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Barry M’s Cor Balmy Review

Good morning everyone! I wanted to introduce Barry M’s version of Baby Lips so sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy the review!


I soon as Barry M released the Cor Balmy lip balms, I rushed out to get my hands on at least one. There are five in the collection; Adam & Eve (which is a lovely baby pink), Rosie Lea, Trouble and Strife, Jam Jar and Currant Bun. Since then they have been my go to lip product for a quick summer make up routine. Similar to the Maybelline Baby Lips review, I am going to write about the collection as a whole.


The packaging to the products are simple and clean. The white clean product packaging brings out the clear and outstanding lid making them stand out when you see the Barry M counter. Another factor which I love about them is that they all have really nice, subtle scents and remains on your lips for about two hours. All of the Cor Balmy lip balms have SPF15 making them great for those summer months. The core in the middle is enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil so it can protect and revitalise your dry lips. The two which I have look lovely on your lips without the need to apply lipstick however if you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant you could easily build up the colour. I think the Adam & Eve would be lovely to give your lips extra moisture before apply lipstick.



My favourite has definitely been Trouble & Strife as I think the shade is perfect for summer. I ended up picking up Currant Bun on time for Autumn/Winter as it is a lovely deep purple shade and I have been saving Jam Jar for the evenings. They are available from Boots and Superdrug retailing at £3.49 each.

What do you think of Cor Balmy! lip balms? Which one is your favourite?
Discovering Kingston Upon Thames…

Lush Dream Cream Review

For the last five years, I have suffered from sensitive skin. Eczema started appearing on my hands and arms, making me really self conscious especially in the summer when everyone was walking round in nice tops with their arms on show. I didn’t want to use any of the creams and lotions which various doctors gave me so I was on the search for a new product which would appeal to people like me. I found Dream Cream back in 2011 and it certainly gets the thumbs up from me.


Dream Cream – a cream designed for sensitive and easily upset skins. It contains oat milk (for soothing and calming the skin), rose absolute(for balancing and nourishing the skin), lavender oil(antiseptic and helps to heal the skin) and more. The texture of Lush Dream Cream Lotion is thick and creamy. They have recently brought out a self-preserving version(the one I have switched to) which feels a lot more concentrated. Personally I think the self-preserving one feels better and works better on my skin but it doesn’t matter which one you use. I have found that it does take a little longer to absorb into the skin but my eczema and sensitive is left feeling cooler and nourished as soon as I apply it.


This has helped my skin so much and in my opinion is the perfect moisturiser for eczema sufferers such as myself. Dream Cream is certainly an essential in my daily routine. I don’t think I would ever go back to using the E45 cream which doctors recommend. I have recently paired it with Dreamwash – a shower smoothie again aimed to cool and soothe sore or sensitive skin. I think if you’re currently suffering from sunburn, this will most definitely help your skin due to it’s cooling ingredients. At £11.50, it isn’t that expensive if you want something which will ease and restore sensitive upset skin. One of the things I do love about Lush is that you will be able to try a sample of the product before you buy the whole thing.

What’s your opinion on Dream Cream? Have you ever used it before?
The Sunday Post: Seaburn Photo Diary

The Sunday Post: Seaburn Photo Diary



This week, Phill and I headed to Seaburn with the college. I like Seaburn, it’s small and cute so I took my camera along with us. We had such a lovely morning despite the cold weather but hey that’s just something you need to live with when you leave in the North. We spotted this cute campervan advertising a local ice cream parlour. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to walk right along to the end of the pier but I could tell that the images would have been lovely up and down the coast. Before leaving, we treated ourselves to some delicious sausage and chips while admiring and taking in the last of the sea coast air.

I really enjoyed the day, I hope you like the photographs.

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My Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet

The Pandora Charm bracelet used to be the in thing for ages were absolutely everyone owned one. I am not going to lie, I was the exact same up until I watched Corrie’s 21st Birthday Haul video where she mentioned her Thomas Sabo Bracelet. I researched the brand immediately become obsessed with their charms. Luckily enough my Auntie surprised me with my very own for my 21st birthday. I like how you can add charms to them and create memories from your bracelet. She started me off with the 21 charm, the letter Y charm and a love heart charm (similar here).

I now only wear this on my wrist along with a watch or sometimes my personalized bracelets.

Have you got any special jewellery which you like wearing?