The Sunday Post: Lottie McPhees Cupcakes

Lottie Mcphees Cupcakes is probably the cutest, sherbet colour inspired vintage cupcake shop in Whitley Bay. The best thing is that it’s only up the street from where I live which makes me the happiest customer ever!
I took Phill there after running some errands a couple of weeks ago now and managed to snap some photos to share with you. He had his usually coffee while I opted for a tasty signature hot chocolate and tried one of their hot chocolate cupcakes. Needless to say, I certainly missed going there for a tasty treat. They have a wide range of cupcakes on offer from your British red velvet to some new inventive ones of their own. As well as cakes and drinks, they also serve fresh sandwiches and homemade soup, perfect for a spot of light lunch. If you ever happen to find yourself around Whitley Bay, I certainly recommend trying them out!

Bonfire Night

First of all how difficult is it to take a picture of fireworks?! You have to be super quick that’s for sure. Phill and I went to the fireworks display the other weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was perfect for taking my mind off University work for the evening. I thought what better than to take along my camera and try and capture some fireworks for you guys. We went with my auntie, my cousin and his girlfriend and her niece. While we were there we treated ourselves to hot chocolates too. I love firework night so much because they are all so pretty and magical. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the pictures.
Do you like bonfire night and fireworks?

Winter Walks

Sometimes it’s just nice to grab your coats and scarves, put Sunney on the lead and go for a walk. On Sunday, this is what Phill and I did and honestly (I am sure I have mentioned it before) I love Whitley Bay so much!
I am sorry that I haven’t really be online a lot but University is really busy recently and I am just trying to keep on top of everything especially after having my spare days filled with shifts at MenKind. By the way who else is excited to start their advent calenders in less than a week?!
How have you guys been?
Gift of Style with Paul Mitchell

Gift of Style with Paul Mitchell

I can’t believe reading week is over. It’s gone so fast and it’s that time again when I need to knuckle down until the Christmas holidays. Anyway, last week I was lucky enough to attend the Paul Mitchell’s Gift of Style event at the Gary Hedley Salon in Newcastle. As well as being able to catch up with Beca from Those Moments of Serendipity and Alice, I also got to meet the lovely Kloe from Skulls & Kisses and Amy form Cocktails in Teacups so all in all, it was a lovely get together.
As we entered the salon, we got greeted with drinks and they offered to take our coats and bags. The stylists were doing peoples hair while we chatted away and looked at the products and Christmas gifts which they are selling this year. There was a topless butler coming round the salon with nibbles for us to try, however I couldn’t see any vegan options for me. The gift sets were beautifully illustrated and designed by Australian fashion illustrator, Sarah Hankinson who has previously worked with Vogue, Harrods and Harper’s Bazaar. 
At the end of the event we got given a lovely goodie bag with four full-sized products in as well as a lovely CID lipgloss which has a light and a mirror on the packaging (more about that at a later date). I was lucky enough to recieve the Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner which smell divine and I can’t wait to try them out, an Extra Body Daily Boost and the Super Skinny Serum (perfect for sorting my frizzy, untameable hair out then!). 

Northern Lights Bath Ballistic by Lush

Northern Lights is a new bath bomb which Lush brought out this year. It’s inspiration is fireworks however that doesn’t reflect the nature of this product. The unusual shape of the bath bomb was introducing something new to Lush which many of us bloggers quite liked. The ends fizz away slowly to reveal a lovely double ended show for you to watch. The blue and yellow ends turned the water to a lovely lilac, calming, jasmine-scented bath resembling a night sky with the sparkle like stars. The Ylang Ylang Oil is brilliant for fighting stress and depression whereas the Jasmine Absolute is used to treat sensitive skins and muscular pains.
Have you tried the Northern Lights Bath Bomb?