I went down to London last week and I couldn’t help but have a wander around the new flagship store on Oxford Street. Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank you to Bella who was the lovely sales assistant who took me round the whole store, explaining the products to me and suggested various products to try. Sit back, grab a cuppa and enter the world of Lush exclusives for the next five or ten minutes!

Lush Exclusives Oxford Street

Rose Jam Bubbleroon*, Milky Bath Bubble Bar – £3.75 and Intergalactic Bath Bomb – £3.50

Lush Exclusives Oxford Street

The Experimenter – £3.75, Cyanide Pill – £3.50 and Yoga Bomb – £3.75

There were so many new bath bombs and bubble bars to pick from that I really struggled to decide which ones to get but I narrowed it down to four bath bombs and two bubble bars. Let’s start of with my favourite which is called ‘Yoga Bomb’. I saw a demo of this because it looked rather boring however it was amazing. This is the one if your looking for a calm, relaxing bath after a stressful day/week. The bath bomb smells quite floral but remains citrus scented at the same time much like an incense stick. It swirls orange and purple shades for about 15 minutes in the bath as well as including some gold glitter to perk you up. My next favourite is Intergalactic which has a new smell of peppermint. The bath bomb also includes popping candy which is right up my street. According to the lovely sales assistant, it is meant to create your very own bath galaxy so I can imagine it has some, if not a lot, of glitter.

The Experimenter and Cyanide Pill are bombs which were talked about a lot of the internet so I decided to pick these up to give them a go. If you have ever had a bonfire then this is what ‘The Experimenter’ smells like but a lot sweeter. It includes vanilla and tonka that gives the sweet tones of the bath bomb. On the other hand Cyanide Pill is a much sweeter almond scent. The bath bomb includes almonds and rosewood oil that gives it the rather sweet scent. It also includes a lot of silver glitter that breaks away has the bomb is fizzing away.

The two bubble bars are ‘Rose Jam Bubbleroon’ and ‘Milky Bath’ which are both completely different from each other. The Rose Jam Bubbleroon* is very much like the Rose Jam shower gel that is limited edition. It has rose absolute and rose oil which all aids towards the rose scent. I have already crumbled half of it under water and the amount of bubbles that come out is insane as well as how pink the bath is! Milky Bath includes orange oil, skimmed milk and cocoa butter all perfect for dry, sensitive skins. The orange oil is such a mood lifter as well.

Lush Exclusives Oxford Street

Comforter*, Lord of Misrule – £4.75 and Yuzu and Cocoa – £4.75

If you have been a long time reader of my blog then you will know that I have a bit of a thing for shower gels and collecting them all therefore I couldn’t resist picking up these minis. Comforter* has a lovely blackcurrant scent to the cream. Cassis absolute and bergamot oil is used in the formula for and uplifting fragrance. It also has some sliver and blue toned lustre to the formula which makes it all the more exciting to shower with. Lord of Misrule smells heavenly with vanilla absolute to make it sweet, I think this is what makes me love this shower gel whilst Yuzu and Coca smells strongly of chocolate orange. The cocoa butter makes it another winner for dry skins and the grapefruit and bergamot oils brighten up your mood.

Have you been to Lush Oxford Street yet? Stay tuned for Part 2!

Some of these items were gifted to me, don’t forget to follow Bella on Twitter and Instagram because she is amazing!

The Sunday Post: Strawberry Picking At Brocksbushes

The Sunday Post: Epsom Organico

Firstly, happy father’s day to all you dads out there! This time last week, I was relaxing in London and enjoying a week away from life in Newcastle. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and getting to spend some quality friends time with Sabrina and Lesley (my two amazing best friends)! Today I thought I would share with you this amazing vegan friendly find which recently opened up in Epsom.




Epsom Organico is an organic health shop that sells a selection of fruit and veg, cruelty free beauty and household products and vegan friendly products including tofu, violife cheese and a massive range of nakd bars. They offer healthy juices and smoothies, fresh coffee and vegan friendly cakes. Right opposite Epsom marketplace, it is a lovely place to relax outside with a snack and just watch the world go by so that is exactly what I did.



I decided to go for the Multi 3 juice which including orange, carrot and apple but you could add anything extra for 30p. This was accompanied with an extremely delicious chocolate and almond brownie which was heavenly. I have also tried the tropical smoothie which tasted delicious too! Overall, I received amazing customer service and the products they have taste amazing at a really affordable price. If only there was somewhere like this in Newcastle.

Have you ever been to Epsom Organico? Is there anything like this next to where you live? Let me know what your favourite smoothie is, I would love some ideas!

The Sunday Post: Strawberry Picking At Brocksbushes

An Afternoon In Warkworth

Hey guys! Last week I took my camera around Warkworth and took quite a lot of photos. I think photography is amazing and can capture any moment that sometimes you can forget about like the beauty of everyday flowers and patterns. I wanted to share with you some most of my photos from the afternoon spent there. It was a really lovely day and I even had a vegan picnic of my favourite falafels and strawberries.
























Let me know what you think and if your going to explore any of the UK! Have you got any suggestions on other places I should visit?