The North East Blogger Awards

The North East Blogger Awards








Isn’t it amazing how blogging has really taken off recently?! Being from the North East and such a new blogger myself, it doesn’t give me that much of an opportunity to introduce myself to network with other bloggers. As soon as I saw the #nebloggerawards show up on my Twitter feed I just knew that I needed to go. Not only was it good for my personality and encouraged me to build upon my confidence but it gave me a chance to meet some wonderful people from the blogging community and network which is what my Public Relations degree is all about. I went with the lovely Laura from Look At My Clothes.

The night was held at Lane7 in Newcastle by one of the North East’s largest PR companies, OPR and my god they did an excellent job. There was some amazing nibbles, drinks and various entertainment, not forgetting the goodie bags which we received at the end. However the main reason of the event couldn’t have been forgotten and although I wasn’t in the shortlist, it was great to see some of the amazing talent which we as a region have right on our doorstep!
I would like to say a big congratulations to Carly from Beauty Sauce, Katie from Blonde Ambition and Tasha from Hello Freckles whose blogs I enjoy reading daily. These girls are such inspirations to us all!
The North East Blogger Awards

The Haul: Halloween at LUSH Cosmetics

Lately, I’ve been an extremely busy bee. On top of having a full on cold I have well and truly got stuck into University life, had many Christmas Temp job interviews and generally been on my feet for long amounts of time. While in town the other day I decided to take a look into Lush for a bit of a treat, little did I know I would come out with most of the Halloween Collection which they released earlier this month.
I picked up Northern Lights, Sparkly Pumpkin, Lord of Misrule and Wizard. You also have the choice of Sparkler which is another bath bomb shaped similar to Northern Lights but in yellow and Fairy Ring soap.
Northern Lights and Lord of Misrule are both bath bombs. I have already unexpectedly done a full review on the Lord of Misrule bath bomb which you can read about here. Northern Lights however is a completely new product to the Lush range. I am very much looking forward to using this as it turned the demo water colourful and bright but yet calming. Jasmine is one of the scents used in this product which is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing bath time experience. As the ends are fizzing away apparently the middle dissolves slowly giving you that extra amount of time which another bath bomb wouldn’t do.
Both Wizard and Sparkly Pumpkin are bubble bars so you can crumble them up and rub them under hot water to create as many bubbles as you like. They both smell incredible and provide you with a gorgeous citrus oil scents for you to enjoy an uplifting bath experience. This will be brilliant if you are looking for something to get you going during the cold winter months. I have already used a bit of Sparkly Pumpkin and loved in so much I have repurchased one so it lasts a bit longer!
Has anyone else picked up any more of this year’s range? I can’t wait to try the Sparkler one but for now I am off for a good soak and read a book before bed!
The North East Blogger Awards

It’s Wedding Time, Dresses and Wine!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since my sister got married. It still feels all a bit surreal. I was a bridesmaid along with three of her best friends. The weather stayed clear all day which was perfect for taking photographs and getting some fresh air. I enjoyed spending the weekend with family and friends so I just wanted to share with you some moments from the day with you. I have tried to pick a few of the less personal ones, hope you don’t mind.
I loved everything. The bride looked beautiful and I reckon all the personal touches just made the day. It was nice to see everyone’s hard work pay off. The wedding favours were handmade cake pops, the three tiered cake was also handmade by non other than my sister herself and the whole family opened up their creative side with making personalised tea candle holders. Everything just looked amazing!
The North East Blogger Awards

A Paperchase Treat

Since starting university in September I have become a lover of all things to do with stationary, notebooks and anything which looks rather cute. If you follow me on Twitter then you should already know that I have completed my Christmas shopping but in all honesty I couldn’t help but pick up I few (when I say few I mean two) Paperchase treats myself. Plus they were in the sale so I wasn’t even paying full price for them, which means it’s acceptable okay?!
  • Floral Notebook, £4.50 – I probably have about five different notebooks which I carry around with me right now but this doesn’t much matter. I saw this one standing by itself on the for sale stand and just couldn’t help but pick it up. I like how this one has plain paper so I can use it for doodling when I am bored in seminars. It’s also a soft fabric type of notebook which just makes it extraordinary in itself!
  • Phone Case, £4.00  – As you may already know I brought myself an iPhone 5S since my old phone completely died on me. The good thing is that this little devil has not only received lots of compliments but also a £10 discount from the original price, bargain much!
Have you brought anything from Paperchase recently?
The North East Blogger Awards

Hello Autumn

Did you know that my favourite season other than Spring is Autumn? You didn’t?! Well this post might tell you why!
Seasonal photos are my favourite photos. It represents things changing which for me is odd to say the least. If you know me in person you already know that I am someone who doesn’t adjust to change all that well however when it comes to Autumn and Spring for that matter some of the photographs which you can take are nothing but breath taking and beautiful!
Now I don’t know about you but I am going to wave a big hello to Autumn and welcome: endless amounts of hot chocolates, thick tartan scarves, burning candles, multicoloured autumnal leaves, cosy socks (and more importantly thick, cosy, oversized jumpers!) and bubble baths with all the LUSH goodies on offer at the moment.
What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?