The Sunday Post: The Vintage Powder Room And Tea Shop

The Sunday Post: The Vintage Powder Room And Tea Shop

The other day I headed for brunch at The Vintage Powder Room and Tea Shop in Whitley Bay that offers a great selection of British brunch treats just a few minutes away from the sea front. It is so quite and relaxing with a calm vintage chic style decor and atmosphere.


The Powder Room offers a variety of different packages to have a manicure or to try a new hair style. They even complete celebration packages that include afternoon tea and make up.

The Tea Shop again has a lovely feel to it where you can spend a relaxing afternoon with your girls with a variety of different treats available. They even had vegan options like jacket potato however I ordered the crumpets which came with butter and strawberry jam (I obviously left the butter). I also had a delicious berry smoothie that tasted delicious too!



If your in the local area and fancy something a bit different I would recommend coming here. The food is delicious and the atmosphere was so relaxed – I can see this being a lovely place to hold an afternoon tea or a celebration for a birthday or hen party!

The Sunday Post: The Vintage Powder Room And Tea Shop

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb Review


I picked up Phoenix Rising back in April when I needed some ‘me’ time and didn’t actually use it due to the Easter collection being around. Today I wanted to talk you about its qualities and what it has to offer as it is possibly one of my new found favourites.

On the website it is described as “a mystical, shimmering purple and green layered bath bomb that rises in the water on a cloud of exotic spice fragrance” and I couldn’t agree more! I loved having a bath with Phoenix Rising as it felt so luxurious. It contains cocoa and shea butters which both nourish and moisturise the skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. The bath bomb contains a cinnamon stick which you can really smell whilst its fizzing away however its not too over-powering. I would definitely

I thought I would take the opportunity to film a YouTube video for my channel so that you can see what it is like when you pop it in the bath.

The Sunday Post: The Vintage Powder Room And Tea Shop

Avobath Bath Bomb Review

I think Avobath is a bit under rated compared to some of the other bath bombs that Lush sell. Today I am going to share with you why I like it in the hope to get my lovely readers to try it too because it’s rather wonderful!


Avobath is brilliant if you have dry skin because it has mashed avocado and olive oil that is used to combat dehydration. The lemongrass and bergamot oils are lovely for uplifting and cleansing, brilliant for helping you face a gloomy day. I get really bad eczema so this is perfect for moisturising and nourishing the skin on really bad skin days. The lustre gives a glowing shimmering green effect to the water which looks beautiful. I honestly think it is one of my favourite bath bombs that they sell.






Have you tried Avobath before? Which one is your favourite bath bomb?

The Sunday Post: The Vintage Powder Room And Tea Shop

Another Lush Haul

It’s been a bit stressful around here recently with all the assignment deadlines and university so as a bit of a pick me up I went to Lush and treated myself to a few bits so I thought I could share them with you. I wanted to try a few new favourites so that is exactly what I did.


First up I did treat myself to one of my long time faves and that’s Sakura. I used this the other day when I needed cheering up and it reminded me of Spring. The bath bomb includes jasmine oil, lemon oil and orange flower to calm the mind and is inspired by Japan’s cherry blossom trees. I love the florescent pink speckles as it immediately makes me happy.

The rest of the products I brought are completely new to me. First up is the Green Bubbleroon. Although it is a citrus smelling bubble bar, it reminds me of walking in the middle of a farm full of Christmas trees. Coconut oil and shea butter are known for making you skin feel soft and moisturised. I can’t wait to have silky soft skin after using this!

Another bubble bar that I brought was the Amandopondo. It is a lovely floral scented bubble bar that I was told is brilliant for relaxing with. Rose absolute, lemon and orange oils are known to help lift spirits and making you feel cheerful and happy.

Last but not least is the Dirty Toothy Tabs. If you read this blog post then you know that I have been trying to go cruelty free and vegan all at once and so far I am doing alright. I have tried Superdrug’s toothpaste and really hated it but this toothy tabs are brilliant for doing the job. Let me know if you would be interested in seeing a review!

Have you brought anything from Lush recently? Let me know your favourites below and I will be sure to check them out!

The Sunday Post: The Vintage Powder Room And Tea Shop

The Sunday Post: Tynemouth Food Festival 2015

Yesterday I headed down to Tynemouth for their annual Food Festival with demonstrations and lots of little food stalls to try out. Today I thought I would share my experience with you. At first I was a bit hesitant due to the lack of vegan places around the area however I was rather surprised. I even managed to find somewhere for lunch!


The event took place at the English Heritage site, Tynemouth Priory, which over looks the river Tyne and the North Sea. In the morning it was rather wet, raining and cold but by the afternoon it started to perk up. I first went to see a demonstration by a lovely lady at Davenport’s Chocolates that was showing guests how to make a chocolate flower. The next demonstration was from Bob at Sachins in Newcastle City Centre. Personally, I’ve heard a lot of good things about that restaurant and I think they may be some dishes suitable for the northern vegans. They demonstration was for a chicken curry however the recipe could easily have been changed for a vegan one.

It was then time to take a stroll round the stalls. To my surprise there was a quite a selection of vegan options however most of them were chilli sauces, oils, cheese and pies that had little tasters. The first stop I made was at Wheatberry. Described as a “local business delivering fresh, home made food to your door”, they had a lovely selection of salads and dips on offer to try. I just couldn’t resist trying a few of their salads so this is where I got my lunch from. I can’t quite remember what I had but I know it was the 3 salad box deal with my choice of dressing, sprouts and hummus for £5. The quality was amazing and the whole thing just tasted delicious and like I was in vegan heaven.


I also brought a gorgeous pot of their Raw Red Pepper Hummus, which if your local you should try at least once because it tastes much nicer than that processed stuff you get from Sainsbury’s or Tescos. Try it with some toasted pitta or crackers and you have the perfect afternoon snack. After having the lunch time salad, I might even try the hummus with my classic go to salad for something a bit different.

Do you know how the beauty boxes are all in season? Well the next stall was basically a vegan and veggie friendly version! Riverford offer an organic food service delivered straight to your door. You can view their website here that tells you a lot more information but I think it is brilliant for fruit and veg lovers who aren’t in close distance to a groceries.



The one thing I really miss since going vegan and living a more healthier lifestyle is chocolate and in particular chocolate favourite things. I know that I posted my Good Apple review the other week that you can read here but Sunderland is a bit of a trek just for cake for my when I am not at university. No Muu seemed to be the answer to my prayers with vegan friendly chocolate brownie, rocky road and flapjack so you can tell the tasters went down when I visited the stall. All their chocolate is vegan friendly too including the veggie marshmallows which is just brilliant. Friends take note as my birthday is coming up! Oh and please don’t judge the Thomas the Tank Engine plate, I ran out of the good ones…


The last stall I stopped at was Scented Melts that sold soy wax melts that you can put in oil burners. A bit link the oh so famous Yankee Candle tart burners. I treated myself to the Lush ‘Rockstar’ wax melt as it smelt extremely strongly of Snow Fairy which is one of my favourite Lush scents. It is bright pink, glittery and makes your room smell gorgeous for ages after burning. For 80p you really can’t go wrong!

I know that the event is taking place today so if your in the local area of fancy a day out, I definitely recommend it. If not there is always next year!

Have you ever been to a food festival before? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments.