#CandyRocksVIP Autumn/Winter Preview Event

#CandyRocksVIP Autumn/Winter Preview Event

Thursday evening, I attended the #CandyRocksVIP event at The Town Wall in Newcastle for an exclusive preview of their brand new Autumn/Winter collection, focusing on offering VIP prices and raising money for the HeadStart4Babies charity. It was lovely to catch up with a few bloggers who I haven’t seen in a while but also nice to meet some who I haven’t got round to meeting yet.
I went along to the event with Beca from Those Moments of Serendipity. Upon our arrival, we got offered welcome drinks and got a chance to take some photos of the room and the jewellery. Later on there were some lovely cheesecake treats from Simply Cheesecake. The lovely ladies from Glitz and Glamour were styling people’s hair if you wanted it done. The evening continued with a quiz, name suggestion competition for a new necklace and a raffle where I won a lovely Marc Jacobs lipstick which will be perfect for A/W.
We were given goodie bags containing a couple of sweets, two GloWorm energy drinks, a Benefit makeover voucher and a special CandyRocks gift. All in all the evening was lovely and I had a fab time thanks Beca, Louise and Rebecca. If you fancy treating yourself to some lovely statement necklaces, you can view Candy Rocks Jewellery on Facebook or Twitter.
Four Little Things #002

Four Little Things #002


It’s been ages since I wrote one of these, well that’s how it feels! I have been so busy this week due to freshers so there’s no Sunday Post for me but I still wanted to update you with a couple of things.

1. Hootsuite has been my best friend this month. I don’t know what I would have done without it! I have learnt how it can help advertise and plan my tweets for promotion of my blog which certainly helps when trying to make friends. You definitely don’t want to be the one attached to your phone during lunch breaks!

2. I have been really wanting to change up some parts of my bedroom again, I found some lovely pieces in Ikea which is on my wishlist, just hope that I can afford them soon.

3. The digital recorder which I got given from Sight and Sound for my dyslexia really has been helping me through freshers week, I am now not so nervous about the lectures for my course which will be starting next week.

4. When other bloggers say that organisation is the key to a successful blog, they really aren’t wrong!! I wouldn’t know where I would be without the scheduling feature in blogger right now. I have been planning my blog posts until the end of the year including the #bigblogmasproject2014 days. You can also get involved to, just contact the lovely Nicole who created the project.

Have you guys been up to anything nice recently?
#CandyRocksVIP Autumn/Winter Preview Event

The Sunday Post: 24hrs in Edinburgh


Last weekend I headed up to Edinburgh for a night out with my sister and her friends. It was enjoyable to say the least and I admit that I have come back to Newcastle feeling a bit hungover, oops! I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my sister as well as meeting her friends who will be attending the wedding next month. The quiet drinks turned into a full blown night out which involved dancing and a lot of vodka. Drinking isn’t really my thing but I suppose it was a bit of practice before University starts, right?! Some of the places we visited were a lovely Turkish restaurant for nibbles, Mercat Tours for a ghost walk, Shanghai for a bit of a dance and Bramble Cocktail Bar where we treated ourselves to some unusual cocktails. Mine was served in a teacup fit with a saucer!

#CandyRocksVIP Autumn/Winter Preview Event

Barry M Autumn/Winter Gelly Hi-Shine Releases

 From left to right: Chilli, Cocoa, Chai, Mustard, Cardamom and Paprika
Every knows how much I love Barry M, right?! Well I picked up Barry M’s new autumnal shades which has been added to the Gelly Hi-Shine collection quite exciting. I have done an in depth review about the collection already so I suppose this is just me sharing my thoughts on the new releases. 
Six new shades was added to the collection last month; Mustard, Paprika, Cocoa, Chilli, Chai and Cardamom. I think they are all perfect shades for the autumnal months. The formulas are amazing and they opacity is achieved after applying two coats. I think they are a great addiction for nail art this autumn and will be able to go with plenty of autumn outfits for that pop of colour. My personal favourites are Mustard, Cardamom and Cocoa.
Which shade is your favourite?
#CandyRocksVIP Autumn/Winter Preview Event

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine | Coconut




When it comes to nail varnish Barry M have hit the spot, that’s my opinion anyway. If you read my review (click here) you will know I am a lover of their Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint collection. Coconut was added to the collection along with Almond, Olive, Elderberry, Kiwi, Damson and Pink Punch. Although the new releases happened earlier this year, I have just picked up Coconut and fell immediately in love with it.

I would describe Coconut as a lovely off white pastel shade. It is a perfect shade to go with everything because it is close to cream instead of being tipex white. As I said in my previous review, they are super quick when it comes to drying and it takes two coats for them to become opaque.

What other shades do you recommend?