Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 
Happy New Year. -Lana
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Today’s the first day of 2015. I managed to stay up until midnight which is one of the first. I just had a quiet night in watching the James Bond trilogy with father bear. Yesterday I wrote about my resolutions to do with things which I would like to change and achieve by the end of this year however I didn’t talk much about my blog in that post. I am hoping that this year it will turn a new leaf and will have more exciting times.
I love my little blog on the internet and even though it’s never about the numbers, I am always striving to make this blog better. This year my blog will turn a year old and I think it is now time to step my game up however after posting once, and sometimes even twice, in December I have learnt that with my busy lifestyle there is no way I am going to blog everyday. I have decided that I am going to blog on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Now onto my second point of today. My first love for beauty will be the main feature on here, I will forever show off my obsession with lipsticks and nail polishes. The Sunday Post will still be staying the same with either a lifestyle post or baking treat. However in addition to the above you will, hopefully, being seeing my blogging series named The Beauty Bag – a series starting in February which will be including interviews from other bloggers about their love of beauty. I was also thinking of including some advice posts about dealing with certain problems whether that be money or relationships with the people around you.
Finally, to round this post up I want to say a big thank you for every tweet and comment which I have received since starting my blog and I hope you continue to enjoy reading the content which The July Journal provides. I am so excited for what this year brings and can’t wait to meet some other bloggers along the way.
Please let me know what your thoughts are about The July Journal this year, it would be extremely helpful. I hope 2015 is good to you!
Goodbye 2014!

Goodbye 2014!

 After starting the year feeling extremely low and not having a clue what I wanted to do with my future and then gaining friends, losing some, falling in love and dealing with heartbreak all over again – some could say that I have had a roller coaster of a year and I would happily agree with them. I never really stick to resolutions when I stick them however this year I have really thought about what I want to do and achieve by this time next year. Today is going to be the day where I start to take those steps and look at my life slightly differently. 
1. Be Positive – In my first semester at University, I put myself down a lot. I get anxiety quite easily and it comes on really quickly. I am always ill when my mood is down and people have started to see this. I want to be able to see the positive things in a situation rather than always looking at the worst.

2. Try New Things – I am known for finding something I like and sticking to it! Whether that be food or a make up brand, if I love it I won’t turn to anything else for months. I want to try some new brands like NARS and Benefit but I also want to try some new foods as well especially with being vegan.

3. Pay Off Those Debts – I am in a lot of trouble with my finances, to the point that if I wanted to try for a mortgage in the future, I know for sure I wouldn’t pass any sort of credit check thrown at me. After working two jobs over the Christmas season, I can now look into ways of paying these off and hopefully be debt free by the end of 2015 (minus the student ones).

4. Choose A Healthier Option – I have slowly been making steps towards picking the right choice, especially since going vegan. I have started to eat a lot more fruit and veg as well as drinking far too much water for my own good. I am now starting to see the differences in my skin and my weight. Ideally, I want to continue this change into this year. I know that I need to lose at least four stone to be to the average weight for someone my size. Now that I have my diet under control, I want to look at reducing the portions.
So those are my little challenges I have set myself. I really want to start feeling more comfortable in myself and feel a lot more independent without having to rely on others to make me happy. I am going to make the most of this year, not be scared of things which are going to be happening. I read somewhere the other week that you should “be the best version of you” and that’s what I am going to do.
What have you set yourself for this year? Are you the sort of person to set resolutions and stick to them?
Goodbye 2014!

Christmas Gift Swap

Christmas is well and truly over with and in a few days we will be saying a massive hello to 2015. This year I took part in a bloggers Christmas gift swap organised by the lovely Viola who writes at A Piece of Viola. I was matched to the gorgeous Katy at The Lilac Scrapbook. After emailing, texting and tweeting we agreed on a budget  (which I may have gone over) and went shopping for each other. I knew the exact things which I wanted to get her and therefore headed out on payday to buy them straight away. Even though we had never met and just really started talking, I found we had a lot of similarities especially when it comes to dry skin. I found the whole experience exciting and really nice.
When it came to Christmas Day, it was time to open the presents which each of us got for each other and my god, I was overwhelmed with excitement and considering a month ago we didn’t know each other very well, I reckon she has done pretty well for herself! She kindly gifted me: a My Little Clever Ideas notebook, Sugar and Spice Self-Heating Mask, Salted Caramel Yankee Candle sampler, River Island socks, Argan Oil hair treatment, a cooling eye mask, Creamy Candy bubble bar, Make Up Revolution nail polish in Look Of Love and a Rimmel nail polish in Ultra Violet.

I am highly grateful for what I received and I hope to meet Katy sometime next year. I really enjoyed the experience and I would recommend it to any new bloggers looking to find a blogging friend who they can connect with. It was really nice to go shopping and think about what someone who you haven’t met before would like and see what they thought of your presents which you sent them. I really hope this is something which can be set up next year.

The Sunday Post: Brunch At Pret A Manger

Phill and I headed out to town yesterday to grab the last bits of Christmas shopping. We decided to pop into Pret A Manger for an extremely late breakfast, or what the British call brunch. We went for croissants – I had a delicious cheese and tomato one and Phill had the same but with bacon. They tasted delicious and likewise with the coffee and sparking drink flavoured grape & elderflower. All in all, we had a really nice day and a successful shopping trip.
Today’s blogmas according to the topic list is your favourite Christmas playlist or songs. Now I don’t know about you but my personal favourite, the one I never ever get sick of and have it on repeat in the mornings while getting ready for work is Michael Buble’s Christmas album however here are a couple of extras: Fairytale Of New York, Now That’s What I Call Christmas and We’re Walking In The Air.
What are your favourite songs to listen to during December? Are you a classic Christmas kind of person or do you like the modern versions more?

What I Got For Christmas 2014

Even though I am a lot older now, the thrill and sparkle of Christmas and waking up to presents under the tree always makes me feel happy and tingly inside. This year, I have had more involvement in what Santa has brought this year and even though I handed out a list as long as my arm, giving family and friends options is always the best I reckon, I was extremely lucky and received some lovely surprises.
The ‘what I got for Christmas’ posts are rather popular amongst bloggers and youtubers so I thought I would follow the crowd and let you in on what Santa has treated me to this year. I am certainly not showing off or bragging in any matter, it’s just because I wanted to innocently share my presents to nosey parkers such as myself. It may even give you an insight into me as a person.
I was lucky enough to receive the Naked On The Run palette by my boyfriend which was much of a surprise! It is gorgeous and so handy for busy people such as myself. Stay tuned for a more in depth review sometime in January. Soap & Glory’s orange scented perfume smells gorgeous and much like a summer evening, I am well and truly looking forward to using this as well as my Benefit blushers and trying some new Lush items out.
Non Beauty
My main Christmas present this year was my beautiful Sigma 70-300mm lens for my Canon camera. I am completely in love with it already and even though I am still working out the best angles and lighting for it, you can expect a lot better photos from me in the future. The lens itself is really heavy and does weight your camera down so I did end up getting a tripod to help me out with this a bit. I am excited to try the Hotel Chocolat Drinking Chocolate and have a read of IT by Alexa Chung and #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I find both ladies extremely inspiring. The DVDs are both from my boyfriend, it was really weird on Christmas Day as I also got him the Beauty and the Beast DVD and we opened them at the same time. Great mind thinks alike, eh?! He also got me a Snowflake charm to add to my Thomas Sabo bracelet which I got for my birthday this year.
Did you get anything nice? What was your favourite present this year?