The Sunday Post: Fazal’s Cafe

The Sunday Post: Fazal’s Cafe

When it comes to a pick me up, cake is definitely up there in my top three. Include one of your best friends for a catch up and you have the perfect recipe for a student evening on a budget for an update on life and some delicious food.




When Hafzah told me about Fazal’s Cafe, I was intrigued and wanted to try everything which she described, the food sounded delicious and the cake was described as the best ever in Newcastle so it wasn’t long before I got to give it a whirl.




Fazal’s Cafe is situated on Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The waiters are so friendly and welcoming making you feel right at home from the moment you step foot into the cafe. They provided us with free water after being shown our seats and speedy service after ordering our food and drinks.


I quickly learnt that the portions are just enough for a small starter and pudding rather than filling myself up with a main meal. I usually go for the Chicken Pakora that is served on a bed of fresh lettuce or the Potato Skins with Cheese which also tastes super delicious. They have some amazing mains that I have been eyeing up every time I have been but I always want to have room for the delicious selection of puddings which they have to offer.


They have a wide range of cakes, cheesecakes and ice creams that are all delicious. I went for a Creme Egg cheesecake with Cookie Dough ice cream which tasted divine. Just talking about it now makes my mouth water and leaves me craving more. I have also tried the Ferrero Rocher cake which was moist and not too overpowering even though it was like chocolate cake heaven. It even includes a full Ferrero Rocher!

Since trying Fazal’s, we haven’t been able to stop going. It’s actually become a bit of a weekly trip to eat our body weight in cake while catching up with the going ons in our lives. The best thing is that the prices are fantastic for students or those on a budget especially for the portion sizes that you get. I don’t think I could recommend it enough!

Have you been to any nice cafe’s lately?


The Sunday Post: Fazal’s Cafe

The Sunday Post: Benefit’s #poreoclock Event




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The other week, Benefit had rather extraordinary party honouring one of their best selling products, the POREfessional. Apparently it was the Newcastle girls that tweeted the most and eventually won us a party and in all honesty I am not surprised! The blogging community has grown in the region and even though it was open to the public, there are plenty of Benefit beauty girls who live in Newcastle anyway. I always see the Benefit counter in Boots rather busy. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay the whole night but it was nice to be involved in the quizzes where they were giving out free drinks and some generous prizes.

I attended the event with Beca, Alice, Rachel and Melissa. It was lovely to catch up/meet the girls and I really enjoyed my time at the event even though I had been struggling with university and panicking the week before. There was a photobooth that I just couldn’t resist going in and make overs getting done by the lovely Benebabes. Overall, it was a really nice relaxing event.

It was so good to see such a successful event happen in the North East and I truly think the region should get more recognition for its talents.

Have you been anywhere nice recently? Let me know in the comments!


The Sunday Post: Fazal’s Cafe

Not Another Lush Haul

For me, February has been such a rubbish month. It has been full emotions, the good and the bad and in all honesty I am rather nervous about next month and what it has in store for me. In an attempt to inject a bit of positivity and happiness into my life, I have been cheering myself up with endless amounts of baths which means trying many new Lush products. It just needs to happen when your feeling a bit down though. Today I thought I could share with you what I have been buying from Lush recently.


Recently I have been trying to keep my hair in really good condition as well as trying to best to grow it. I have spoke to many bloggers about the products they use to keep their hair in really good condition as well and after Hannah from Hanna Talks recommended the R&B Hair Moisturiser, I decided to pick it up and have a go. It is full of Coconut Oil and Oat Milk to help soften and soothe the curls and frizz as well as Avocado Butter to help hydrate your hair. Personally, I am not a huge fan of the perfumed scent however it does work wonders on my dry, frizzy mane. You definitely don’t need a huge amount of product for the treatment to work either.

Now I know that Jess from Copper Garden raves about the New Shampoo Bar for growing your hair so  I decided to pick it up and give it a go. I have heard how the Shampoo Bars can be a lot more ethical on the environment and they are meant to get double the amount of washes which you are supposed to have from a normal sized bottle. In all honesty, I expected half the bar to be gone after the first use but I couldn’t be more wrong. I have used the product about four times already and it looks as though I haven’t used any of it. It left my hair feeling silky soft. The Nettle and Peppermint infusion is supposed to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair. I will update you on whether it is making a difference to my hair growth in a couple of weeks time.

I love the fresh face masks at Lush. I can really see a difference in my skin after using one and I was running out of my beloved Cupcake one. I picked up Oatifix as it is full of bananas and ground almonds to help moisturise the skin and leave it feeling soft and nourished.


Moving on to everyone’s favourites, the bath bombs. This month I have picked up: Blackberry with added Bergamot oils that can be used to relieve anxiety, depression and nervous tension, Fizzbanger which is an old citrus favourite of mine that includes cinnamon, Rose that helps to soften the skin by using soya milk powder and rose oils and Floating Flower which was part of the Valentine’s Range.

Have you picked any Lush goodies up recently? Let me know in the comments!

The Sunday Post: Fazal’s Cafe

Four Little Things #007

IMG_7448Today is the day where I need to have a big life rant and update you on a couple of things which has happened recently. I love writing my ‘Four Little Things’ but now that I have added Disqus comments to my blog I feel they can become a lot more interactive than previously.

1) University has really been getting to me lately and everyone in my life is starting to realise it too. I feel so stressed out with the amount of work that needs to be done. I know that you just need to pass first year but I put pressure on myself to do well and that’s what stresses me out. Have you guys been through the same sort of thing or am I the only one? I get anxious when I go to university and when I am on the way I start to get really hot and flustered and feel really sick. I don’t know where it has come from at all because I used to be fine in January. I usually listen to my music on full blast and that calms me down a lot but even that isn’t working!

2) I have been going through a lot of personal problems at the moment and it’s really getting me down. I am struggling to keep my mood happy and joyful in front of friends but I just keep reminding myself that someday it will get better. Fingers crossed that it is someday soon.

3) It’s Easter at the end of the month! This means three weeks off and I can finally have a break and set some time aside to work on my blog. I can’t wait to think of some ideas for Spring/Summer. I also have a lot planned during that time so there’s plenty on the way on my little corner of the internet.

4) The last point I wanted to make was about happiness. This guy who have been spending a lot of time with mentioned: “If your happy, why wait? Just take a chance and see what happens.” I honestly can see how this frame of mind can put you in a good mood and make you feel so positive about the things in your life. I keep repeating it in my head like you would at school with the alphabet or something and I feel so much more positive from it. What do you think of the quote? Is it worth listening to and taking on board?

How have you been lately? Is there any particular posts you would like to see over on The July Journal? Let me know in the comments below! I would also like you to share some motivational quotes that stand out to you if you can.


The Sunday Post: Fazal’s Cafe

Day Out In Whitley Bay

_DSC3019 copy

_DSC3011 copy

_DSC3021 copy

_DSC3121 copy


Photos: Alice Christina

I have never been a confident bunny when it comes to fashion and choosing what to wear daily. I am usually just a hoodie, printed tee and leggings kind of girl however I am really wanting to show off this piece which has boosted my confidence on quite a number of occasions.

I found the checked cropped top in New Look when the student loan arrived in our bank accounts last month and I just had to pick it up. I fell in love with it more or less straight away and can’t stop wearing it! I love how the peach/orange toned squares just give it more of a unique feel and adds a bit of colour to a monochrome look. Pair it with your favourite jeans and boots and your good to go I reckon. The bag is from Accessorize and is perfect for fitting all my university books in. It does get a bit heavy at times so having the strap to put over the shoulder is really helpful.

 Now on to accessories, I think this necklace fits perfectly with the outfit! It really brings out the peach tones of the top and the gems just add something a bit different to your usual statement necklace. I was lucky enough to receive this when I went to the Candy Rocks Event in September last year. My other statement piece is my much loved Thomas Sabo bracelet. For Christmas, I received the snowflake charm from Phill as part of our first Christmas together. Such a cute idea!

After taking outfit photos in the freezing cold, Alice and I went for a bit of lunch at Tea In The Park in Whitley Bay. It’s a really cute cafe part of Thorntons. I had a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows and a veggie panini which tasted delicious. Overall I really enjoy my day with Alice and hope we can do it sometime again soon.

Have you been anywhere nice lately with any bloggers?