Four Little Things #001

Four Little Things #001

I have been feeling a bit down recently but especially today. I really wanted to write a blog post even though I haven’t had anything scheduled for today. I saw this idea over on Jessica’s blog of writing down some things (Jessica chose five) which are making you happy or smile and I thought it could be a way of cheering me up especially on days like today. It might also make you feel a bit more positive with life.
1. Relaxing in my bedroom with Paper Towns and candles burning. I have found that this has really helped my anxiety to calm down. If it hasn’t been reading Paper Towns, it’s just been listening to The XX or sliding down my Twitter feed.
2. Staying off Facebook! I have recently created a hatred for Facebook, I just feel that I have different interests to the people who I used to be friends with. They all have different life goals than me so this kind of leads on to my next one.
3. I am starting University in September. I am excited and nervous at the same time but hopefully I will enjoy it and make some new friends along the way (*fingerscrossed*).
4. I start to look forward to the weekends a lot more now. When me and Phill lived together I think I didn’t appreciate the time we spent together but now I do. I have missed the little things of our relationship this week so I can’t wait to see him tonight.

It’s pizza and chocolate night tonight! What’s made you happy this week?

PS – Thanks Jessica for your blog post idea!
Four Little Things #001

Afternoon Tea







For my sister’s hen do last week, we went for Afternoon Tea. It was nice for family to meet some of her friends who are heading to the wedding in October. My sister booked the afternoon at Cloud 23 which is situated at the Hilton in Deansgate, Manchester. This was perfect and central to where everyone wanted to be and meant that we could go for drinks and a meal later on without having to go to far from the hotel.

The venue had lovely panoramic views looking out across the whole of Manchester which was absolutely beautiful. I loved being able to walk round the floor and see all the different attractions around Manchester. We had little triangle sandwiches, scones, brownies, jelly and little lemon tarts. It was really nice to sit and enjoy mingling with other girls from the group. I met another one of my sister’s bridesmaids which was really nice. The food was delicious, my favourite was definitely the Nutella brownie but everything tasted so yummy.

After we finished eating, the waiter brought a selection of fruit in a cocktail glass with a strawberry flavoured syrup for the bride to be. All the staff were lovely and catered for us all. I think Cloud 23 is a perfect place to go if your looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion.

Four Little Things #001

Road Trip Essentials


I don’t drive and unfortunately neither does Phill. We recently went down to London and the surrounding areas for a week however that came with an extremely long 8hr coach journey. I have done this trip quite a couple of times but it was the first time with someone I knew which made things better. Below is my list of road trip essentials (or long haul travel essentials!);

  • First up is definitely my iPod. I recently got the iPod Classic for my birthday which means plenty of storage and plenty of battery. Perfect for road trips then and includes a huge selection of music right at your fingertips.
  • I took Paper Towns by John Green. I personally didn’t read it because I get terribly travel sick and from previous experiences reading made it worst. I took it in the hope I would start reading it while I was on holiday but we were so busy sight seeing and enjoying the sun that I just didn’t have chance. I have started reading it now though and so far I am enjoying it!
  • iPhone or as some people call it, everyone’s second hand. I managed to keep up to date on Twitter and Instagram. In case you’re wondering, you definitely need your charger with this one, come on how awful are iPhone batteries!!
  • Sunglasses was going to be whipped out as soon as we arrived in London. I just picked these up from Primark or something. Even though we left the rain in Newcastle I was just hopeful for the sun and so glad I brought them with me.
  • Headphones. Do I really need to explain these?! You can’t listen to music without these. They were also used to watch YouTube videos with.
  • I thrown in my beloved Garnier Intensive 7 days Hand Cream as my hands are suffering from terribly dry skin at the moment and my Carmex Lip Balm to keep my lips moisturised from the horrible coach air conditioning.
The only other thing which obviously is not pictured here is my baby or a more appropriate name for it is my Canon 600D. Perfect for those snapshots when you’re out and about on your holidays.
That’s the basics of what’s in my bag for an eight hour coach journey. Is there anything you would take with you?
Four Little Things #001

Feeling Upbeat?

As some of you may know I am trying my best to be healthy and possibly lose some weight before my sister’s wedding in October. When I was approached by the lovely guys at Upbeat to review their new fruit dairy protein drinks, I jumped at the chance. Not going to lie to you here but when I heard High Protein I was a bit scared and wanted to run a mile (especially with my anxiety of trying new things!) but I thought I would give them a chance and see what I thought of them.


I have been so used to making up smoothies and milkshakes for the past couple of weeks that it was nice to have something which I could just go and buy from Holland & Barrett or Tesco. I have been paying close attention to all the other similar products on the market and they all have really high sugar content which I never really noticed. The good thing about Upbeat is that they only have 2g of sugar in them, straight in the basket from my eyes.

89b0e-img_5277Here’s what they say:
“Upbeat is a delicious dairy protein drink that helps set you up for the day – perfect for busy people on the go.”
As far as I am aware there are three flavours to choose from; Strawberry, Mango with Passion Fruit and Blueberry with Raspberry. They are all delicious but I definitely think the Blueberry and Raspberry one is my favourite. I currently have a week’s worth in the fridge. Think of the Activia pouring yogurts, well they are better tasting and more healthier than that. They are perfect for snacking on or for a on the go healthy breakfast. The consistency isn’t too thick or thin which is brilliant for fussy eaters.
Upbeat is available from Tescos, Waitrose, Holland and Barrett and Ocado. Their extremely cute and attractive website will help you find a stockist near you as well. I managed to get a few 50p off coupons so if you’re interested in trying one then let me know in the comments below. I will be picking the first five people who comment first. (You must be following my blog, not just for the competition!)
Have you tried Upbeat before? What’s your opinion?

*Disclaimer – I am not being paid for this post. I was sent two free vouchers and some Upbeat merchandise in order for me to review. 
Four Little Things #001

Sleek Blush By 3 Review

From left to right: Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly

After discovering how fantastic the Sleek blushers are, I don’t think I have brought from another brand since. Maybe that’s a bad thing, who knows?! Today I thought I would share with you my views and thoughts on one of my Summer essentials, the Sleek Blush By 3 palette in Lace.

At first the colours looked as though they are too light for my skin tone and I would need to build them up quite a bit, but after using the palette non stop for a week I was wrong. Crochet is a lovely orange, Guipure is a shimmery rose gold and Chantilly is a dark coral almost pink. I think the reason why the palette has quickly became such a Summer favourite is no matter what the occasion, this palette will do you wonders. (I took it to London with me and it was the only thing I had other than a bit of concealer and powder.)

Crochet and Chantilly are quite powdery and are both easy to build up to how subtle you want them. Guipure is the one I have found to be using the most. Allow it is a lovely rose gold shade with a shimmery finish, I have found that it works perfectly for day or night looks. It’s also perfect for giving your cheeks a bit of colour when you’re horribly ill and pale and generally can’t be bothered.

As I previously mentioned with the handy compact mirror and the thin packaging, the palette is perfect for travelling and can easily fit into any make up bag. If Lace isn’t for you then you have the choice of seven other colour combinations. I think at £9.99, you really can’t complain about getting three good quality blushers.

Have you tried any of the Sleek blushers?